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He who overcomes shall inherit all things.


Two friends reflect on what brought them through war and pain as they teeter on the cusp of becoming legends.

Winner of the World Building Alliance's February Contest.

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Comments ( 17 )

Whoa... This. Wow man, this is awesome.

I mean, wow. This needs to be featured.

In 3000 words, you have given me a sense of a war-torn land, a battlefield of fire and brimstone, a smartass pony and one helluva manly minotaur hero.

I mean, my image is probably drastically different from yours, but I like it, and I thank you for allowing me to have it. Somehow, there's just something magical about your style.Or maybe I was more open-minded than usual today. :twilightblush: Anyways, i enjoyed it! It wasn't ridiculously profound or deep or philosophical, but it was a fun little read. And often that's all we need.

This is a really incredible piece of writing, any you should feel proud. Really.

You showed us a whole world in 3k words and the time it takes to break down a door, and that takes some real skill right there. It isn't a thought provoking epic or anything, and it doesn't need to be. It's great how it is. I especially love the way you show you world and flesh out your characters with implications instead of simply telling the reader.

Thanks for the story, RedSquirrel. It is very much appreciated.

Oh wow. In so few words, you've managed to craft an amazing story. The characters worked very well together, and the world you crafted was very vivid. Very nicely done, sir.

Nicely done, in but three thousand words you have shown a clear design on at least one civilization, and probably two to five races. Excellent.

Fuckin epic. What else can I say?

Jesus. Why is this not on EQD?

But yes. Nice and nicely done. Although I was thinking they were kinda counting their chickens before they hatched, thinking ahead like that. Or maybe that's just me.


If you're going to plan for a future, it may as well be one where you're still alive. And if you really intend on victory or death, then that means victory.

2232767 Thanks for bringing this to our attention with the review. A meta-battle story that talks more about alliance and friendship than about sword-blows, but keeps it interesting and short.

Heh. Thank RedSquirrel here for writing it. He did a great job.


Psst. Don't forget to read the epilogue to No Quixote Here! I was lying when I said it wasn't complete before.

A very powerful story, masterfully written! :yay:

Thank you for this brilliant story !

Lovely story, excellent characterization and setting.

Found a few errors: "There’s nothing wrong that." → "There’s nothing wrong in that."
"or think they can cow us with divine retribution!" → "or think they can cower us with divine retribution!"

Woah, now that was awesome. Every once in a while I stumble across something like this and it renews my faith that reading fanfiction is very much not a waste of time.

If there was any justice in this world this would be an excerpt from a full length epic fantasy novel.

This was really cool! I'm mostly just kinda bummed that there isn't more content in this universe, though I guess that's how you know you've done your worldbuilding right. That ending line in particular is just epic and leaves me content despite not actually resolving their situation.

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