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:rainbowlaugh: There you go making me laugh again! I just hope the story does well! :twilightsmile:

Edit: It's that horsehead on your avatar...the expression is priceless!

Yep, goes to my read later. This is even more promising than I thought. Damn, I'm trembling from excitement! :rainbowkiss:

Commence read.

Already two chapters!

Good read. Makes a good antidote for all the dark, sad stuff there seems to be lately.

Pretty good, nicely done. Already fav'd and liked.

Gosh darn it, that looks like a nice, sizable read. Excuse me while I satisfy my sweet tooth with dis here sugary goodness.

*noms story*

... Mmyeah, pretty good! Like always, I just can't help but notice how good you are with dialogue and emotions. It brings out a lot of the focus and lets us feel what's going on first and foremost. :coolphoto:

Givin it a solid 9/10 as it is so far. Hoping for more :ajsmug:

- Exo

It's gonna be another masterpiece I can already tell. This one was definitely worth the wait Jay, fantastic job so far. Really looking forward to see how it pans out in future chapters. Before I forget though, did you tailor the first chapter to the lyrics of 'Save the best for last' or is it just a happy coincidence?:trollestia:

It's actually a combination. I had the idea, but as I listened to the song one night, I got to thinking, with a few tweaks this song can be the theme of the story's beginning. So it was actually a happy coincidence. I spent quite a while modifying this story over the days before I started writing it, making it far more than the idea originally started. I'm very pleased with the results. :twilightsmile:

More will be on the way, I just want to see how this story does and I have a few more projects that need attention before I update this. But if the demand is high enough, like my Celestia fic, I'll make sure to give priority to where it's due! :raritywink::scootangel:

Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the story as it continues. I have more material planned for this. :yay:

Another beautiful story. Plus it was awesome that you added Dreaming of You to the story. You certainly know how to pick good songs.
Though to be honest I don't think Twi's singing voice actress would be able to pull it off. Of course Not many people at all could pull off Selena songs.
Anyway, I am really looking forward to seeing how you continue this story.

Good luck with all of your endeavors.

Holy crud that was awesome! How is there down votes on this story I'll never know

THE FEELINGS!!!!! :raritycry: THEY ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!! :fluttercry:

I hate to be a nitpicker, but I doubt that ponies would use parchment, considering what it's made out of...

Comment posted by lines n stuff deleted Mar 17th, 2013

pretty damn beautiful:pinkiehappy: i usually don't read these cheesy stories but this was really good:twilightsmile:

The manly tears.....they burn. :heart:

I don't know, Tara Strong is well known for having a great singing voice. But as far as this story is concerned, I was solely thinking of Twilight's ability, not her voice actor's, to sing such a song. I've already got more ideas for the next chapter brewing, and if you'll note the end of chapter 2, I've already got the foundation for chapter 3 set. :raritywink: Glad you enjoyed it so far!

Some don't care for these types of stories. But it's all good. I'm just thrilled that you and a growing number of others are enjoying it! :yay:

Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy the future installments! :twilightsmile:

Glad to hear it! Thanks for commenting! :raritystarry:

Very well done. You've earned my interest, Jaydex. :twilightsmile:

Awesome! :scootangel:

Glad to hear it! :yay:

They sneak up on you, when you least expect it? :twilightsheepish:

They get ya right here - :heart:, don't they? :pinkiesad2:

holy crap already made it to the feature box damn congradulations Jaydex on being one hell of an author :ajsmug::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::yay::moustache:

Thank you very much! I only hope I can continue to deliver great stories for all of you to enjoy! :yay::scootangel:

Love this story so far.

Sorry Jaydex apparently the Equestrian Grammar Police wants me to notify you of this error:

Smiling back at her, you pull away form her and briefly stand.

"form" should be "from"

Is that true. Then why doesn't she do Twilight's singing voice?
Anyway, it is really just that Selena is one of those singers who has a voice, and songs that no many could pull off.
I am definity enjoying the story so far, and I can't waut to read more. Also, congrats on this story making he featured list.

