Stress Relief

by Loopy Legend

First published

Colgate and Rose lead stressful lives, and simply need a way to relieve said stress.

Colgate has been suffering through months of routine and mundane life, with nothing more then complaining customers and endless hours. Rose has had much a similar time, customers are always so picky in the flower shop, and one accident after another has taking it's toll.

Both of these mares find themselves in need of some stress relief before they go over the edge. So when they happen to meet one night at a tavern what could they possibly find to relieve said stress, and will it lead to more?

Thanks to Bad Seed and Shadow Kat for all their help with editing.

The Daily Grind

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Stress Relief Chapter 1 – The Daily Grind

When life throws you a good card, do you take it or think it is to good to be true?

It was a pretty normal Friday in Ponyville. Although spring brought about a renewed sense of things for most of the ponies in town, some it still felt like it was a never-ending winter, with no sign of change on the horizon.

The local flower shop seemed to be just one such place for one such flower specialist. Roseluck was seeing to a customer, making sure Fluttershy had all the different flowers and herbs she needed. “Will there be anything else, Fluttershy?” she asked in a polite voice.

Fluttershy checked her saddle bags then gave her checklist one last look to make sure she had everything ticked off. “No thank you, Rose. I think this will be everything I need for my picnic with my friend tomorrow.”

“That will be a total of eight bits, please.” Roseluck peeked to her right while her friend and customer fumbled around in her saddle bags for her bit bag. Her two co-workers Daisy and Lily were having a little chat.

From what words Rose could make out, they were talking of what they had planned for the weekend. By the tone of their voices, they seemed like good plans at that. ‘Lucky mares,’ she thought, somewhat jealous of her friends.

“Rose… Um, excuse me, Rose?” a soft voice called, snapping Rose out of her daydream.

“Oh. Sorry, Fluttershy. I was a little out of it for a second,” she apologised.

Fluttershy placed the eight bits needed onto the counter, giving Rose a nice smile. “Oh no, I’m sure it’s all my fault. Sorry for stopping your nice dream.”

Rose let out a little sigh. “Not your fault, Fluttershy. Here is your order, have a nice day.” Rose’s tone was flat and partly frustrated. Fluttershy picked up on this, but decided against inquiring about it, she took her order and trotted out the shop.

Rose finished up with the transaction, putting the bits in the register. She made her way towards her co-workers to see what they were talking about.

“You’re so lucky Lily! I wish I had a special colt of my own,” Daisy whined.

“Why are you so lucky, Lily? What is Cameral doing to you this weekend?” Rose asked, already knowing it had to be better than what she had planned.

Lily started acting like a little filly, squeeing a little and jumping up and down. “He is taking me to Canterlot for a romantic weekend away!”

Rose’s eyes saddened a bit. “That’s…so wonderful. I’m so happy for you,” she said, faking a smile for her friends.

It was to no avail. Rose’s friends and co-workers knew her all too well. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Rose. I should have been more sensitive to your feelings,” Lily apologised.

“It’s not your fault, Lily,” Rose reassured her.

Daisy tried to give Rose a hug, but Rose moved back to not accept it, making Daisy sigh. “Come on, Rose. We both know you haven’t had anypony in nearly a year now. Not since that buck-‘n’-run from Trottingham.”

“Yeah, fun times,” Rose deadpanned.


“You know what,” Rose interrupted, cutting Lily off. “I really need some time alone right now. This morning was a nightmare. The seed delivery was late, and when Derpy got here she wrecked several displays. I have had to put up with annoying fillies and colts all morning as they came in with their parents. Business hasn’t stopped since I started this morning. I haven’t even had time for some lunch yet, and it is already past two. And all these lovey-dovey couples have been…” Rose cut herself off, hoping her friends wouldn’t pick up on where that last line was going.

“Rose, we’re sorry we ran late this morning, but…” Daisy tried to say, but stopped when Rose raised a forehoof.

“I’m taking the weekend off. Sorry, Daisy. I know this will leave you with the store by yourself this weekend, but the last couple of weeks have just taken its toll on me.”

With her line said, Rose ripped off her apron and tossed in a nearby laundry basket. She turned around and galloped out of the door. Her friends were quite sure she was crying why she did so.


“Okay, please just take a seat up here and we can begin,” Colgate politely asked.

“But mummmmm, I don’t want to! She’s scary!” Snips whimpered, pointing a hoof at Colgate.

“Snips!’ his mother scolded. “Colgate is not scary. I know having some fillings magically inserted is not fun, but it has to be done.” The little colt still sobbed into her mother’s chest, scared of the procedure to come.

“It will hardly hurt at all, just a little prick to start with. After that, all it will feel like is somepony tugging at your gums. I even have a little treat for you after you have been a brave little colt,” Colgate reassured Snips.

Snips looked Colgate up and down again, considering her deal. “But she still looks scary, mum.”

‘Oh, come on! Seriously! If I have to put up with one more annoying, bickering foal, I’m not sure who I will destroy,’ Colgate thought, trying her hardest not to grab Snips and strap him to the chair, much like a mad scientist from a movie would to his test subject.

“Come on, I promise it will not hurt at all,” Colgate said, mustering a smile.

It took a little more coaxing, but Snips finally got up on the table and the operation began. Much to his surprise, the operation went like Colgate said, hardly hurting at all.

Colgate finished up about thirty minutes later, fillings magically inserted and one happy foal who could now eat more sugar-based sweets, just to come and see her again in the future. “As promised, here is a treat for you.” Colgate hoofed Snips a sugar-free piece of candy.

This made his day after a scary operation, as he skipped out of the operating room back into the waiting room. His mother followed him out, thanking Colgate for putting up with her son.

Colgate quickly cleaned up, making ready for the next pony. She took a moment to stare out the window into the afternoon sun, wishing more out of life than the humdrum retentiveness of her work.

She trotted out into the waiting room to call her next patient, seeing the room was full of ponies and foals waiting for their turn. ‘Wonderful, this is going to be a long afternoon. Just wonderful,’ she mentally groaned, thinking it might be better to knock herself out right now and spend the weekend in the Ponyville hospital.


It had been a very long afternoon for Colgate at her dentist clinic. Several extra, unexpected arrivals meant she had to stay open an extra hour. She didn’t much like that.

She made straight home for a shower and hopefully a night of peace. After a relaxing shower, she dried herself off and sat down for the night, hoping a good book, snacks, and nicely lit fire would do the trick.

Colgate opened the book and started reading, trying to enjoy the story. But thoughts of the last few days, plus something she hadn’t been able to pull off in months were driving her crazy.

She tossed and turned, consuming all her snacks in a matter of minutes as a form of distraction. But to no avail. Peace eluded Colgate. She needed a better distraction, and she needed it now.

Throwing the book to the floor and tossing the empty tray the snacks were on to the wall, she stormed out of her own house into Luna’s night, grumbling and cursing under her breath as she made her way down the street.

Colgate wondered for nearly an hour, not caring where she ended up, just wanting something to take her mind off her troubles.


It was already nine o’ clock when Colgate came across her prized location. Standing in front of her was Ponyville’s own tavern—and Berry Punch’s favourite place in town—The One Shot.

The sight of the tavern stopped Colgate dead in her tracks. ‘Maybe this will work for a distraction.’

Colgate walked into the tavern, taking in all its fine appeal and decorations. Several ponies were in the bar. Colgate recognised a few as locals from around Ponyville, others must have been travellers. Of course Berry Punch is here, half-wasted as per normal on a Friday night. The bartender was serving a drink of something to another pony who was looking less than happy sitting at the bar.

She trotted up and pulled a seat on the bar, looking towards the stallion behind the counter for some service. “Hey, barkeep! Think you could get me a glass of Applejack Daniels, please?”

The stallion finished serving the other mare a drink and came over towards Colgate. The unicorn picked up a glass in his magic and started to pour Colgate a class of Daniels. He let out a hearty chuckle. “Well, you are the second pony tonight who I would never expect to see in here.”

“Second?” Colgate asked.

“Yup. Young miss over there was the first.” He pointed a hoof to the other cream-coasted mare with different shades of red for a mane sitting at the bar. She was the same pony Colgate saw before, who looked like she was about ready to give up on life.

Colgate tilted her head back to gaze over while the stallion put her drink down. “If memory serves you’re Colgate, right?”

“Yup. Have I treated your teeth before?” Colgate asked coyly.

The stallion laughed, enjoying the little game Colgate was playing with him. “Colgate, you’re alright in my book. Name’s Shot Glass. Call me if ya need anything.”

Colgate took a swig of her Daniels, thinking the taste heavenly and very much welcomed. “How about a new life,” she shot back.

“You too, eh, Colgate?”

Colgate looked to her left again and saw the mare who before had her head in her forehooves on the bench giving her a knowing look. “Life sucks for you too…?”

Rose lifted her glass to see if Colgate would join her for a drink. “Roseluck. And, yes, it does suck lately.”

Colgate got out of her stool and made her way to Rose’s side, using her magic to carry her Daniels with her. She jumped up on the stool next to Rose and knocked glasses with her. “Here’s to our wishful thinking of a new life,” she declared with a chuckle.

Rose could only laugh at the irony--she was not alone in her troubled life tonight. She had to admit to herself, company was a real pleasure, especially company with the same problems as her.

“Wishful thinking indeed.” Rose put her drink back on the bar. “I heard Shotty calling you Colgate. You’re the pony who runs the dental clinic, right?”

“Shotty,” Colgate inquired?

Rose nudged her head towards Shot Glass, who was serving another drink to a few ponies at one of the tables. “He told me before to call him Shotty. Must be his nickname.”

“Makes sense.” Colgate took another sip of her Daniels, noting it tasted better than before. Looks like the old saying is true, any drink tastes better with somepony to drink it with. “And yes, I do run the dental clinic.”

Colgate looked Rose over for a moment, getting an odd stare from Rose in return. “I know I’ve seen you ‘round town quite a bit, too. Selling flowers, if my memory serves well enough,” she flatly said, shaking her drink to emphasize her point.

“Yup, run the flower shop with Daisy and Lily.”

Colgate let a sigh slip. “Sounds like you got it all… nice friends, great job…”

“One would think. For me, though…let’s just say, lately, I could really use an escape,” Rose said, taking another snip of her drink, which by this point Colgate guessed to be whisky.

“Want to tell me about it? I will trade ya depressing stories if you like?” Colgate deadpanned, throwing on a smile and all the sarcasm she could muster.

“Why not? Beats talking to nopony and feeling sorry for myself all night. But I think we would require something stronger to engage such a chat.” Rose called for Shot Glass to come over, waving a forehoof in his general direction.

