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"Writers are vain, selfish and lazy." ~George Orwell


As one of the royal guards, I feel it entitles me to call myself a hero to my fellow reindeer, someone they can look up to. I was going to spend my last breaths on my land, abiding by the oath I swore by for my kingdom.

I had no idea the true hero was half my size, had little training and was the only one who really stuck with the oath.

Brilliant artwork by Archonix, check out the source for his dA page.

(Entry for the World-Building Alliance contest for February in the "reindeer" category. Features barbarian ponies and reindeer.)

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Hmmm... I prefer the reindeer in seiurin's fic Under the Northern Lights more, but this still deserves a favorite and a moustache!:pinkiehappy:

False kings, I despise them with every fiber of my being, if the kingdom is going to fall better to go down with your honor intact and with those around you then to cry and whine like a bitch and a coward, the very least is to have a smoke before you die:facehoof: Damn, this was beautiful, an old kingdom fell, but it's history will live on forever thanks to honorable soilders, you did very, very well, though I think I seen the word hand when it should have been hoof....huh, well everyone makes mistakes.

That was a pretty neat story. It seemed rushed at times, but it was still entertaining.

Comment posted by Deceased deleted Nov 10th, 2013

This story is just so great.
The concept of invasion has always been appealing to me, but when it's a recruit that saves everyone, well...

Comment posted by Solar Pony deleted Jun 15th, 2016

That was a well done story, atleast Vixen went out like a hero.

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