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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Slight spoilers for Chapter 5 of Make Your Mark. Takes place between "Mane Smelody" and "Nightmare on Mane Street".)

As a result of "The Mane Smelody Challenge", Mane Melody's reputation has taken a bit of a hit. A guilt ridden Pipp desperately searches for a way to restore it, and to hopefully redeem her own reputation in the process.

Eventually, Pipp learns that some of her youngest Pippsqueaks want to go on a field trip to Zephyr Heights, but they can't raise enough money for their school to hire chaperones. That gives Pipp an idea: She'll host a charity livestream at Mane Melody.

Rocky and Jazz are a bit hesitant to endorse another one of Pipp's ideas so soon after her last one failed. Can Pipp convince them, and by extension everypony else, that her social media influence can be a force for good?

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Ever since that "Mane Smelody Challenge", Mane Melody had become quite a joke among ponies. The challenge had gone viral, and ponies were now taking to social media platforms to voice their dismay that the challenge was no longer doable. Still, it seemed like ponies couldn't get enough of the videos taken of other ponies reacting to the foul smelling hoof polish Pipp had created.

Yeah sometimes the challenge can ruin somebody's reputation

"See? You proved my point," Pipp lamented. "Ponies came close to passing out because of how bad the smell was. Somepony could've gotten hurt because of me! Now, thanks to me, Mane Melody is the laughing stock of the town, perhaps even beyond with how viral that challenge went! At this point, I might as well shadow banish myself. At least then I'd actually be doing the world a favor by ensuring no more stupid social media stuff gets posted because of me."

You shouldn't let one few mistakes stopping you what you like to do you just have to be careful next time that's all it is and make the right decision

Rocky nodded. "Yup. All it took was a few days of bed rest and the cold ran its course. Now I'm refreshed and ready to get back to work."

How to make sense why he wasn't there at the time of that episode

"You're talking about the 'Mane Smelody Challenge' and Pipp's hoof polish, aren't you?" Rocky guessed, and received a confirming nod from Jazz. "Yeah, I heard about it. Can't believe ponies would do something so stupid. I wouldn't have done that challenge even if you'd paid me to!"

You got to love social media and how much stupidities are out there

I can get behind candy-colored talking ponies with magic, but an influencer with an actual moral compass? That’s the real fantasy if you ask me.

This was wholesome!

Zipp could only sigh. " The things I do for the sake of my little sister. " She thought to herself.

You're good big sister zipp 😊

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