Shot Glass came from one of the tables and back behind the bar. He greeted the mares with a smile. “Something more to drink, ladies?”

“Yes please. Two shots of Tequila thanks, Shotty.”

“I see.” He chuckled. “Two shots of Tequila it is!”

Shot Glass worked his magic, willing a bottle of Tequila to come off the shelf and pour itself into two shot glasses in front of the mares. He wiped up a few drips that spilt over the edge while using his magic to put the bottle back on the shelf. “Enjoy, girls. This one’s on the house for two pretty mares.”

Both mares gave him a thankful smile. “Thanks, Shotty,” Rose winked. Shot Glass trotted off to see to another customer that was calling him name, leaving Colgate and Rose to their chat.

Rose lifted a glass, addressing it to Colgate, “Sure about this? I’m an all-in or nothing kind of mare. You will get every last detail.”

Colgate picked up her glass with a hoof, giving if a gentle bump against Rose’s. “Completely sure,” she stated with confidence, downing the drink in one gulp.

Rose joined her new drinking buddy in chasing the Tequila in one gulp, slamming her empty glass down on the bar counter. “Well, where do we start?”

“How about with my previous question? Why do you say your life is not good if you have nice friends to work with, and what I would think is a nice job?” Colgate wasn’t about to go first.

“I didn’t say they were not nice friends, or that my job wasn’t nice either. Just…well, let’s just say times have been trying lately. Too many reminders of what I’m constantly missing out on, and two weeks of little things going wrong and nagging customers. A mare can only take so much.” Rose took another sip of her whisky, really needing something to swill down her throat.

“Annoying customers and little things going wrong, you say? I can relate to that,” Colgate agreed. “I have also had my own… nagging problems to deal with,” she said, shifting her thighs a little.

“Oh, really now?” Rose cooed, swishing her tale so it just nipped Colgate’s flank.

“Huh. Seems you know exactly what I mean,” Colgate replied slyly.

“If I may be so bold to ask, what kind of problem is it, exactly?”

Colgate blushed a little, turning away to face the opposite direction. She didn’t want to answer or look Rose in the eyes. Such things were only discussed with those you trust, or behind closed doors.

Rose rubbed her on the shoulder a little. “Come on, you can tell me. We’re both mares here.”

Colgate still didn’t respond. She dug her head into her forehooves, blushing even harder.

Rose wasn’t sure if it was her being nice, the stuff she was drinking, or compassion for her fellow mare sitting next to her, but something urged her to help, so she did. “To tell you the truth, you’re not the only one suffering. I haven’t been able to have any fun with somepony else in nearly a year now. I also can’t get myself off anymore, just too hard by myself.” Rose was now as red as her namesake, reversing roles with Colgate.

Colgate couldn’t believe what she heard. Some random mare from around town she hardly knew, and only met tonight, just confided in her and told her some really personal stuff. She had to admit that, given the situation and the setting they were in, it kind of made sense to talk about this a little more openly than normal.

She took a long sigh before putting a hoof around Rose’s back. “Eight months,” she admitted softly.

Rose felt a little shock go through her system, like something sharp being struck down the side of a chalk board. She slowly turned to face her drinking friend. “Could… could you repeat that again?”

“Eight months…” she said with a heavy heart.

Rose just stared at her. Colgate… somepony in the same sinking boat as she was. Rose thought she was the only mare in all Ponyville who this problem affected.

Colgate noticed Rose’s stunned expression. “What?”

“I thought I was the only one,” Rose sobbed.

“Me too! I also can’t please myself anymore. It has just been too long. I also can’t believe I just admitted that to somepony else as well.”

By now, whether either of them realised what they were doing, or if it was just something subconscious, they were embarrassing each other in a hug, a few tears leaking from each set off eyes.

“Sounds to me you two need a few fun nights together,” a stallion’s voice from behind the bar said.

Colgate and Rose shot up like a foal caught with their hoof in the cookie jar. They spotted Shot Glass behind the bar right in front of them, his expression unchanged as he cleaned a few glasses.

“How… how long have you been listening?” Colgate asked, blushing red along with Rose.

“Long enough to know you two are badly overdue some special treatment.” The bartender put the glass he was cleaning down on the bench and gave the mares his full attention. “You both really, really need some special treatment,” he teased.

Rose and Colgate both looked away from each other, still blushing, acting as if nothing they had said in the last couple of minutes had happened. “You’re kidding, right?” Rose asked. “She is a mare for Celestia’s sake.”

“So,” Shot challenged.

“So, that means we don’t go around filly-fooling,” Colgate shot back.

Shot Glass’s grin only grew wider. “Oh. Is That so? Well, I happen to know heaps of mares around this town who all bend that way.”

“Really?!” Colgate and Rose both exclaimed, quickly turning back to face Shot Glass. They slammed their heads into each other in their haste to ask, making Shot laugh his flank off. When both mares realised how excited they were on the topic, they quickly turned away from each other again, getting even redder, if that was at all possible.

“You two were made for each other!” Shot continued to laugh. “You both know you want to try, so why deny yourselves any longer?”

The braver of the two, Rose, slowly turned around and faced Colgate. She summoned up all the courage she could muster, and did it quickly before she changed her mind. She was sweating all over as she extended a forehoof to touch Colgate on the back. “Why not, Colgate? It… it… Okay, okay, it could be fun! There, I said it.”

Shot Glass fell on the floor behind the bar, laughing his flank off, drawing the attention of several other patrons to the two mares sitting on the barstools.

Colgate used her magic to pour what was left of her Applejack Daniels on a laughing stallion behind the bar, promptly stopping the laughter. She was still blushing red as Rose rubbed her back to comfort her and still waiting on that answer.

Shot popped back up to see a less than impressed and very red Colgate giving him a death stare. He also noticed several patrons looking at the commotion unfolding with the mares. ‘Are Shotty, you gone a little too far with your fun again! Better run damage control.’

“Hey! How about a little privacy here?!” he yelled around the tavern, getting some less than impressed stares from the nosy patrons. “Well, if you all want it that way, we can close up right now?!” he shouted. Colgate and Rose instantly had some privacy again.

Rose had lost it by this point. She just didn’t care anymore, laughing at the hilarity of the situation tonight had turned into.

While Rose was a little distracted at joining Shot in a good laugh, Colgate softly gave her answer.

Rose froze in her giggling. “Sorry, could you say that again, Colgate?”

Again Colgate answered, far too soft for Rose or Shot to hear.

“Colgate?” Rose again asked, more concerned now.

Colgate’s red face was on fire now. She jumped off the stool and bucked it back. “Okay, I said yes! Yes, yes, yes!”

Rose could hardly believe it, partially shocked but partially happy also. She didn’t answer verbally, only blushing and nodding her head with a smile.

Shot Glass boomed and laughed. Slapping his belly. “I have to say, ladies! You two are the funniest pair I have ever met!”

“Shut up, you!” Colgate demanded. Colgate might have demanded that, but her face was saying other things. Shot picked up on this and only gave her a knowing smile in return. “I don’t want to hear ‘I told you so either,’ Shotty!”

“My lips are sealed, ladies!” he teased. “But, tell you both what.” He levitated a bottle of his finest Applejack Daniels down and put it on the bar in front of the mares. “Take this. On the house for the trouble I might have coursed. Just promise you both come back here next weekend in a happier mood then this one, okay?”

Colgate and Rose smiled, thanking him more than words ever could. “Deal,” Rose said.

Rose turned to her new playmate for the night, looking out towards the door. “Shall we?”

Colgate used her telekinesis to levitate the bottle of the bench, trotting for the door, flank-to-flank with her new friend. They exited the bar and disappeared into the night.

Shot picked up the glass he was cleaning before and resumed his work. “Mares,” he muttered to himself, clicking his tongue.


The front door to Colgate’s house was bucked open by its owner. She trotted backwards into the house, her lips locked with Rose’s as she followed her in.

“I hope you have a cozy bed?” Rose asked.

“I should. I do enjoy my sleep,” Colgate answered.

Rose broke their embrace long enough to let her conscious get a hold of her brain for a moment. “You sure you’re okay with this? I mean, have you even done it with another mare before?”

Colgate parked her flank on the floor while she levitated the bottle of Daniels onto a nearby coffee table. She pondered the question for a moment. “No, I’ve never done it with a mare before. You?”

“No.” Rose blushed a little. “But, Daisy has had many a marefriend. She has told me and Lily all about it, in great detail, many a time. So I might know a thing or two.”

“I might as well, too. I have read heaps of… books from Twilight’s library.”

Rose gave Colgate a cheeky look, waiting for her to elaborate a little more. Colgate huffed. “What?! I had to do something to try and set myself off!”

Rose only chuckled at Colgate’s expense.

Colgate rolled her eyes. “Listen! You want to buck me or not?”

Rose nodded in affirmation. “Yes! I also have to admit… I always wanted to try this.”

“Makes two of us,” Colgate admitted, embarrassed she did.

“How about we spend tonight comparing notes then?” Rose cooed.

“Sounds like a plan,” Colgate agreed, moving in for a kiss.

Rose was about to return the affection when Colgate’s boozed-up breath made it up her nose. She quickly pulled back, using both forehooves to cover her nose. “Um, Colgate. Think you can do something about that breath of yours?”

Colgate took a whiff of her breath, finding out Rose was right on the money. “You smell as well you know?” she said, huffing a little.

“I do?”

“Yes. I just didn’t want to say anything.”

Rose took a whiff of her own breath, almost coughing up her dinner at how bad it was. “You must have some nose!”

“Work in other pony’s mouths long enough and you get used to it.”

Rose just rolled her eyes. “Well, we going to start, then?”

“Go lay on my bed,” Colgate said, pointing a hoof down the hallway. “I’ve got a very cool idea. Be in with you in a second.”

Rose made her way into the bedroom, taking in all Colgate done to the place. The room was a nice blend of all things Colgate, screaming somepony with a little class and being somewhat neat and tidy lived here. Furniture was arranged semantically around the room, and everything on the benches were just so. In the middle stood a grand queen-size bed, defiantly big enough for two ponies. Why Colgate had a queen bed for just herself was something Rose made a mental note to ask her new friend later on.

Rose wasted no time, diving onto the bed and enjoying how soft and cozy it was. She snuggled herself into one of the pillows, getting all giddy at what was soon to happen.

Colgate came back in, levitating what looked like a sweet bit of candy in her blue aura. “You ready for this?” she cooed, unwrapping the candy.

