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Yep, a rewrite. Don't really get why the story was already great, i am not complaining since it mean it is still Alive.

4058750 I took the story down for personal reasons. But since that ship has sailed I have now posted it back up again.

A new chapter already done, but I will release them about a week at a time.

wow this was a good story :pinkiegasp: I like this ship... its new to me.
I would like to see them grow closer and see how the others respond to the new relationship.
though... the sex was... well I never read a story like that, lol I don't know, it was not bad at all... just different, I cant explain how so.
I do hope you continue this! whether or not it has sex scenes don't matter to me, looks like its going to be a good story! :twilightblush:

4068938 Won't be long for chapter 2.

4067228 Thanks, mate. Glad you love the story, I'm sure you will not be disappointed. :pinkiehappy:

I am not disappointed in any way with this,
I kinda hope this goes on for a while, and I dont mean the sex! lol
Its a good story and I want more of it

“Take this. On the house for the trouble I might have coursed. Just promise you both come back here next weekend in a happier mood then this one, okay?”


The passionate kiss drove Colgate wild, her tale whipping around and her eyes losing control.


She had to admit--Rose was a master chief, certainly leagues ahead of anything she could cook.


:rainbowlaugh: Chef*

Thanks for finding those mistakes, mate. Helped a lot.

next time these two get it on, can we see some tribbing

I loved this chapter!
No sex is fine by me because this was still an amazing chapter!:twilightsheepish:
I love when there is a story outside of a bedroom... or even at the door of the room :derpytongue2:
I hope to see more like this one soon!

Why thank you very much, mate.

I nearly done with chapter 4, and it will be very exciting. :pinkiegasp:

I love this!

More pleeeease!



And I thought this and all my stories dead and no point to continue them, still not sure weather I should pick this up or not. Thanks for your support but.

4601935 It's probably just the pairings, Rose and Colgate/Minuette are not the most popular pair. That and the fact it's unfinished clop for this one.

On that note, I think I'll go look at some of your other work.


4601935 You better pick this up, it is too good to let die.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

By now, whether either of them realised what they were doing, or if it was just something subconscious, they were embarrassing each other in a hug, a few tears leaking from each set off eyes.



Other than that, I have noticed no other errors of note.

Continue. This. Rewrite the whole bucking thing if it will make you continue this! The pairing feels so.. natural? They do seem quite good for each other. I understand you stopped due to a lack of love your stories were getting, but a true author wouldn't write cause they were getting popular. If I was you, I would have finished this. Even though the popularity wasn't the best. Cause I would know that SOMEONE will stumble upon this loooong before it stopped. Please, from a lover of this ship. Continue?

I would love it if you would get back to work on this and finish it. Colgate x Roseluck is a cute pairing. I absolutely love how you are portraying them. I see from other comments on here that you stopped because you felt your stories weren't getting enough attention. A 62 to 2 upvote ratio, that is damn good!

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