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A new pony in Ponyville has everyone confused as to where he came from, he's a weird one all right, he frustrates the HAY out of Twilight Sparkle. He even makes Pinkie Pie seem sane half the time. But that's fine with him, optimism keeps his spirits up, even if his past isn't the best there's ever been. In fact his past is probably among the worst, but it doesn't keep him down.

Hoh shit: http://puu.sh/9XoeS/0b6064ac12.png

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:eeyup:Twilight, here is a little piece of advice.


Kinda lost me for a sec there, but pretty good. :twilightsmile:
(Hey Regidar :trollestia: )

I've been called a troll many places, but I don't try, honest :ajsleepy: I just try to have fun.

1718264 That was awsome! Pinkie's got competition:pinkiehappy::yay:

Pul-lease, You be a big troll mate. Still.. This looks interesting. I'll have to read when I come back from work tonight.

~Skeeter The Lurker (Or.. as you know me, King Sombra)

I remember your old name Skeeter, see people see me as a troll...but everything I do that's "trolling" is just me having fun...I'm not trying

I know that. I'm just joking.

You're an interesting writer. I mean that.

~Skeeter T L

this needs another chapter. NAO. made me laugh hard.

i find this funny because this pony is so trolling twilight and twilights voice actress is the queen of trolls, and i wonder how this new pony will react to pinkie pie... i actually think they would get along

There will be a meeting, trust me :P and I have the interaction planned out

1722665 okie dokie lokie:pinkiehappy:

Goodness, I'm enjoying this story, and it's only on the first chapter too!

Perhaps, the thing that's gotten me really excited is the potential character development in Twilight and her friends as they interact with this unique character. I mean, let's face it. When you think about it, the Mane Six are a relatively "well off" bunch. Sure, they've gone through their fair share of ups and downs, but it has always been something simple with a clear and indisputable solution. Something that could be easily solved through the Elements of Harmony or the Magic of Friendship.

Now they have this; a stallion who's obviously lost everything and everyone he held dear, but continues to regard his unfortunate circumstances with a smile on his face, no matter what the cost. This is no longer the "black and white" circumstances they're used to. How would they deal with him? How would they handle somepony who is far less fortunate than they are?

I'm definitely looking forward to upcoming chapters.


That's why in the description I wanted to make sure I mentioned that this isn't a troll fic, because whether you see it or not, there IS depth in this story. Obviously you did see it.

Ok. Just read it. May I just say? Stick to the troll comedy. You are SO MUCH BETTER AT IT.

I'm serious, this is gold, dude. It truly is.

Need a proof reader or someone to bounce ideas off of, you where to find me.

~King Sombra

It took that long to come up with that, write it, and put it here. It was more of an experiment, since everyone seems to be loving it I'm going to try to make sure it comes out well.

I can imagine this guy being voiced by Jim Carrey

okay this was cute i liked the serious backstory, and now that twilight knows what to expect she won't be as jumpy around him

Of course you write your self into it. I had the distinct feeling that you would. Do keep this up.

Else canpan, Colgate, and myself will haunt you till you do. And you know we will (Haha).

~King Sombra

I'll let him know when this becomes a movie :3

Maybe :)

That was the plan from the start :P I figured you guys'd know that.

I can't gas you, but you can has moar when I write it.

If Rarity sees him... end of Equestria

I would do the same with the sandwich if i had translucent Aura!:rainbowlaugh:

I still say that this particular prank should have been used with Fluttershy or somepony else. It's just my opinion, but Twilight seems OOC for this particular chapter.

Still, nice touch adding the intelligence to him, makes him have a 'more than meets the eye' feel to him.

~King Sombra

What do you mean?

Dirty, trash-eating, homeless 'ruffian'... need I say more?

Ah...well you might be disappointed then.

I don't like talking about my past, so don't expect me do to it very often

I wasn't planning on delving into it anymore with anyone else, maybe a little bit of detail...but not the whole past.

I love how strange this character is, makes for interesting read!

Sorry I'm trying! I've written a little bit more but...life stuff :S

If you said Bananas... it would be so classic :rainbowlaugh:

I didn't think of that!!

"when you start your life at the bottom of the hill, the only place you can go is up"

truer words have never been spoken

yea you are totally going to leave the best for last and make it very anti climatic just to screw with us

I actually don't have very much planned for that...I need to figure something out because I don't wanna do that :rainbowderp:


1935397 cherrychimmichanga or chimmicherrychanga

Heh... Bananas... He's right.. That would be so classic.

I can't help but think that Twilight seems... I dunno, slightly OOC. But that might just be me.

Also... Pinkie and Phantom. Run. That is all.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Which part do you mean?

Twilight for best book.

i find his antics very...amusing

Wow, this guy's experience is devoid of any social context whatsoever. :rainbowlaugh:

he has no tact and is very blunt, rarity's reaction can go in many directions

"good evening what brings you here this morning?" Just a small goof that made me giggle. Other than that this is a great story! Keep it up!

Lolderp, I was saying evening at first, but decided to change it.

I'm still trying to figure out an answer to this.

Jesus Fucking Christ!
I love it! It is so fucking funny!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Kinda think the back story to the Elements was a bit unnecessary, myself. Still, I suppose it would be helpful to those who simply jumped into the MLP fan base with no knowledge whatsoever.

Twilight, I noticed, seems a bit more in character this chapter (still can't place why, but I'd swear she was OOC in the last few chapters). I DID have a good chuckle at the "Phantom is best doggie" bit, that was good. And I can totally see Rarity looking shocked (w/ Spike a bit peeved) and Twilight facehoofing herself for the greeting he gave.

~Skeeter The Lurker

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