Fantastic story as usual Jaydex. Keep up the good work.

Hrm. I'm curious on whether to read or not. It seems like another one of the fictions that end up with "you" getting sex through a simple task. Clearly it appears much more than that, but if someone wants to tell me otherwise, I'll read it. Seems good otherwise.

As far as I can tell, she does do Twilight's singing voice, it sure sounds like her. The voice listed in the credits is most likely for the singer doing Twilight in the show's opening song. And if you need more proof of Tara Strong's singing voice watch Disney's "The Little Mermaid II - Return to the Sea", she is credited by her maiden name of Tara Charendoff. She does the voice and singing for Ariel's daughter Melody. It's one of her early voice acting roles. The other Voice actors of the main six can sing as well. Rairty's VA - Tabitha St. Germain and Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie's VA - Andrea Libman both were credited for singing songs in several of the G3 pony specials. I should know, lol, I have them all on DVD. :twilightsheepish:

But all that aside, I'm really just glad you are enjoying the story! And thanks for the congrats. I was tickled to see it made it to the feature box! It made all that extra time I spent working on it worth it! :raritystarry:

No need to apologize. I knew an error was bound to pop up. Thanks for letting me know! It's been fixed! :twilightsmile:

2281614 I've heard that she's wanted to do Twilight's singing 'so the fans know that it's Twi' but Hasbro won't let her or something like that... :(

Hasbro works in mysterious ways it seems. But I could swear the other VA's do their character's singing from the way they sang in G3, and it sounds just like Ashleigh Ball doing AJ and Rainbow's singing. Hmmm...perplexing. Oh well, my ears like to trick, me, but I have knack for keying in on voice actors. I freak my best friend out with it all the time. :twilightsheepish:

That is odd. Everywhere else says that Rebecca Shoichet is Twilight's singing voice.

That is a shame.


Twilight's special human somepony gotta sing this one for her next!

It was hard for me to read the clop scene, because I was crying so much. (I still enjoyed it though!):twilightsmile:
Damn. You sure know how to pull on my heartstrings. Whatever's left of them from the effects of your other stories, at least.

Oh, and the 100th like is courtesy of me. :yay:

No shame in admitting that! I'm getting teary just remembering the moment!

Really I was expecting some but-hurt people too moan and bitch about it being 2nd person. Now what? i can't read it because my family bothers me every hour, they think I'm doing something really stupid or something. Is this the end?

I shed my share of manly tears while both writing and editing this story, so I know how you feel. Tugging on heartstrings seems to be something I'm getting better at, but it's not only tears of sorrow that are felt, but also tears of joy.

Thanks for the 100th like! :raritystarry: Appreciate it my friend!

Cute, now time for late night bacon before the next chapter

Feels: WARNING: D'aaaa levels exceding 9000. What do we do captain?
Me: ON WITH CHAPTER TWO! We shall utilize these feelings of D'aaaa while they are presant. Also, add a like and favorite.
Feels: Aye aye captain!


If there's d'awww moments, I don't care how smutty it gets. It may be cliche'd but I read this stuff for the plot. :heart: Stories that make me happy for the protagonists, rather than make me want to wank.

Added to my to-read list.

It's okay... Honestly though the romance was smeared on WAY TO THICK. One thing I can't stand is an overly love sick girlfriend. It just gets a little uneasy to handle after awhile. And the intimacy was brought on rather abruptly. Sorry, but the love sick Twilight was a deal breaker for me.

"It’s not like Twilight has a thing for you. Even if she did, surly she would have said so long ago, right?"

Apparently the narrator does not know Twilight all that well. Will say, a pretty enjoyable read. Onward!

Love the comment! :twilightsmile: I hope you like the next chapter! :raritywink:

Late night bacon is best bacon! :pinkiehappy: Enjoy the second chapter! :scootangel:

2282398 already did. May I recommend, if you decide to add another music section, the song "Your Guardian Angel" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. It is a great song, in my opinion

I'll be sure to give it a listen, and keep it in mind. Thanks for the suggestion!

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