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What's with the dead link?

Looks like the stories were put up in the wrong order.

Dang, the lack of cover art plus three coming out all at once really killed the attention for these fics, didn't it? That's really sad, because this is really good stuff! Well, on some level it's just trashy wish fulfillment, but you write well and aggressively embrace that and don't let it stop you from making some really good human on pony butt porn.

I really really enjoyed it, and I think the only real critiques I can offer are just personal opinion things – obviously you've got an appreciation for anal and I can't blame you, but there was almost zero attention given to marehoods at all, and that felt a little weird to me. The tonr in general also hit a middle ground of human dominant pet play and really romantic sweetness, and I adore both of those, but they clash a little and appeal to different parts of me, if you know what I mean.

In any case, I really hope this isn't the last we see from you!

Thank you for taking the time to leave a serious review! I really appreciate each and every one of the people on this site who have taken the time to read these stories.

Concerning your critiques, the lack of marehood attention, alongside the sort of relationship I ultimately conveyed between Roseluck and Adam, was actually at the explicit request of the person who had me write these stories. Still, the situation being what it was, I'm not exactly complaining that I was being asked to write three stories entirely centered around "plot stuff." 🤷

Going forward, I'm planning to have my for-fun stories include a more even balance in its porn.

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