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Scootaloo has never had the best luck. Her parents never seem to get along, she's moved seven times in her eleven years of life, and she'll never be able to be like other pegasi. But in the past year, things have been looking up for her. She's made friends, and it seems like she might be staying in one place for a little while.

Then, without any warning, her parents decide that the family will be living in Cloudsdale with Scootaloo's grandmother.

In her frustration, Scootaloo writes a letter to Rainbow Dash, never intending to send it . . . and to her surprise, chooses to contine writing. Over the course of several months, Scootaloo learns secrets about her family, her idol, and maybe even herself,

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This sounds very interesting. I'll definitely be reading this very soon. I always love a good Scootaloo fic! :twilightsmile:

Is it wrong that I want to kidnap Scoot and take her right back to Ponyville? My heart is breaking. Please let something nice happen to Scoot? Pretty please? :scootangel:

Also, it's a really really good story.

One of the hidden lessons of Hearth's Warming Eve is that pegasi don't know squat about food. Leave it to Scoot to spill the (probably undercooked) beans.

Upward, O thumb.

I swear these letters better be found by somepony, and NOT because somepony went through her belongings post-mor...bad things...
There's no sad tag so that gives me some hope. Tracking to see where this goes.

But today's entrace
Cherilee (Cheerilee)
sleeping with it wil help you
you couldfly down

She totally needs to actually send Rainbow a letter, it's not like she wouldn't fly her down there -- she has a house too.

Any witty comment I have was drowned out by the sheer "WTF?!?!?" that is Gangnam style.

...That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

1465210 Thanks for the edits. :twilightsmile: I'll fix them as soon as possible. I wrote this when I was really tired, so I wasn't paying much attention to spelling . . .

Damn... I feel really bad for Scoots. I'll be watching this.

This makes me sad... I want to keep reading to make sure that there's a happy ending.

Also, Rainbow dash does live in Cloudsdale. She just doesn't spend much time there because her friends don't live there.
In short, :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :applecry: :applecry: :raritycry: :raritycry:

Whether Dash lives in Cloudsdale is debatable. She goes there regularly, she bought up all their copies of the Foal Free Press, but in Griffon the Brush Off her house is clearly right outside of Ponyville.

1470683 I don't think that Rainbow Dash Lives in Cloudsdale. She has that cloud house, but she's not really near Cloudsdale. She visits Cloudsdale a lot, but I don't think she lives there.

Feel free to point and laugh if season 3 proves me wrong. :twilightblush:

I... I'm loving this. Scoots has been my favorite CMC (heck, almost overall) pony for a long time now, and well written fics about her are few and far between. Thanks to bookplayer for hinting at your existence.

That said... Scoot's life is fucked up, and my heart goes to her, and maybe eventually her sending the letters to RD. Maybe. I want to see where you're going to take this story. For now, have a thumb up and a star, and see you next update. :twilightsmile:

These letters need to be sent.

Why isn't there a "sad" tag on this? I feel so down for the cute energetic little filly. :fluttercry: And if you think that these parents are bad, well, they are. Nobody should have to go through crap like that, at any age. And it's clear that a divorce coming and Scoots'll get stuck with her dad and be even lonelier. :applecry: Kids that have to move take some time to adjust, but they do it eventually. I just hope Scoots doesn't have to and this story has a happy ending.

I hope to see something happen with the letters, her grandma send them by accident or something, SOMETHING to save Scoots. Or maybe get a letter back from Dashie.

And... I also hope more people would get a chance to read this story. It's so well written and gets inside the filly's mind in a way I didn't think possible. Using letters as a medium, making Scoots condense all her experiences and feelings onto paper, even stuff she wouldn't tell her own parents. It's like reading her diary, but she's so lonely she has to pretend to write to someone else.

I'm gonna go cry now. And I didn't do that even for MLD.

1611133 Don't worry, this story will get happier along the way. :scootangel: It's going to obviously have some very sad parts—I couldn't make a Scootaloo story without sadness!—but things will get a bit better for Scootaloo.

1611064 Maybe they will, maybe they won't . . . :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Hang in there Scootaloo, you survived Diamond Tiara and made friends before, you can do it again...Maybe don't death-stare ponies who are looking at you unless they're looking at you weirdly.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Rainbow_Dash.png

Two typos I saw, but maybe they're intentional and Scootaloo just messed up while she was writing?:rainbowwild:
Previous chapter: Or maybe you cold fly them up here!
Current chapter: this was supposed to me a "treat,"

1621652 Didn't see those, thanks! I'll fix those right now.

Looks good. :raritystarry: Will deff read later. (By the way, love your profile pic :twilightsmile:)

Not too bad. You have the good outlined sketch of a voice here that seems pretty Scootaloo-ish and overall I enjoyed my perusal. Have a thumbs up.

hey great story, but I just wanted to point out that Foal is for kids and colts is for boys. just something I noticed keep up the good work

All right, this chapter sucked. You can look forward to a better chapter soon, if not a great chapter. Please try not to complain too much about the fact that the chapter is under 1000 words. :ajbemused: Sorry.

