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Yea, I'm a writer and I occasionally freelance as an editor or collaborator.

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Roseluck’s technique wasn’t particularly skilful

It should be spelled "skillfull" :raritywink:

My two favorite ponies in one story!? Liked and faved! :yay:

Maaaaybe you could do Fleur De Lis and Colgate? :raritystarry:

What are the other Brushingverse stories?

2665716 In Chronological Order
1. Unconscious Dentistry - Not written by me, but is a prequel story to the entire series.
2. A Brush with Greatness Colgate x Trixie
3. Of Regents and Root Canals Colgate x Princess Luna
4. Brushing a Lucky Rose Colgate x Roseluck

Thank you for doing the two best ponies in one story. However, here's another piece of cover art, if you wanna use it.


But seriously, awesome story.

2666174 Nice. What is the source on that?

2666713 It's from a dA that doesn't exist anymore, I think, so there's no need to put a source link.

2668776 Well, somepony has to keep Cloudkicker from having all the fun around Ponyville.

And how do you know what Colgate's cave of minty freshness looks like? That's still under construction. Next time, I'm enforcing NDA's on all staff.

And as for Celestia's crown, does that consitute a vote?

I'm definitely loving this "Brushingverse" of yours. I can't wait to read the next stories up in it, especially Dashie's story! Keep up the great writing!

2673287 I'm considering making a dedicated group for this. Who would want to be a part of that group, maybe even add your own stories to the verse like the Winningverse or the Lunaverse does.

I think that making a "Brushingverse" group is a great idea. I know I'd join it. Go for it!

where do we go to vote for a pairing?

2676251 Either post it here in the comments or send me a PM
Specify the character, and optionally any particular kinks you would like to see

2676271 okay thanks. are OC's an option?

2676356 Normally I would only do OC's that are known to much of the fandom - Nyx, Milky Way, Fluffle Puff, etc.
Personal OC's are generally a no, but put your suggestion in anyway. If you have a well designed character with an interesting backstory, who knows?

However, there is now an alternative. If you think you have a good idea for a story, you could join The Brushieverse and write the story yourself for inclusion

2676428 honestly, I think you would like my Character. very detailed bacground story. known to quite a few people just not the whole fandom. I think it has even attracted the attention of Knighty, but I am not sure:pinkiehappy:

2676587 Well send me the details and we will see. If I can't work a full scene, then maybe a cameo apperance.

2678899 all right with me. also, I was wondering, have you done Raindrops yet?

2679603 No, no Raindrops so far.
So far Colgate has been paired with
DeVille (My first OC, since retired as a character)

Has been implied to have been with
Berry Punch
Cloudkicker (Winningverse)
Pokey Pierce

Will be paired with in upcoming stories
Candy Mane (cameo)
Fancy Pants
Rainbow Dash

As I said before, if you have an idea that could work, you are more than welcome to try and write it yourself and add it to my new group which is dedicated to these stories.

2679699 huh... oh yeah! I remember Deville! didn't I offer to edit that one?

2680215 Possibly, but remember that I didn't write that one.

The only story I have used Deville in, I had him killed off in the third chapter because I became bored with him as a character, plus it was needed for the narrative.

2681321 okay... thanks for the info... if it helps anything, my OC's are being used in more than one story not written by me.

I really enjoyed this story! The fact that it has Roseluck in it was even better.

2753187 Thanks.
I've got three more stories in the works that are connected to this one, so plenty more Colgate to go around.

And now Colgate has been shown to have been friends with Twilight. The end of the first paragraph must now be changed. Also, foursome of Colgate, Roseluck, Twilight, and Rainbow. Perfect storm of clop.

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