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here we fucking go

I’m so pumped for this!

Also, the cover art is honestly more terrifying to me than seeing a bunch of bodies and gore, the artist did an outstanding job with that.

Little detail but I love the idea of the ‘guard glamor’ where the armor gives uniform appearance and a sense of anonymity. It’s just really neat and I love seeing it in stories.

I’m so very excited to see where this story goes, did a recent re-read of AHF and got caught up on Babel and am craving more stuff in this universe. The perspective of Canterlot and the early days is so cool and I can’t wait to find out more!

(Also, thanks a bunch for commissioning me for the teaser art! Was super fun to work on and I’m honored to have been part of this)


And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder...

Nice! New chapter, and it is a doozy. Also nice pointing out Celestia's overreliance on Twilight and her flaws. No one is perfect, and the flaws add more to her character.

First contact and first blood. Great way of showcasing how absolutely out of their depth the Royal Guard and Equestria as a whole is. One of my favorite parts about outbreak/apocalypse stories that shift perspective elsewhere is seeing the initial confusion and how characters figure out the "rules".

We know how this works and how this is going to go. Rose and the others don't. Which also creates this underlying sense of dread because... well...

We know how this goes...


Agreed with you on that my friend nothing scares somebody more than the unknown especially when there’s no body and just a trail of blood.

And snow quill you did a very good job on the cover art if I had some money then I would have you drawn something for me for a story of mine, very well done

Also didn’t know you also draw that kind of stuff too, what program did you use?


Welp everyone hold on to your asses and seats because here we go into the depths of hell

“Open the gate!” The Lieutenant barked.


Royal guards at there finest people, even though there in a lockdown which’s means nothing in or out, but I give them some leave way since they didn’t know what was happing so it makes sense but still my point still stands.

True even though Luna was right that they need to gather Intel rather than sitting on their plots/flanks waiting for the monsters to come to them.

As the saying goes to know your enemy you must be one with your enemy think like the enemy.

Plus are you going to add this to your sequels list at the bottom as hell follows?

Well it's not a sequel. It's a side story. So no

“Alright everypony!” Golden Star now addressed his ponies only rather than the entire mass. “We’re in charge of securing the Canterlot Carousel intersection, The School for Gifted Unicorns, and the entrance to Restaurant Row! They’re going to be heavily trafficked and full of civilians, but our first order of business is to set up defenses!”

The School of Gifted Unicorns and Canterlot Carousel.. Express elevator to hell, going down.

Also a quick realization from Luna.

This was gripping. :twilightsheepish:

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Man, it only took until day four for the city to fall...
I figured maybe a week, but no, it just all fell apart that fast.
I also see what you're setting up with Rose finding continual comfort in the warmth of the sun and Celestia. I see what you're doing, and it's going to hurt in the most dramatically ironic way possible when it comes.

Considering the name of the last chapter in your last blogpost... :twilightoops:

Wanna know random chapter titles from the future in no particular order?

She then turned and talked directly to the guards, mainly batponies and pegasi with a few earth ponies mixed in. “Where are the…” her words trailed off as her bright blue eyes turned to the gate. The princesses’ eyes widened as she came to some realization before quashing the thought and addressing the guards again.

God if Luna had had, like, one more day she might've figured things out. Shame we both know how this story ends...

I wonder if in the future you will show us what happened to Queen Chrysalis or the Empire of the Storm King in this world ?

Chrysalis was off being insane in the Everfree at this point in canon iirc. Dunno what exactly would've happened to her, but we know what happened to the Changelings thanks to glimpses in Babel. Not a lot. They dealt with the few unicorns that were visiting the hive and then defended themselves from ones that wandered too close.

Storm King, idk.

I'm curious about this because we're more or less in the part of the canon where his invasion is concerned, so depending on the state of his empire after the apocalypse, he may try to invade the devastated equestria

Make sure to read tonight's chapter when it drops. That's all I'll say about that.

Either they really don't know who Tempest is, or the Storm King chose a HELL of a time to try and invade.

AHF canonically takes place right before the season 7 finale and the movie takes place between season 7 and season 8

Ah, that explains it. Excellent twist.

Was not expecting her to show up. That's quite a twist.

Haven't been this anxious since And Hell Followed was still updating.

Shows you haven't lost a step

Did she already have the staff? if so, Is that what she just got hit with??

She grabbed Parade's spear and smacked her with it.

Well, this is certainly a twist. I was not expecting Tempest Shadow to show up. I bet that broken horn is going to do her some favors, though.

But why is she here of all places? And why now? Scouting mission for the Storm King? She doesn't show up or get mentioned in Babel or AHF, so I can only assume...

But then again, if anyone could survive this whole mess, it'd be her.

But she's also trapped in the castle with two alicorns who we know are going to turn at some point...

So many questions!

That last line was RAW.

Also I hope that you are doing ok and taking time for yourself.

I'm fine, but thank you for the concern.

The sun had set shortly after the ballista had started its work and now the moon was left hanging in the sky. It was hard to even tell what time it currently was as the moon had seemed to stop moving for some time now. For a while the assumption was that the smoke given off by the still raging fires in the city The only way to tell that six hours had even passed was the clocktower in the distance chimed at the top of every hour.

Slight error with the sentences here. Also I love the new profile picture. Wonderfully derpy-looking.

Other than that, a wonderful, nightmarish chapter. It took five days for the Princesses to succumb. Only five days. Now Rose, Parade, and what few survivors left are trapped in the castle and surrounded on nearly all sides.

And we're only at day five.

My hopes for any of these characters getting through this alive are miniscule. I hope I'm wrong, though.
One thing is for certain, however:

Yeah I changed that sentence now. Hope it's better. Thanks for that.

Also that vid got a really good laugh out of me. Thanks, I needed that. Had to write an absolutely brutal death for a later chapter and it got me kinda down lol


Had to write an absolutely brutal death for a later chapter and it got me kinda down lol

On one hand, glad I was able to cheer things up a bit!
On the other hand, oh god. Oh no. :rainbowderp:

Yeah it's been a busy day for me on this story. Wrote a full chapter to help keep my backlog for it stocked, figured out what the name of the final chapter will be ("I See Fire" if you're curious), and I'm already about halfway through another chapter.

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