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well that was... interesting, to say the least:twilightblush:
but it was good though, so keep it up. i'd say things are starting to... heat up:twilightblush::trollestia:

Ace out:rainbowdetermined2:

I love you Shy Shy! (wow there really no lovely shy emote :fluttercry::flutterrage::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad: are really sad to look at and the only happy one is:yay: wow)


needs more :flutterrage:
interesting 1st part though

We need more fluttershy clop, go make more tyrant, NOW:flutterrage:

We all know where this leads but let's play gladly oblivious and wonder what happens next! :yay:

Welp, I have the weirdest boner right now. Human-on-pony action is always a little weird (I'm sure Captain Kirk would say otherwise)

Holy shit this was just the first day well looks like I'm going to have to survive a week this.

Welp...I guess I should get my ipod and blast Skillet's new song 'Rise' while I feel my pelvis being smashed to bits over the week.

2635184 Not gonna lie, weird song choice. A great band and and song but just a weird moment for it.

Also this is a great fic.

You know...clop doesn't really do much for me apart leave with laughing.

But this one...Well I hope you're happy :twilightangry2:

Before reading, note the chapter titles are slightly different: "Overrated" and "overrated"

EDIT: Not bad, will follow more. :twilightsmile:

It's always good to have some storyline and plot rather than just sex. Keep up the good work!

2648728 What he said.

Well a story keeps the reader more engaged and also breaks the chapters from being the same so I agree with what you did here. And this chapter was lovely and interesting as well!

"Day X: Chapter Title", anyone disagree, let me know.


tbh the best clopfics I read had a very good story and not just sex. that said, I do read fics for the story and plot development, if it was just for the sex I could watch a porno and fuss about how unrealistic it is.

"A clop heavy story with an actual story, is the best kind of clop story."

This has been the best story staring Fluttershy I have read so far.

OH MY GAWD! It's both good and funny as hell.:heart::pinkiecrazy:

Way to short! More!:heart: More!:heart: More!:heart:

did you get rid of a chapter? wasn't there 4 of them?

too long of such a short chapter but im not a writer

So many fucking incorrect uses of "your"! Half the time it needs to be "you're".

In the dark bedroom the couple is enjoying the post reading bliss, the Author let's out a puff of smoke and asks with a smirk glued to his face
"Was it good for you too?"
His faitful reader looks at him with dreamy half-lidded eyes and then answers

Good chapter.
A little rushed in the end, with less description then the others.
Seemed like you were trying to give a light hearted feel to this one and I liked it even without your sexy sexy descriptions on lovemaking.

Nice to see this updated ^.^

That was just adorable and completely dahhhhhhhhhhhhhh worthy


I knew it, I knew one of you glorious bastards would get it. Hahaha, I knew it! You sir, have made my day.

So lets go ride the English train then,Tally-ho!!!


What? Wait, what? No seriously, this comment confuses me, what do I do? Logic fails me!

that was in some ways, I never thought that fluttershy would sweet talk to a penis before.

But that was a good chapter, looking forward to the next.

Whoa I think I'm going into heat too damn Flutters:heart:

Human? no Anthro? yes I've seen some anthro Fluttershy pics and she's incredible:pinkiegasp:


I have as well good buddy, and of course I've seen human flutter's as well, but you gotta understand. This is just the image of her looking like a human in "your" head, whether that be anthro or even straight up pale-skinned (or whatever it is you all imagine her skin tone to be) is all up to "you".

Besides, isn't technically antrho a type of humanized form of animal? Just sayin'.

Sex in a bathtub. Fuck. That's going to leave a mess....

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