“Wait. Just what are you going to do with that candy?”

“You’ll see,” Colgate teased, throwing the sweet into the air and catching it in her mouth. “You will have to trust me.”

Rose didn’t like the idea of not knowing what was going to happen much. She observed as Colgate started to really chew on the candy while slowly adding some of her own magic into her mouth. The blue aura looked a little freaky and inviting at the same time as it seeped into her mouth.

Colgate’s body shot straight, much like if you had something cold rub against your back suddenly. She jumped up on the bed and motioned for Rose to come closer. “You sure, Colgate?”

Colgate was unable to speak. It appeared that she was holding the magic build up and candy in her mouth. She instead chose to nod.

Rose was still cautious about what was about to happen, but she was here to experience something new, so come close, she did.

Before Rose could figure out what was going to happen, Colgate grabbed her face and gave her a deep kiss. She blew a blue powdery substance down Rose’s throat while giving her a huge and deep, intimate kiss. Rose hesitated and started to pull out of the kiss, but Colgate had the back of her head and didn’t let go. She drew out the kiss by slowly crawling her tongue into Rose’s mouth. An inviting taste graced her mouth, much like a minty, sweet lolly you have to refresh your breath after a meal.

Just as Rose started to enjoy the kiss, a cold, pounding force spread all over her body, going down her throat and right through her back, down to all four hooves. Rose quickly broke the kiss and looked at Colgate who had a smirk on her face. “What did you just do?”

Colgate let out a small breath, showing off the blue powder. “Little spell of mine I like to use. I add magic to a breath mint and it sends that freshness feeling all over your body while making your breath the freshes smell you will ever whiff.”

Rose took another whiff of her own breath and had to admit Colgate was right. Her breath smelt so fresh and nice. She quickly kissed Colgate, intent on returning the favour with her new, fresh breath. She slid her tongue into Colgate’s mouth, romantically and slowly wrapping it around hers.

The passionate kiss drove Colgate wild, her tale whipping around and her eyes losing control. She let out a pleasant moan into Rose’s mouth, letting Rose know she was doing things right.

Rose broke the kiss to finally breathe, but the fresh air was short-lived. Colgate wanted more of what she just had, rushing in and forcing Rose into another sweet and long kiss.

Colgate was now taking control, pushing Rose onto her back as she continued the kiss and fight for dominance in their mouths. Colgate let out another slutty moan into her partner’s mouth, drowning out all other sounds at how much she was enjoying this.

The kiss was broken by Colgate as she took to Rose’s neck, slowly licking and nibbling at it. Rose was in heaven, closing her eyes and enjoying the pampering. Everything was that much more enjoyable with the fresh feeling still coursing all over her body.

Colgate slowly made her way down her partner’s neck, being ever so gentle and slow about it. Rose let out her first moan right when Colgate found a sweet spot on the left side of her neck. Colgate picked up on the hint, and paid special attention to the sweet spot, nibbling and even biting it. The sensation sent Rose wild, bucking and letting out more moans, her voice echoing pleasurable, humming tunes to Colgate’s ear.

She continued to move down Rose, kissing from her neck to her stomach. Rose was sweet, tasting much like a fresh flower in spring. The nibbling went close to that oh so special of places, closing in on the inner thighs.

Rose couldn’t take it anymore, grabbing Colgate with her forehooves and stole another sweet, minty-fresh kiss from her. Rose’s body started to do things she hadn’t felt in nearly a year, the area around her marehood becoming damp and sweet smelling.

Colgate broke the kiss upon picking up on the scent of fresh rose petals. She gave Rose a sly look. “Somepony seems ready.”

“Just hurry up and take me!” Rose demanded, her thighs already shifting upwards a little in response.

Colgate didn’t need to be told twice, lowering her muzzle to Rose’s marehood and slowly parting her folds with her tongue. She took a greedy lick of Rose’s juices, the taste of rose petals and spring filling her mouth.

Rose moaned loudly, the soft and delicate touch of Colgate’s tongue driving her wild. She had no idea where Colgate could have become so good at this. Those books must have picture guides in them or something, she thought.

Colgate started to lick around the edges of her slit, lapping up the juices with every swipe of her tongue. Slowly, she spiralled down into the inner chambers of Rose’s most precious of places, sliding her tongue inside of her.

Colgate’s own special place started to become damp as she pleasured her partner. The smell of minty freshness filled the air, much like the breath mint Colgate had used before.

The smell confused Rose at first, thinking if Colgate breathed onto her face again or cast the same spell. But she had been watching the unicorn lick away at her, no breath of air or spell of magic was cast. ‘Wait, she can’t be?’ Rose thought, getting a sexy idea.

Rose slowly and sneakily lifted a hindhoof up towards Colgate, who was still preoccupied with pleasuring her. She nipped at Colgate’s lips, feeling it was wet and full of juice, ready for Rose to lap up and enjoy.

Colgate’s head swung up at the sudden touch of her sensitive spot between her thighs. Her worry only increased when she spotted the sly and cunning look on her earth pony companion.

“Rose, what are you doing?”

Rose placed her hindhooves on her friend’s flanks, while putting her forehooves under her stomach. “You will just have to trust me,” she cooed, enjoying the fact she was making Colgate worry.

Rose tossed Colgate into the air, sending her souring a good couple of meters over the bed. While airborne, Rose quickly spun herself half way round so her face was now in striking distance of her prize. She held out all four hooves and caught Colgate, using her own stomach as a cushion to soften the landing.

Once she stopped falling, Rose wrapped all her hooves around Colgate tightly, giving her a huge hug.

Colgate blinked. “Rose, what in Equestria was that for?”

Rose lifted her marehood up to Colgate’s mouth, begging for the prized licking sensation to continue. “Now we can both have some fun together.”

“But Rose, you’re squeezing me too tightly! I can hardly breathe.”

“Trust me this feels amazing when done right. Just time your breathing to be the opposite of mine. So, now… breathe in… now breathe out,” Rose commanded, following the rhythm of the unicorn’s breathing to match her stride.

Colgate obliged, if so a little hesitant at first. Taking long breaths, she felt her stomach slowly expand into Rose, and when she retracted she could feel the very soul of Rose coming into her. The feeling was magical, sending pleasure throughout her whole body.

Colgate wanted more of this and used her hooves to hug Rose back, tightening the grip as much as she could. Rose moaned in pleasure, as she dug into her prize and tasted Colgate’s sweet, minty juices for the first time.

The unicorn followed suite, continuing where she left off on her partner, both mares going full circle from mouth to marehood. It was both complete harmony and a wild storm of rampant pleasure.

The combination of the freshness filling their bodies, their synchronized breathing, and the sensation of warm, wet tongues lapping around and inside them was driving both mares towards their edge.

Rose started to buck, still holding tight onto Colgate, sending the shockwaves right through her. This rippled right through the unicorn’s body, returning the favour into the strong earth pony below.

The pace quickened, both mare sinking deeper and more vigorously into each other’s folds, pleasuring each other to the ends of Equestria and back. Moans as loud as volcano eruption were heard, waves of pleasure as powerful as earthquakes rippled through both mares. The feelings were even stronger than times past, each sensation and action more full of life, passion, and the drive to make each other a real mare.

Rose moaned into Colgate’s marehood, the effects of mutual pleasure sending her over the edge. A huge gush of nectar hit Colgate in the face. Colgate lapped up as much as she could, slowly letting go of her vice grip around Rose’s body.

The full-force rage of her orgasm made rose stick her tongue right into her partner’s most precious place, hitting the biggest sweet spot located in the depths of pleasure.

“ROSE!” Colgate called out as her hips bucked suddenly. She rode out her own orgasm with a shrill moan, while Rose took the full taste of the freshest mint she had ever had.

Rose let her grip lose as Colgate rolled off to the side. Both mares were completely spent and had no energy left to do anything.

Rose turned around on her back to join Colgate up near the pillows, planting a passionate kiss on her new partner’s muzzle. Both mares tasting the mixed sensation of minty, fresh rose petals.

“That was amazing, Colgate. I feel so alive now,” Rose panted, catching her breath.

Colgate pulled the sheets back, covering both of them for the night. “Me too. I really needed that. You were more than words could describe.”

“Thanks,” Rose said, closing her eyes and letting Luna’s dreamscape take her.

Colgate smiled as she ran a forehoof through her partner’s mane. “Goodnight. Sweet dreams, my sweet rose petal.”

Pleasurable Arrangments

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Stress Relief Chapter 2 – Pleasurable Arrangements

Can you ever get to much of a good thing?

Colgate arose with Celestia’s well-crafted morning. She went to move out of bed, thinking it would be another normal morning, thus time for her normal morning routine. But something was stopping her from moving.

She opened her eyes and saw another cream-coated mare wrapped around her, in her own bed of all places. She was just about to yell when she noticed herself wrapped around the mare in question. In an instant it all came flooding back into her head, from the events at the bar, to whom she had spent the night with.

Colgate used her forehoof that was draped over Rose’s back to slowly play with her mane a little. She had to admit, Rose was quite cute while sound asleep. She kissed her on the cheek before getting out of the bed.

Colgate went to lift the sheet off herself and slowly move out of bed, as to not wake Rose up. What she didn’t count on was the sheet itself sticking to her like glue from last night’s fun. She fell off the bed, dragging the sheet and Rose along with it on top of her.

Rose woke up and let out a scream as she went careening off the bed and straight into Colgate. She was shocked and a little confused from the rude awakening, taking a moment to perform a memory check to recall all recent events.

“Well, that’s one way to wake a girl up in the morning. This kind of thing always happen around here?” Rose asked cheekily, giving Colgate a peck on the cheek.

“No…not really. The bed sheets seem to be stuck to us.”

Rose plastered a sly grin on her face, intent on rubbing her next point into Colgate best she could. “Guess we had that much fun,” she teased, rubbing her belly into Colgate’s.

Colgate blushed all forms of red. She quickly lifted herself up a little to bump Rose off herself, but with both mares still stuck to the sheet, it only served to throw both of them on their sides. Rose let out a chuckle at Colgate’s attempted escape.

“Help me get this sheet off. I would like a shower sometime in Celestia’s day, please,” Colgate said, staring down to her demands in order to stop the onslaught of laughter from her partner.

“Okay, okay,” rose said. She slowly started to untangle herself along with Colgate. Both mares looked like they were playing a game of Twister, trying to free themselves from the sticky sheet.

Rose gripped the sheet with her teeth and pulled, ripping the sticky sheet off, taking a few bits of hair as it came off Colgate. “OUCH! Rose, watch it will you!” Colgate yelled.