1651323 Gym class? Alcoholic dad?

And I thought things couldn't get worse... I demand the tragedy tag soon. :fluttercry:

Nooo! Don't demand the tragedy tag! Then there'd be no hope of it ever getting better for Scootaloo!dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Redheart_gasp.png
Maybe the sad tag though.:ajsleepy:

1651407>>1651816 Don't worry—things will get better sooner or later. Give it, oh, two or three chapters? I'm currently working on a chapter that will eventually lead into some good news for Scoots! :pinkiehappy:

Yay!:pinkiehappy: Good news for Scoots is good news for me.:scootangel:

1651827 Good news is wonderful, but don't spoil. I wanna see where this is going. You make me feel sad for Scoots, but that's only a good thing. :twilightsmile:

Isn't it obvious Scoots? He wants to be your friend!:pinkiehappy:
Poor Scootaloo though...I've never actually met a gym teacher like that, yet I keep seeing them pop up in works of fiction...does that stereotype even exist anymore? :rainbowhuh:

Wow, when you said a "new chapter soon"...I didn't expect it this soon!

We don't eat lunch for another hour," she said flatly. A few fillies, Dizzy Breeze among them, looked over and giggled. I felt heat creeping up on my cheeks, but I pressed on. "Uh, I meant lunch, (I think you meant, she meant breakfast)
shaking his head an giving us a scowl worthy of Applebloom.
Obviously, I hear you, I though.


.does that stereotype even exist anymore?

I'm living through that sterotype. It's burning hellfire. :twilightangry2: Gym class sucks.
And once again, I want to thank you for the edits! I really need to start proofreading...

Maybe it's because it's nearly December but...this was the first thing I thought of when you said you have that kind of gym teacher.

And for the edits, you're quite welcome, and trust me when I say that proofreading is definitely useful but still can only catch so much.:twilightsmile:
Even with the most diligent reader, something can still manage to slip through. I'm more than happy to point them out if and when I see them.(It makes me feel like I'm doing something "productive":rainbowwild:)

1654140Honestly I think I'll count myself lucky that I've never had to put up with that then. Go small towns!
I feel for your predicament though.

D'awwww! I want moar of this. bueno... :applejackconfused:

Knowing her record everything is going collapse again almost immediately.

Really really good so far. Reminds me a little of my own childhood to be honest, Favorited!

Did Feather change his name to Whispercloud halfway through and then change it back? Or was there a 3rd pegasus who randomly decided to turn up and tag along with Scootaloo and Feather? In which case, why did Scootaloo give him/her/them/it all the credit for getting all of them out of gym class? :applejackconfused: :applejackunsure: :derpyderp1: :rainbowhuh: :unsuresweetie:

Also, :scootangel: :scootangel: :scootangel: :scootangel: :scootangel: :scootangel: :scootangel:

1666912 Oh dear god! :facehoof::facehoof: See, Whispercloud was my working name for Feather when I first thought of him, but I changed it to Feather. Must have made a mistake. :facehoof: THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for finding my mistake!!

Do you keep unpublishing/republishing chapters? Or deleting and adding them? You don't have to do that to edit chapters or anything. I favorited your story and it keeps showing "new chapters" even though I have them all read. Last time this happened was today, and it's happened a few times earlier.

1668760 Oh, okay. Thanks. :twilightsmile: I was unpublishing/republishing chapters every time I made edits. Thanks!

Since I'm just getting around to my backlog now, double comment.:pinkiehappy:
Hooray for friendship!:pinkiehappy:

"Well, Feather, I supposed that we could (suppose)
in the back of the library, an we sat down (and)
Commander Hurricane and Chancellor got married (Chancellor <insert name here> leader of the <such and such tribe>:rainbowwild:)

Oh no...please please please PLEASE! Tell me it's just as simple as him being tired and coming down with a cold. PLEASE!dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Redheart_gasp.png
Scootaloo, relax, stop being so harsh to your only kinda-sorta-almost-maybe friend.

Honestly, I don't know if I've ever met a shyer pony.


He looks kind of relieved (looked)

:rainbowderp: I have a story by the same name...huh.:twilightoops:

1746691 Huh. :rainbowhuh: Sorry about that, I didn't know that your story existed when I titled this. Is it okay with you if I keep the title it has now?

Yeah, it's fine with me! I wasn't angry, I was just surprised, is all.:twilightsheepish:

Well, Fuck. Flashbacks to my youth.

Brilliant though.

Darn it Scootaloo. Why you no let Feather help you?:fluttershysad:
What horrible timing for her dad to show up. I hope Feather did put two and two together and just isn't confident enough to confront Scoots.
<begin speculation> I foresee him getting a hold of these letters and mailing them. <end speculation>

I could feel the lightning bolt shooting out an making my fur stand on end (and)
I slowed down after I turned to corner (the)
Or was it the move the Cloudsdale? (to)

This story has brought some repressed memories of my childhood to the surface of my mind, memories that were best left forgotten. Oh well it's still shaping up to be a great story! I really hope Feather confronts Scoots about her problems and mails the letters to Rainbow Dash.

10 out of 10 man!

Ouch...I see she missed Apple Bloom's jumping the gun during cider season.
Scootaloo, maybe instead of thinking you're a loser for not being able to fly, he'll think you're cool for being so tough despite it...? Maybe, I dunno...just...hmmm, if he does know you can't fly...why not ask him for help? You like him as a friend, and the reason you don't ask is because you can't stand admitting it...If he knows already then you don't have to admit it!
That gym teacher...does he have ZERO of tact? I mean COME ON, you DO NOT try and start a conversation about disabilities, whether they exist or not, in PUBLIC! Especially not in front of a group of children who have already laughed at the person/pony.:facehoof:
You give up on her? Well I give up on you having any credibility as a teacher...and I had very little belief in you having some to begin with.:twilightangry2:

i really like this story so far keep up the good work, i hope everything works out for scootaloo... i actually think i know her problem why she cant fly, it is all in her technique and nobody has even tried to correct it

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