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For some reason Im thinking sunset should read up a load of medical stuff purely for ehr own reasons, as young blood makes older animals younger, like vampires, but sunset can make it other fluids in other blends and othe manners so she can soak in hedony and be immortal with just one or two at most Old Rules?:duck:

Never mind so many other things with ajusting stem cells, infection control and healing.:trixieshiftright:

Nice story and like the plot like those master computer stories that could change the world plot.

So Sunset is Kira in this, she finds a book that damns the world on her twisted views on how it should work and damn anyone that thinks otherwise.
That's so interesting I wonder where it could go.

I hope for impreg!!

Great start!!

Sunset shimmer talking to flash
next chapter
(sunset shimmer: I likes ya and I wants ya and we can do this the easy way or the hard way the choice is yours)

I was, just reading through InvisiShimmer again last night, and saw your comment. I, didn't think this would drop so soon!

Oh hey. Someone uses someone besides Rainbow Dash for one of these.

color me surprised when I saw my stuff mentioned as an inspiration. X3

I look forward to what you make of this.

Normalize Sunset fucking MILFS!

The short description alone has 2 typos. It should read
Sunset finds a notebook that...HAS.....the power to change the world in any way she .....DESIRES.

You can get a free proofreader from
The Proofreader Group
right here on site.


Very interested to see were this one goes.

i am curious to see what happens next.

hope for impreg

A tad annoying to restart, but we weren't too far yet so it's at least tolerable. Probably should have had the next chapter ready to go along with this one though. Still, looking forward to what comes next.

Do go on~ I love to see what you'll do in this telling.

Love it, hope to read more.....maybe have Sunset work herself into Rarity or Fluttershy's life.

Hmm Rarity owns a business so there's the organization name done.

Keep up the good work 👍👍👍

Amazing chapter! Can't wait to see what other depravities Sunset inflicts upon the ladies. Especially the milfs.

For a moment she thought about stealing one of her many cards but decided against it. Outside of getting caught with a stolen card, there wasn’t much of a point to take that risk anymore. Then again. With how powerful her ability seemed to be, she could probably just steal things, and no one would know. Hell, she could just use the rulebook to give herself infinite money or better yet just make it where she's allowed to take and have anything she wants for free. So, in all Honesty, she really didn’t need to take the fifty… Fuck it, it was hers now.

I understand that she's supposed to be a scumbag, but this is a very high level of scumbaggery and I love it

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