Rose stifled a giggle with a forehoof, trying to hide her laughter. Colgate glared at her with a disapproving stare before she noticed something. Changing her glare to a smirk she got a sinister idea.

She looked down at the sheet still wrapped around Rose and smiled evilly. Rose caught on and held her forehooves up in protest. “No, Colgate! Don’t! Please!” Was all she got out before Colgate returned the favour and tore the sheet off Rose.

Rose let out a painful yipe, the sticky sheet giving her hell. “Thanks, Colgate!” she deadpanned.

Colgate grinned with satisfaction. “You’re welcome.”

“Now, if you would like, the bathroom is just down the hall, and I think we both could use a shower.” Colgate slowly trotted out of the room and down the hallway for her shower, swishing her tail into Rose’s face, tempting her to follow. Rose let out a loud squee, acting like a little filly back in school and skipping down the hall after Colgate.

Colgate opened the bathroom door and trotted in. Rose took a seat on the floor in the hall, thinking she had to wait her turn for a shower. She sniffed herself, scents of mints and petals still on her coat and through her mane.

Colgate turned the taps on, letting water run out of the shower head. She checked the water to make sure it was warm, and was about to jump in when she noticed a presence next to her missing. “Rose, you coming in?”

“You sure it’s okay for us to share a shower together?” Rose asked, blushing a little while she twiddled her forehooves.

“Rose. We just got through bucking each other like crazy last night.”

Rose picked herself off the floor and slowly made her way into the bathroom, still hesitating a little. “Oh, come on!” Colgate complained, reaching a forehoof out the bathroom door and dragging her in.

Colgate jumped into the shower and got her body all wet. She peered out and saw Rose still a little reserved. Rolling her eyes she held the bar of soap in her blue aura and addressed Rose. “I could use some help to wash my back, please,” see cooed.

That last seductive line was all it took for Rose to lose any doubt she had left, jumping right into the show and enjoying the company.

Colgate put her forehooves against the shower wall and leaned into it on an angle. This allowed Rose to use the soap to clean her back, really slowly and seductively. “Easy, filly. We will get another chance,” Colgate let slip in a sultry manner, enjoying herself far too much.

Rose continued to clean her back, scrubbing all of their combined juices off Colgate’s lovely blue coat. “That reminds me… when will be the next time? I really don’t want this kind of fun to stop. If that is okay with you, off course?”

Colgate’s eyes shot open, ‘did I really just say that?’

Rose leaned forward and pecked the spaced out blue unicorn on the cheek, making her jump a little from the affection. “ROSE!

“Don’t blame me. You’re the one spacing out.”

“Ah, sorry Rose. I was just lost in thought.” Colgate swapped positions with Rose so she was now the one doing the scrubbing, getting a little revenge in the process, being all seductive while washing Rose over.

Rose fidgeted a little, struggling to maintain a straight face as Colgate scrubbed her down, especially in the area under her thighs--she scrubbed really slowly on those bits. “I got an idea on that. How about after we finish cleaning up, we head out to Horte’s café for breakfast and talk it over?”

“I’m down for that,” Rose agreed, giving Colgate a nice long kiss on the lips.

After the water was turned off, the two mares dried themselves off, having a little fun at each other’s expense while they did.

Colgate grabbed her bits bag and made for the door, motioning for Rose to follow. Rose hesitated a little, unable to eye Colgate in the face, blushing. “Come on, Rose. What are you waiting for?”

Rose pulled a sly grin, revealing one of Colgate’s air fresh mints from behind her back. “Mind if we have one more before we go?”

Colgate rolled her eyes and chuckled. “You are a piece of work,” she commented, levitating the sweet mint and unwrapping it.

Rose joined in the chuckle as Colgate began to chew. She closed her eyes as blue magical aura seeped into her mouth. Rose had to admit, she never did get tired of watching this. “Oh yeah, this is what I’m talking about!” she cheered.

It took Colgate a minute, but she was ready, pulling Rose in for a long, trademark, minty-fresh kiss. She opened her mouth and blew the sweet, fresh sensation down Rose’s throat. Tingles shot across both mares, any effects bestowed on them by Luna’s night now truly gone.

Colgate broke the kiss, looking Rose in the eyes. “Come on, you. Let’s get going, I’m hungry.”

“Breakfast it is,” Rose chirped, trotting out of the door, happier then she had been in the last year.


“So what are you going to order?” Rose asked, parking her flank on a pile of hay that was a seat for the outside tables.

Colgate lifted the breakfast menu in her glowing blue aura to peruse the contents. “I think I will have some marmalade on toast.”

“Since when do you like marmalade?” Rose curiously asked.

“Since forever. It’s the best spread around.”

“I know. I want some on muffins,” Rose said cheerfully, her stomach grumbling in agreement.

“Somepony is hungry,” Colgate cooed in a singsong tone. Rose blush as Colgate giggled and waved over Horte.

“Good morning, ladies. What can I get for you this fine morning?” Horte asked with proper etiquette.

“Morning, Horte. I would love a few pieces of toast with your famous marmalade please,” Colgate requested.

Horte jotted down a few notes before addressing the other pony at the table. “And, for you, Miss Rose?”

“She will have some of your marmalade to, on muffins,” Colgate interrupted, leaving Rose with her mouth open. Horte looked a little confused but wrote the order down anyway. He trotted back into the kitchen to place the order as Rose gave Colgate a blank stare. “What! You were taking your sweet time to order.”

“That aside, what do you think we should do now we know we… enjoy each other’s company?” Rose asked, trying to be discreet.

Colgate thought on it for a moment, making Rose a little anxious. “How does once a week sound to you?” Colgate offered.

Rose wanted this experience more and more and would take what she could get, but she thought there was no harm in asking. “Sounds great. But would you be okay with twice a week?”

Colgate giggled a little. “Twice might be pushing it right now, maybe when I get used to you a little more.”

“Sorry, Colgate. It’s just… last night was the best night I have ever enjoyed, and it has been way to long since I have felt this good about myself. I kind of don’t want it to end.” Rose was a little upset, and it showed. She pouted a little while rubbing her hoof in circles on the table.

Colgate let out a sigh. “I understand that feeling. But, we are only new at this. I don’t want to push it too fast.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Once a week is still something wonderful to look forward to. But... Well… Could we maybe… have some fun tonight?”

Colgate gave Rose a worried look, while Rose returned with pleading, puppy-dog eyes. “Please, Colgate? I will even make it really fun,” Rose begged.

“Okay, okay. But only since you think you can make it fun.” Colgate was now blushing red, trying to hide her expression with her forehooves.

Rose jumped up and down, cheering, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Colgate quickly threw a menu in her face, trying to settle her down and avoid the attention they were attracting.

“Are you two okay?” Horte asked, back with their orders.

Rose finally settled down, sitting her rump back on the hay. “Um, yeah. We’re fine.”

Horte nodded and put their orders on the table. He bowed and proceeded to deliver more orders to other customers at the café.

“Wow! I didn’t know those two were an item,” Lyra blurted out, as Horte placed their order on the table.

Bon Bon quickly reached her hoof over the table and slapped Lyra in the face. “Lyra, not so loud!”

Horte gave Lyra and Bon Bon confused looks before heading back into the café to get more orders. ‘Seems everypony is acting a little weird today.’

Bon Bon waited for Horte to finally get out of earshot. “Really, Lyra. You should watch the volume. Just what were you going on about?”

Lyra pointed to the table with Colgate and Roseluck sitting at it. “Those two. I didn’t know they were seeing each other.”

“What makes you think that?” Bon Bon asked, taking a bite out of her hay fries.

“The way they’re acting together,” Lyra cooed.

“Oh really, Lyra? You think you can read everypony.” Bon Bon chuckled a little, thinking Lyra was just being full of herself again.


The bell to the flower shop rang, making Daisy quickly rush out into the main room to tend to the customer. “Hello and welcome…” she trailed off, finding nopony in the store. ‘Could have sworn that was the bell. Maybe it’s just me.’

Daisy was just about to trot back into the greenhouse when she heard noise coming from the store room behind the counter. She slowly crept into the doorway and peered in, trying to muffle any sound she was making. Whoever was in the storage room sounded like they were rummaging around for something, making Daisy thinking it could be a thief. She shook her head. ‘This is Ponyville. We don’t get thieves here.’

“No. Not here. Not here either,” the offending pony groaned.

Daisy recognised the voice. She flipped the light switch on, startling Rose and making her jump, hitting the top of her head against a shelf she was under.


Daisy laughed, trotting over to Rose to lend her a hoof up. “Rose, what in Equestria are you doing here? I thought you wanted the weekend alone to think.”

Rose accepted the hoof and was pulled to her hooves. “Well, a few things changed. Don’t worry about it, though.”

“You okay? You seem a little different than normal, Rose. Just what are you looking for in here?” Daisy asked.

“Sorry to bother you, Daisy. I won’t be long.”

“Come on, Rose. Tell me what’s going on,” Daisy begged.

“Sorry, I don’t have time,” Rose lied.

Daisy backed up towards the door of the storage room and took a mock battle stance. “You’re not getting out of this room ‘till you tell me what is going on Roseluck.”

Rose froze in her tracks. She put the items in the box she was looking through down and slowly turned around. The only time Daisy ever used her full name is when she meant business, and right now, the cheeky smirk on her face showed she meant business.

“Fine, I need some batteries. Happy now?” Rose flatly asked, annoyed Daisy was pushing this subject.

“How do you go from all depressed about being lonely to needing batteries? Just what have you been up to, Rose? This is not like you at all.” Daisy stood her ground, determined not to move until she was satisfied Rose had fessed up all the details.

Rose slowly turned her head, as to not look her co-worker directly in the eye. She blushed red a little and circled a hoof on the ground. “I was at home enjoying a good book. I… um… need the batteries for the flashlight.”

Lucky for Daisy she had known Rose and Lily almost all her life. She knew all the tell-tale signs of Rose lying, not to mention embarrassment. Rose was hiding something and Daisy decided to make it her mission to find out. For Rose… and her own curiosity. “Do I have to employ torture method number four on you, Rose?” Daisy slyly asked, getting ready to pounce.

Rose took a deep gulp. “I’m not lying, Daisy. I’m telling you…” Rose cut herself off when she saw Daisy was not buying it and getting ready to jump. “Daisy, wait!”

It was too late, Daisy bent her hindhooves and bolted into the air, pouncing straight on Rose, pinning her to the floor with all four hooves. “Last, chance! Fess up now, or I start to tickle!”

