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If you don't take care of your teeth and your dentist punishes you, you deserve it.

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Wow this got me excited. It's hot and sexy.... OMG....


Thanks. I am planning on doing another Roseluck x Colgate story. It will involve the wedding and then the wedding night. I am right now torn between doing that one as anthros to make their wedding night as erotic and as kinky as possible....or doing it with them being in pony form since this one is of them being regular ponies.

I like it, though I do sorta wish the— ahem— good bits were a little longer. Still, very nice little fic, I look forward to seeing where it goes :-)


Trust me, the wedding night is when the "good bits" will show up and they will be much more erotic than Colgate forcing herself on Roseluck....I will do that one sometime in January.

Also, for the good bits to be longer I would likely have to make it anthro, the good bits are so much more fun to write that way.

You won't get any argument from me, anthro is more fun to write clop for as my three million unfinished anthro fics can attest to uwu, there's a lot more flexibilty with the scenes :3


There is a lot more and it is a lot easier to get absorbed into anthro clop. They still have their pony parts....magic is vital for sexual magic and of course tits and hands make it all the more fun.

The addition of boobs is always a welcome one, crotchboobs just aren't the same. Anthro booty is also good plus, as well as the things that magic might bring to the table. There are just so many things, and all the ways to go about them.


I have written a lot of anthro clop and those tend to be my highest rated stories, though still not as popular as my Cozy Glow story I wrote immediately after the season 8 finale. Part of that one was excellent timing and managing to keep both Cozy and Tirek in character.

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