‘Think, think, think, Rose! You can’t tell her what happened. Not yet anyways,’ she thought, worried Daisy just might discover the truth. “Okay, you got me! I need them for the blender, so I can make a chocolate smoothie. Happy?”

Daisy’s smirk didn’t disappear. “Not buying it, Rose!” Daisy quickly moved her forehooves in for the kill, tickling Rose on the belly, right where she was vulnerable the most. Rose burst into a fit of uncontrolled laughter. “Spill! What have you been up to?!” Daisy didn’t let up one bit, enjoying every moment she got to torture her friend.

“I swear, it’s the truth!” Rose managed to blurt out in amongst all her laughing.

Daisy cheekily brought herself down closer to Rose’s face. “I’m sorry, Rose. What did you say? Rather hard to hear you with all this laughing going on,” she teased, moving her forehooves to Rose’s sides, tickling her even harder now.

“I said I’m telling the truth!” Rose again yelled slowly, struggling to say much of anything while being tickled so hard.

Daisy quickly stopped her onslaught, much to Rose’s surprise. She carefully sniffed at Rose’s mouth, picking up something she knew wasn’t a normal scent on her friend.

Rose’s eyes shot up. She knew both herself and her two friends all had an excellent sense of smell. They all worked in a flower shop, so said skills were only natural.

“Rose.” Daisy took another sniff. “Why does your breath smell so… fresh?”

Rose started to sweat profusely, her face turning very red. “Oh, well… you know… I brushed my teeth before I came here.”

It was clear to Daisy that Rose was again lying. What worried Daisy is why she would lie over something so trivial. “Rose, you brush your teeth every morning before you come here, and it smells nothing like that. Come to think of it, why does that smell seem so familiar?”

Rose’s face grew even redder, her sweating intensified. Daisy was closing in, and at this rate she would find out the secret truth of Rose’s soon to be not-so-secret life. “Of course I always see the dentist every morni…” Rose put both forehooves over her mouth, hoping her little slip up went unnoticed.

“Oh, what’s this about the dentist… wait. Rose, just what have you been up to?” Daisy demanded to know.

Rose said nothing, looking every which way, expect towards Daisy.

Daisy had had enough of the games. It was killing her to not know what one of her best friends was hiding. She slammed a forehoof on the ground right next to Rose. “Girl, you better come clean, or I will wash your fresh-smelling mouth out with soap, and make it even cleaner!”

“Okay, okay! I need the batteries for…” Rose trailed off, speaking so low Daisy couldn’t hear her.

Daisy gave her an unimpressed stare, slamming her forehoof down again.

“I need them for my vibrator, okay!” Rose screamed.

Daisy looked confused. She already knew Rose had a vibrator. Given the way Rose stormed out of the shop yesterday, she thought nothing strange of Rose needing to try and use it to relieve herself. “That’s what all this fuss is about?”

Rose didn’t answer, only blushing some more. Daisy laughed. The thought of her long-term friend being embarrassed about this, and especially in front of herself, was just silly. “And what is all this redness at the mention of the dentist? What, figured you would picture yourself with Colgate or somepony to try and get off?” Daisy was roaring with laughter, only adding to the embarrassment Rose was feeling.

Rose let out a sheepish grin, to which Daisy’s eyes finally opened. “You… and her?”

Rose could only grin more as she gulped, slowly nodding her head.

Daisy picked her friend up and spun her around in a cuddle. “Oh, Rose! I’m so happy for you! You were finally able to set yourself off!”

Rose’s jaw dropped as she slipped out of her friends loving embrace. “What?” Daisy asked, only for Rose to facehoof herself in the head.

“What?” Tell me!” Daisy demanded, picking up Rose and shaking her.


“Tell me!”


“Tell me!”


“Tell me!”


“I’ll tell Lily if you don’t spit it out right now!”

“I bucked her!” Rose let slip in the heat of the moment. She quickly put her forehooves over her mouth.

Daisy was dumbfounded. “You, what?!”

“I bucked her, we were both stressed… it was the heat of the moment… we both needed a release…”

Daisy cut her off with a soft hoof to the mouth. “So, you mean, last night, you made love to her, and was happy with it?”

“Mmmhmm.” Rose nodded.

Daisy smiled. “Were you able to, you know, find said release?”

Rose smiled, letting out a little squee as her cheeks turned rosy red.

“And here I thought I was a sly mare,” Daisy cooed.

“Daisy, you are a sly mare,” Rose corrected.

“Oh, yeah,” Daisy said. “But, that still doesn’t explain why you wanted batteries for your…” Daisy took a quick minute to do a double take. “Oh, more fun tonight?” she slyly asked.

Again, Rose blushed. “Yup, plus… once a week,” she squeed.

“Well, somepony will need to come with me back to my place,” Daisy teased, getting off Rose and helping her up.

Rose was a little confused. Her friend just found out she bucked a mare last night, and now her already-fillyfooling friend wants her to come back to her place. “But, I can’t just go back to your place and buck you! Not like that!”

Daisy laughed, almost tripping over her hooves as she left the storage room. “I didn’t mean that. I meant I can give you a few things to help you wow Colgate tonight. Plus a little advice, if you like?”

Roses smile grew bigger. Daisy was such a wonderful friend. “But, Daisy. What about the shop?”

“What about it? Will be closed early today.”

“You just can’t close up…”

Daisy shushed her friend by sticking a forehoof in her mouth. “Rose, a good friend of mine is finally enjoying herself for the first time in almost a year. She has been pretty miserable during that time. And now she has a chance for some real fun, and a much-needed boast to her morale. Shutting the shop early to help is so worth it.” Daisy pulled her hoof out of Rose’s mouth and drew her into a hug. “Don’t you think?”

Rose started to cry as she hugged Daisy tight. “Thank you.”


Colgate was doing a few appointments today, even though it was Saturday, and she was normally closed over the weekend. Sometimes she would make exceptions depending on cases and circumstances.

She only had three operations to perform today. Should only take her a few hours, and then home-free all weekend long. She couldn’t wait for those operations to be over. Even though Rose pushed the issue of more fun tonight, Colgate would be lying to herself if she said she didn’t want another round tonight.

“Colgate? Hey, Colgate?” the patient sitting on the chair asked.

Colgate snapped out of her little fantasy world, coming back to reality and the patient sitting in front of her nearly ready for her magical fillings. “Sorry, Sweetie Belle. Let’s get started, shall we.”

Colgate lifted the needle up in her blue aura, ready to numb Sweetie’s gums for the fillings, when a knock on the door put a halt to the operation.

Colgate yelled for the offending pony to come in, excusing herself from Sweetie’s side for just a moment. As she trotted to the door, Rose popped her head in and smiled at her. “Got a moment? I need a quick word with you about tonight.”

Colgate looked back as Sweetie Belle, who was still in the chair, then back to Rose. “Okay, but only five minutes. I can’t leave her to long.” She turned back to Sweetie Belle and called across the room. “Sweetie, I will only be about five minutes. You okay for that long?”

“Um… sure!” Sweetie called back, eyeing the needle with a worried look. Any excuse to delay that thing from pricking her was a welcomed excuse.

Colgate showed Rose through the reception room and into the lunch room, shutting the door behind them so ponies waiting for appointments wouldn’t interrupt them.

“Okay Rose, make it quick.”

Rose put her saddle bags down, both seeming to be full. Colgate noticed several sticks of celery sticking out the top of one of them, eyeing it keenly. Rose quickly stretched her back, happy for the heavy load to be off her, if only for a moment.

“I was thinking we could have tonight’s… fun at my place. I got some food to cook us both a nice dinner. I also have a few… toys, to make tonight real fun,” Rose cooed, bumping her flank into Colgate’s to stir her a little.

Colgate blushed, taking a step back to keep her professionalism while in the workplace. “What kind of toys?” she cautiously asked.

“The surprise kind.”

“Wait, where did you even get these toys? Up until last night neither of us did any form of fillyfooling.” Colgate pointed a hoof at one of the saddle bags, hoping Rose would sate her curiosity.

“Well… Daisy, kind of lent me some of her toys and advice.”

“Oh, how nice of her… WAIT A SEC!” Colgate became very angry and embarrassed at the same time. Ponies in the lobby could swear they heard somepony yelling over something. “How does Daisy know of us?”

“Sorry, Colgate. She kind of forced it out of me. She is very cunning like that.”

“How could you?!”

“Don’t worry, Colgate. She won’t tell another soul about it. I promise.” Rose came closer and put a hoof around Colgate’s neck to calm her down a pinch.

“You sure we can trust her?”

Rose giggled, confusing Colgate for a moment. “Yes. Myself, Daisy, and Lily have all been best friends since we were little fillies.”

“Didn’t you mention that Daisy was the friend of yours who was already a fillyfooler?” Colgate asked, curious to see exactly what kind of advice she gave Rose.

“That’s right, she gave me some of her toys that were purpose made for mares to enjoy.”

Colgate took a deep gulp, both excited and worried at what toys lay in that saddle bag as she eyed it off with increasing curiosity. She trotted towards the saddle bags, only to have Rose cut her off. “Hey, no peeking.”

“Fine… stingy,” Colgate huffed.

Rose let out a soft giggle. “So, see you tonight at, let’s say… six?”

“Sounds good, see you then… sugar,” Colgate teased.

She turned around and made for the door out, but was stopped by Rose who tugged on her shoulder with a forehoof. “Um… before you go, one quick kiss?” Rose begged, fidgeting a little.

Colgate let out a small sigh of defeat. “Fine, but just one…”

She was cut off as Rose slammed her mouth into hers, invading her tongue into the minty-fresh moth and sucking in hard. Rose literally took the air out of Colgate’s lungs. Colgate quickly broke the kiss. An audible pop sounded when both mouths came apart. “What was that for?”

Rose let out a cool breath of air, and plastered a sly grin on her face. “I can’t help it. That minty-fresh breath is just so addictive,” she cooed, winking her eyes a little at her partner. “And, I want more of it tonight.”

Colgate was left speechless. Rose taking this as her queue to leave. “See you tonight, you sexy mare.” Rose bumped her flank into Colgate’s as she left, breaking Colgate from her daze. She turned to see her partner’s tail swish out of the door as she left.

‘Oh, she is going to get it tonight. I will make her beg to have me,’ Colgate thought, fire of determination in her heart.


Rose chopped up the last of the celery, quickly sliding it off the chopping board into the bubbling mix atop the stove. She took a whiff of her work so far, checking to see all was right with her Rose Petal Curry Stew. Tonight had to be perfect. Rose wanted this to be a night she would never forget.

She looked up at the clock, which said she had fifthteen minutes before Colgate was due to arrive. Plenty of time to finish dinner and serve it up on the table. She quickly got the table set before racing into her bedroom.

She rummaged around in her saddle bag of special supplies for tonight, pulling out a bottle of perfume she made herself. The bottle read “Vibrant Rose,” and was the perfect scent to drive Colgate wild with. She sprayed it all over her sparkling clean coat, which she spent several hours in the bathroom that afternoon cleaning, just for tonight.

A knock on the door signified Colgate was a little early. Rose raced towards the door, but heard her stove alarm go off, she made a quick left turn and dived into the kitchen instead. “Come in, Colgate! It’s open!”

Colgate slowly opened the door, seeing a candle-lit room with a table set for two. She could smell a mix of some kind of sweet curry cooking, and something she thought had to be rose petals. “Hey, Rose! Where are you?!” she called back.

“In the kitchen making dinner, it’s nearly done!”

Colgate trotted into the kitchen to find Rose cooking up a storm. Rose smiled at her as she came closer. Rose quickly caught Colgate off guard--as she was paying more attention to what was cooking then Rose—planting a kiss on her lips. “Evening. Finish all those patients off without any problems?”

“Yeah, sure did. Thought of missing tonight got me through…” Colgate trailed off, what she said made her freeze in her own thoughts. ‘Did I really just say that? Do I really depend on seeing Rose that much? Ease up, Colgate, and think. You only been seeing her a few days now.’

“Colgate? Hey, Colgate!” Rose called out, snapping her out of her own little world.

Colgate shook her head to clear her mind. “Sorry, Rose. Was just thinking about something. What was it you just said?”

“Silly,” Rose teased, booping her nose. “I asked if you would help me serve dinner, please?”

“Oh… sure, no problem,” Colgate said, willing her magic to help levitate the pot of curry out to the table as she followed Rose into the dining room.

“Why did you go to all the trouble of making dinner? All we are doing tonight is having some fun sex.” Colgate put the pot down on the board set for that purpose on the table and gave Rose an anxious look.

Rose didn’t hesitate or second-guess herself. “I guess I just want tonight to be special. It just feels more real this way, and sort of right, in a way.” Rose put the bowls down as she took her seat. “Don’t you think?”

Colgate thought on this for a moment, points and arguments on both sides consuming her ideas on this subject. “In some ways yes, in others… not so sure. But I know one thing!” Colgate slyly said, showing her pearly white teeth.

“Oh! What could that be?” Rose cooed, already accepting any challenge.

“I’m going to make you beg for it tonight. Payback for not telling me what those toys are!”

Rose dished two servings of soup up, hoofing a bowl over to Colgate. “Don’t forget! Home court advantage!”

Colgate huffed, not swayed one bit by Rose’s claim. She took her spoon and started on the curry.

“By the way, that reminds me. With this new arrangement we are having… any rules we should set?” Rose asked, digging into her own serving of curry.

“Mmmmm,” Colgate hummed, enjoying the curry. She had to admit--Rose was a master chief, certainly leagues ahead of anything she could cook. “This is delicious, Rose. Just how do you do it?”

“Oh, you know. Loads of love, the right ingredients, and plenty of charm,” she teased, flipping her mane with a forehoof.

“You have to cook more often.” Colgate was lost in the taste and aroma. She had not enjoyed home cooking this much since she left home.

“Colgate? About the rules?”

“I personally don’t have any as of yet. Probably safe to say I will call things as they come.”

“Fair enough. Guess same will apply to me as well.”

Rose and Colgate enjoyed the rest of the romantic dinner, using small talk to pass the time, getting to know each other a little better, or reminding each other who was going to dominate this evening events.


Dinner and desert passed by quite quickly. Both mares had enjoyed hours of dining and were now located on the sofa in the lounge room. They were simply letting the food settle before heading to the bedroom for the night.

Colgate was explaining a funny patient she had a few weeks ago, Rose listening intently and laughing along with Colgate on the funny parts. “Then he sneezed, sending all the gel everywhere. You should have seen him! He couldn’t apologise enough!” Colgate fell off the sofa with intense laughter.

“I wish I was there for that, minus the cleaning part,” Rose said, joining Colgate on the floor, literally toppling on top of her.

It took a few more moments for the hype to settle down a little. Rose broke the scene, stealing a kiss from Colgate, who didn’t see it coming. She welcomed Rose’s lips to her own as they enjoyed a passionate kiss.

Rose broke a moment later. “Ready for this evening’s main event?” she cooed, helping Colgate to her hooves and leading her to the bedroom.

“Just try and stop me,” Colgate said, following Rose and that swishing red tail.

Rose opened the door to her bedroom and dimmed the lights a little, setting the perfect mode for a romantic night of fun.

Colgate was in awe of the bedroom. It was themed after the pony who called it home. Cream-coated walls with red roses painted all over them. Most of the furniture was also of matching colours, making the room feel warm and cozy.

Rose jumped up on her bed, swinging a forehoof for Colgate to join her. “Mind if we start with your breath trick? I can never get enough of that,” Rose suggested, making the offer irresistible.

“I don’t mind, but…” Colgate trailed off when Rose produced a breath mint lolly, answering her question with a cheeky grin.

“You sneaky mare. You really do have everything planned.” Colgate smiled as she took the lolly and unwrapped it. She threw it into her mouth as she starting to chew, closing her eyes and concentrating her magic into her mouth.

Rose got all giddy, jumping up and down like a schoolfilly. She loved it when she got a fresh breath kiss from Colgate, and she was about to kick off the best night ever with such a kiss.

Colgate finished pumping magic into her mouth and motioned for Rose to come close with a seductive swing of her forehoof. Rose squeed quickly coming over to Colgate’s side of the bed. She slammed her lips into her partner’s and began a long and passionate kiss. Both ponies engaged in a tongue wrestle as the minty breath filled both of them.

Right on cue, both mares shot up from the kiss. The minty breath spell taking full effect, sending a shockwave of cool freshness up both their spines and around both bodies.

Rose let out a breath of cooling air, looking at her partner with a sly expression. She pinned Colgate to the bed and kissed her again. This time, however, she decided to put into effect one of the tricks Daisy told her about. She slowly wrapped her tongue around Colgate’s in a spiral manner. Instinctively, Colgate followed suite, just as Rose thought would happen. Now the field was set for a sensation Colgate would never forget. Rose broke the kiss, parting their lips, but not their spirally joined tongues.

Colgate eyed her partner out of worry, wanting to know just what was Rose planning. Rose put a forehoof to her partner’s back comforting her and making her relax.

Rose closed her eyes and slowly started to pull her head back from Colgate. Their tongues slowly unrevealed, sending shockwaves of pleasure down both ponies as the sensitive undersides of both their tongues slowly slid past each other.

Colgate had to stop for a second to catch her breath, feeling the pleasure wash over every inch of her body. “Where did you learn something like that?”

Rose smiled, re-pining Colgate to the bed with all four hooves. “Daisy told me. But that is not all she taught me,” Rose cooed in a singsong tone, making Colgate sweat with worry.

“Just what else you goin…” Colgate was cut off as she had her answer. Rose started licking her horn, giving it gentle, slow strokes, starting from the bottom of the horn, then slowly rising to the top.

Colgate’s eyes shot open, pleasure running the course of her horn. “Rose… don’t stop,” she begged.

Rose kept a steady pace, letting Colgate beg a little more.

Colgate moaned loudly, pleasure she never dreamed possible attacking her on every inch of her body. It got even better as Rose enveloped her entire mouth around her horn. She swirled her tongue around it, much like she did before.

Colgate moaned longer and louder than before, making Rose smile. “You like that do you?”

YES! MORE!” Colgate begged between moaning.

Rose slid up and down her horn even faster now, making Colgate lose what focus she had left. She even started convulsing a little, her hindhooves bucking uncontrollably.

Rose knew she was wining this fight for dominance, but even more important, she was enjoying the fact she got to bring pleasure to Colgate, the pony she lov… Rose shock those thoughts out of her head. ‘Come on, Rose. You barely know her. Just make sure she enjoys tonight.’

Colgate couldn’t hold out any longer, letting out a loud pleasurable moan as she magically came with her horn. It sent out a small shockwave of magic into Rose’s mouth, leaving her mouth to feel like is was full of static electricity.

Colgate lay spent on the bed, spent, the attack on her horn left her vulnerable and out of breath. Rose took this chance to make her next assault. “I’m only just getting started,” Rose cooed, sounding like an evil enchantress.

She quickly turned around she her marehood was over Colgate’s face. Before Colgate could even figure out what was going on--still slowly recovering from the last attack—she felt a fresh, electric shockwave hit her, this time from in between her thighs.

Rose had used the electric-effected tongue of hers to start running the length of Colgate’s already-wet lips with her tongue. Colgate bucked and moaned from the surprise attack on her marehood.

This time, however it would not be a one-way affair. This time she would strike back. She quickly used her forehooves to slap Rose on her flank, grabbing on and holding tight. Rose stuck her head up and slowly turned to see what was going on, when a sudden surge of pleasure swept her. Colgate had already parted her lips and wasn’t waiting to begin. She drove her tongue straight into Rose’s now-wet marehood.

Rose howled in pleasure, sounding like a Timberwolf calling in the first season of Zap Apples. “Oh! Yes! Right there! Don’t stop!” Rose ordered in the middle of moaning and panting.

“You want it that bad? Beg girl, beg!” Colgate followed with a sly laugh.

‘Oh no, she did not just…’ Rose thought, accepting the challenge. “You want to play? Let’s play!”

Rose drove her static tongue back deep into Colgate’s marehood, slowly sliding all the way down her slit and into the most sensitive of places.

Colgate moaned with pleasure, but was also determined not to lose this time. Using her horn to give her mouth some more magical energy, she breathed a fresh breath of minty fresh air right into Rose’s marehood, holding her lips open with both forehooves, so the breath would be felt right inside.

Rose shot up, a cool, fresh feeling making her coat stand on end. “Oh, you sneaky slut.”

“You can’t talk,” Colgate shot back, drilling Rose again.

Both mares went harder and faster at each other, one hole full of minty fresh cool air, the other a tingly shockwave of electric force. This drove the both of them wild, pleasure coursing every inch of their bodies.

Not wanting to lose, they both picked up the pace. Reading each other like books, they both know what the other liked. Moans, shouts, and collusive bucks dominated the room, spawned from a desire to make the other happy.

The fast-paced licking came to a head, both mares unable to hold out any longer. Sweet juices poured out of both their marehoods, right into the mouth of their awaiting partners.

Rose and Colgate quickly lapped up as much juice as they could lick. Colgate spun her partner around and quickly locked lips with her, taking her breath away in another passion-driven kiss.

Both mares shared a cocktail of the finest quality, half rose petal, half minty-fresh. Both agreed this was the best blend of flavours ever.

Rose rolled off Colgate, needing to catch her breath. “Colgate, that was amazing.”

Colgate used a forehoof to fiddle with her partner’s mane. “Remind me to thank Daisy for giving you such wonderful advice. I have never felt so alive.”

“That reminds me. I got one last treat from Daisy to show you.” Rose fumbled off the bed, half-falling onto the floor, her legs a little lacking in the energy department.

Colgate laughed as Rose fell flat on the floor. “Oh, laugh it up, fuzz ball. Once I get my little surprise, you won’t be so chipper.”

Rose fumbled around in her saddle bag for a moment, looking for the item she desired. Colgate watched on with great interest. She would finally be able to see what this surprise was.

Rose brought her head back out of the saddle bag. In her forehoof was a small bottle of clear liquid, and in her mouth, a long rubbery looking thing, with what Colgate made out to be stallion parts on either end.

“Oh, no!” Colgate gulped, starting to sweat from the sneaky grin Rose’s muzzle.

“Oh, yes!” Rose replied, unscrewing the lid on the bottle and pouring some of the contents onto the double sided dildo.

Rose used the remaining contents of the lube to pour some on both her and Colgate’s marehood. Colgate looked both worried and excited at the same time, but she had to ask. “Why do we need lube? We already wet enough.”

Rose smiled, throwing the bottle onto the floor and getting her prized toy ready for insertion. “Just shut up and trust me. Daisy said this would send both of us to the far side of the moon and back.”

Colgate had to admit, Daisy hadn’t been wrong so far. She accepted her fate and prepared for the inevitable pleasure to hit her again, for the third time tonight. She opened her hindlegs wide, and waited for Rose to become one with her.

Rose slowly slid the dildo into her partner, giving Colgate a deep kiss and tongue wrestle while she slowly did her job. Colgate moaned into her mouth, pleasure streaming her whole body again, but in a different way. Colgate didn’t know there were so many forms of pleasure she could feel, and in one night.

Rose broke the kiss, moving her body into a comfortable position, in preparation to scissor Colgate with the dildo. She sat on the opposite side of the bed to Colgate and moved her marehood close to her partner’s. Rose slowly inserted the other end of the dildo into her own hole, pleasuring herself as she did so.

“Colgate. Daisy told me we have to do this in time to make it work properly,” Rose instructed, moving herself ever closer to Colgate.

“I will give Daisy one thing. She gives very detailed instructions,” Colgate said, giggling a little.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Rose deadpanned.

Rose finally got into position. She gave Colgate a smile, winking her eyes a little. “Ready?”

“As I will ever be,” she answered.

They both started to move their thighs in time, sliding in and out slowly. Each time they drew in, their lips and clits would meet in a joyful and pleasurable union. The extra application of the lube on the toy and in their nethers made the thrusting easy.

Rose moaned, slowly picking up the pace. Colgate matched her speed, her own roaring moans indicating that more speed was needed. “Yes! Yes! Buck me, Colgate! Oh Celestia, buck me!” Rose cried out, bucking her hips faster.

They were bucking each other with the ferocity of hungry animals, banging their hips together and digging the dildo into the deepest part of their recesses. Rose used her forehooves to grab the end of the bed, giving herself a stronger grip, while Colgate did the same on her end. “I don’t care who is dominating, just give it to me!” Colgate yelled, followed by another loud moan.

Rose let her tongue hang out, the continued pumping between her thighs driving her insane. The pressure inside her marehood starting to build, making any logic fly out the door. Right now, right here is all she cared for, the mare in front of her the one and only dominating thought.

Colgate was in a similar boat. Her mind was turning into mush, but for the thought of the mare right in front of her, bucking her into another dimension. Colgate felt like she was floating on thin air, nothing underneath to support her.

Both ponies never before being this pleasured, or feeling this in tune with another pony. The rhythm between them was flawless, in perfect sync. Their heart beats, movements, passion, and, most of all, love in sync.

Coming full circle from when the pounding of their marehoods began, both Rose and Colgate moaned into the air, spits of juice started to flow out of them. Rose, with what last bit of control she still had, rammed her hips into Colgate’s, jamming both of them together.

Rose held firm as the pressure inside both of them built to its climax. The mixed juices burst out, showering the bed and two partners in a shower of sweet juice. The ecstasy of their shared climax was so intense, they convulsed and bucked into each other. High-pitched moans and spasm movements were all that happened for the next minute as they both rode out the sensation.


Colgate was first to come to nearly ten minutes later. She slowly lifted her head up, trying to recall the last thing that happened before blacking out. She saw Rose on the other side of the bed. She was still out cold, and something long coming out of her marehood. Colgate lifted head to follow the trail and saw it went straight into her own pleasure center.

It took Colgate a moment to compute all this information, but she finally did, remembering the night of passion they just shared. “Rose? Hey, Rose,” Colgate called, using a hindhoof to tap Rose.

No response.

Colgate got a cheeky idea, grinning at just the thought of it. Using what energy she had left, she backed up her thigh a little and rammed the dildo back up Rose’s marehood… fast.

The sensation shot Rose awake, making her scream in fright. “Colgate! What was that for?!”

Colgate laughed, not caring how silly she looked, or how much she knew Rose would get her back. “Come on, Rose, you so would of done the same thing.”

Rose couldn’t argue that point, joining in the laughter. Both sat there, just enjoying the others company, the feeling of peace and security filled the room.

“Well, not sure about you, but I’m tired,” Rose said, slowly withdrawing the dildo out of both of them. “We should get some sleep.”

Rose turned around and made for the front side of the bed to rest her head on a pillow, only to be tackled form behind and swept into a passionate kiss.

Rose was a little stunned, but was not about to complain about another kiss from Colgate. The kiss was long and full of something Rose had not felt before. This kiss seemed different to any other she had received from her partner. The way she kissed was not different, but something else was--Rose just couldn’t put her hoof on it.

Colgate broke the embrace, thankfully smiling at Rose. “Thank you so much.”

“It’s no big…” Rose started to say, but was halted by Colgate gently putting a hoof on her mouth to silence her.

“It is a big deal. Nopony has ever loved me like that before, or made me feel more wanted before.” Colgate put her head on the pillow opposite and motioned for Rose to join her. Rose did so with no objection. She embraced Rose under the sheets, bringing her close to enjoy the companionship. “I wish every night could be this perfect.” Colgate pecked Rose on the lips before she started to fall asleep.

“Me to,” Rose agreed, running a free hoof through Colgate’s mane.

Strange Feelings

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Stress Relief Chapter 3 – Strange Feelings

When life throws you a good card, do you take it or think it is to good to be true?


Bon Bon looked around the marketplace. The mint-green mare who was by her side a second ago had simply vanished. The marketplace was abuzz with every colour of ponies, who were enjoying the sunny day for shopping and socializing.

“Lyra?” Bon Bon trotted through the market square, calling for her partner and lover. “Lyra!”

A rustling bush caught her attention. She stepped closer to inspect it, her curiosity wiping out any reasoning. The bush rustled again before a pair of forehooves came out and dragged her in.


Lyra stuck a forehoof into her mouth. “Ssshhh! Be quite, Bon Bon.”

Bon Bon pulled the unwanted forehoof out of her mouth. “Lyra! Just what are…”

The same offending hoof was shoved back into her mouth in an effort to keep the volume down. “Don’t you know the meaning of shush?”

Bon Bon’s only response was a distorted mumble. She tried to pull the hoof out, but was no match for a clearly more determined Lyra, who was busy staring out of the bush at something. “I’m trying to hide from her.”

Now free of the hoof in her mouth, Bon Bon could sate her curiosity at last. “Just what are you…”

“We,” Lyra interrupted.

Bon Bon let out an exhausted sigh before correcting herself. “What are ‘we’ doing in this bush? And who are you spying on?”

Lyra grabbed Bon Bon around the neck and dragged her head forward so they were cheek-to-cheek. Both were looking at a mare out in the market place. “Colgate. I know her and Rose are an item. I intend to prove it,” Lyra said, giving her lover a smirk.

Bon Bon freed herself from her lover’s grasp. She got up and dusted herself off a little, getting ready to trot out of the bush. “Fine! Just leave me out of whatever crazy ideas you have planned this time.”

Lyra didn’t take her eyes of the pony she was spying on. Her smile grew as large as her mouth would allow it. “Two weeks’ worth of chores says I’m right!”

Bon Bon quickly returned to her old position next to Lyra, slowly crawling back beside her. “Oh, you got a deal,” she said, pulling her flank back a little. Lyra did the same with her flank, bumping their cutie marks together to seal the deal.

“Good! Now follow my lead, and play along.” Lyra subtly made her way out of the bush, followed by Bon Bon, who couldn’t help but snicker a little. Both made their way towards Colgate, who was shopping at the celery stand.

Colgate was just about to put her bits on the counter for the ten sticks of celery she was buying when she heard a voice call her name from behind. She turned to see a happy Bon Bon and Lyra coming towards her. “Hey guys! How are you two today?”

“We’re wonderful thanks, Colgate,” Bon Bon said.

Colgate quickly turned and put the bits on the counter with her magic while she used her forehooves to swipe up her celery. “What brings you two out here on a Saturday? Lyra leading you on another one of her silly ideas again?”

Bon Bon dawned a smug smile, giving her lover a seductive look. “You could say that.”

“What?!” Lyra protested. “My intentions are purely innocent… this time, I assure you.”

Bon Bon sat down on her flank and folded her forehooves, giving Lyra ‘that’ look. Lyra began to sweat. She looked every which way, except for directly at Bon Bon.

Letting a large gulp down her throat, she finally worked up enough courage to address her not impressed lover. “Bon Bon, whatever… are you talking about?”

Colgate couldn’t take it anymore, rolling on the grass road with laughter. “You two are hilarious.” She continued to laugh a little more as all attention was now drawn to her. “Lyra, you will have to be extra nice if you wish to have any fun tonight.”

Lyra took this as the chance she had been waiting for, giving Bon Bon a knowing nod. She quickly trotted up beside a still laughing Colgate and put a hoof around her shoulder. “You’re one to talk, Colgate. I bet you have your own fun planned tonight. That means you have to be extra nice to Rose, right?”

Colgate was still a little lost in her laughter. “You’re kidding! I plan on making her scream…” Colgate quickly stopped laughing and shoved her forehooves in her mouth faster than a Sonic Rainboom.

“Sweet! Two weeks of no chores!” Lyra shouted, jumping up and down on the spot.

A defeated Bon Bon dropped her head in shame, “… Wonderful.”

“Just what are you two doing?” Colgate asked, rather annoyed at the sudden turn of events.

Lyra settled down and took a seat next to Colgate. “Oh, nothing really. I just had a little wager with Bon Bon that you and Rose were an item. And, I’m happy to announce I get the next two weeks free of chores.”

“Wait! Me and Rose, an item?” Colgate’s face was blushing rose-red and she started to sweat.

“Well, duh. Who do you think you’re kidding?” Lyra asked.

Bon Bon closed in from her right. Lyra was right next to her with a hoof around her shoulder. Colgate was barely able to form a sentence; panic had set in with the truth about her secret relationship becoming not so secret. “No… um. I mean… Rose? I’m not doing anything with… Rose.”

Lyra got all excited, clopping her forehooves together. “I knew it, I knew it!”

“I, ah… I meant… that… I was going to make her some cream… Yeah! Make her some cream for the cake she is baking later this afternoon.” Colgate put on her best smile and giggled a little.

Bon Bon and Lyra gave each other knowing looks before giving Colgate evil grins. “Not buying it!” they both said.

“But I… um… I mean.”

“Come on, Colgate. Why don’t we shout you some lunch, and you can tell us all about it?” Bon Bon gave Colgate a genuine smile to help ease over her proposal.

Colgate slowly gazed down into the grass. Her face couldn’t be any redder. She mumbled something quietly enough that nopony else could hear it.

Bon Bon giggled at Colgate’s embarrassment. She put a hoof around her neck and used her other forehoof to lift her face up. “What’s there to be embarrassed about? You don’t see me and Lyra ashamed of being in love, do you?”

Colgate sniffled a little, wiping away some tears with a hoof. “Well… no.”

“See!” Lyra yelled, scaring Colgate and Bon Bon as she interrupted.

Bon Bon rolled her eyes. “Lyra, honestly.” She turned her attention back to the embarrassed lover. “Despite Lyra’s over-the-top-antics, you can see we are in love, and would not have it any other way.”

Colgate took a moment to think about the proposal. She was still nervous, and couldn’t look Bon Bon in the eyes.

“Bon, you don’t have put it that way. I’m not always so over-the-top.”

Bon Bon giggled. “Yes you are.” Lyra went to protest, but was cut off when Bon Bon propped her chest out and spoke up. “Don’t say you don’t, Lyra. Because if you insist on changing the Lyra I love, there will be some harsh words to be had.”

Lyra smiled as she made her way to her lover’s side and gave her a huge hug. Bon Bon let go of Colgate to return the affection, snuggling her and rubbing their noses together.

A little whisper broke the moment. “Sorry. What was that Colgate?” Bon Bon asked.

“I said… why not.”

“Why not? Colgate, why not what?”

Colgate finally was able to look Bon Bon in the eye, though she kept drawing circles in the grass with a forehoof. “Why not go to lunch with you?”

Lyra and Bon Bon smiled as they turned and motioned for Colgate to follow them.


“Daisy, Rose, I’m back!” a voice from outside the flower shop called.

Lily trotted in the front door of the flower shop. She was carrying loads of luggage and was very tired. That did not stop a flash of red and cream from spear-tackling her to the floor, sending all those bags flying across the flower shop.

“Lily! It’s so wonderful to see you. You’re a week late you know.”

Lily was a little shocked. Her friend was sitting on top of her and being all hyperactive like she had not seen her in years. “Rose, it’s okay, you can settle down. I was only a week late.”

“But two weeks has been way too long, Lily.” Rose was acting like a little over-excited filly, huge smile and all.

“Okay, okay! It’s good to see…” Rose gave Lily such a strong hug it was choking her. Lily tapped Rose on the back, trying her best to grasp for some air.

Rose quickly let her vice grip loose. “Sorry, Lily!”

Lily was left gasping for some life-giving oxygen, happy to fill her lungs with the precious gas. “It’s quite fine, Rose.” Lily was finally able to stand up with some help from Rose and dust herself off. “But tell me. What has gotten you so excited?”

Rose tilted her head slightly, looking confused. “What do you mean? Can’t I just be happy my good friend is finally home?”

Daisy poked her head in through the door that leads to the green house to see what all the ruckus was about. She giggled, seeing the mess of bags on the floor, and her two friends having a funny argument. “Was wondering what all the noise was. Should have known it would mean you’re home, Lily. You always make quite a scene.”

“And why wouldn’t I?” Lily followed her comment with a raspberry directed at Daisy, who simply rolled her eyes in response.

“Some things will never change.”

Daisy started to pick up some of the bags. “Come on, Lily. I’ll help you unpack this stuff out the back. Rose, you got the shop?”

“Yup,” Rose replied, a hop, skip, and a jump in her step as she made her way behind the counter, rubbing Lily’s mane along the way.

Lily and Daisy picked up all the bags and made their way out the door to the greenhouse. “What’s with her?” Lily asked.

Daisy looked a little confused. “What do you mean?”

“Rose, she is a lot more… how do I say this? Excited! Less gloomy than normal. Just what happened while I was out of town for two weeks?”

Daisy’s face went all smug, her cheeky attitude returning. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Finally making it into the shop’s kitchen near the greenhouse, Lily and Daisy unloaded all the bags onto the floor in the corner of the room.

“Try me!”

Daisy trotted over to the kettle sitting on the bench and flipped the switch to start it boiling. “Trust me, Lily. This one you won’t see coming.”

“How many guesses?”

“Hmm, how about we make it three this time? Sound good?”

Lily pondered the offer for a few seconds. “Yeah, okay! I will get this in three guesses. I know her as well as you do after all.”

“Not this you won’t!” Daisy giggled, almost dropping the mugs she just got from the cupboard, the kettle whistled the offending noise that startled her.

“Careful, clumsy. I don’t want my favourite mug smashed.”

Daisy poked her tongue out like a little filly in response. “Just start guessing already!”

Lily took a seat at the table, putting her forehooves on the table to think a little, constantly tapping away. “She won a great prize?”

Daisy laughed. “You could say you’re partly right with that guess. But, no!”

Lily stroked her chin with a forehoof, deep in thought. Daisy watched on as she poured two cups of mint lavender tea. “You will never get it,” Daisy teased in a singsong tone.

Lily’s expression went from concentration to determination in the blink of an eye. She jumped out of her chair and quickly moved in on Daisy, stopping just a hoof length from her face. “That a challenge?”

“Yup!” Daisy stood tall and proud.

“Sunday’s shift says I can get it in two more guesses!”

Daisy raised a forehoof in the air and offered it to Lily. “You’re on!”

Lily did the same, giving her competitive friend a high hoof. “Accepted! Prepare to eat those words!”

Daisy took her tea, as did Lily. Both making for the table, and a comfy seat while the challenge continud. “Okay then, she made a new, popular line of perfume?”

Daisy giggled. “Nope. One more guess.”

“Well, that can only leave one thing. Hope you like working the Sunday shift this week. She got herself a good looking stallion?”

The smug look on Daisy’s face said it all. She had another sip of her tea while Lily was left confused. “Okay, I give. Just what is it then? Tell me!” she begged.

Daisy started to explain a little when a shout from the shop caught their attention. “Girls, little help please!” Rose called out.

“We better go help her,” Daisy said. She quickly gulped down the last of her tea and started making for the door.

Lily followed suite, hastily trying to finish her tea while protesting. “Hey, Daisy. Come on, you can’t leave without telling me!”

Daisy purposely ignored Lily’s demands, countering with one of her own. “Hurry up, Lily. Rose needs our help, so move it girl!” She quickly trotted out the door before Lily had any more time to object.


It had been a quiet day in the flower shop, until a sudden surge of customers suddenly appeared. Rose was struggling to handle the numbers by herself, so called out to her friends and co-workers for a little help.

“Rose, how much are the daffodils, please?”

“Where do you keep the perfumes?”

“Rose, could I get a few extra seeds on my order?”

Customers were all demanding Rose’s attention and it was a little more then she could handle at once. “Hold on everypony, my friends are on their way. We can get to all your questions in just a minute.”

Daisy trotted into the store, quickly followed by Lily, who was still putting on her apron. “We’re here, Rose. Where do you want us to start?”

Rose was talking with Carrot Top over her order, and pointed to the line behind the counter. Rose tried her best to sort Carrot Top out while Daisy manned the counter. Lily made her way to a few customers in the isles who had questions on their products.

The commotion in the shop quickly begun to die down, the girls once again working their magic as a team, proving they could be just as good as any well-oiled machine. Rose finally finished up with Carrot Top, seeing the happy customer finally leave the store with her purchase. She was just about to head behind the counter to help daisy file through the customers faster when a special blue customer trotted in the door.

“Colgate!” Rose happily called out.

“Hey, Rose. How has your…” Colgate was cut off from a crash tackle by Rose.

“What are you doing here silly?” Rose asked, happy and puzzled at the same time to see Colgate.

“Came to see you about tonight. Mind helping me up first?”

Daisy finished off the last of the customers as Lily joined her behind the counter. They watched as Rose helped Colgate up, both of them laughing and having a good time while they were at it. “Isn’t that Colgate?” Lily asked.


“Rose seems really happy to see her. It’s almost as if something is going on between those two.”

Daisy turned to Lily, a smirk on her face. “No, really?” Lily asked.


Lily looked at Rose and Colgate, then back to Daisy, before going back to Rose and Colgate again, her mouth agape the whole time. “I’m not sure on the whole love thing; Rose has been rather vague about it. But I know she has definitely been happy lately. I mean, I would be if I got to bang a cute unicorn like that.”

Lily was simply stunned, her face saying it all. “Well, I must say I certainly wouldn’t have seen that one coming.”

Daisy nodded in agreement. “Makes two of us. Why do you think I made that bet with you?”

“Least our Rose is happy now. I can’t remember the last time I saw her like this.”

“Come on, let’s go meet her then,” Daisy said, taking her apron and proceeding towards Rose and Colgate. Lily threw her apron off and quickly caught up to Daisy.

“Wait, wait, wait! You’re organising tonight?” Rose asked.

Colgate smiled, not hiding anything of her sinister plan. “Yup! After you got me good a while ago I say it time for some revenge.”

Rose looked puzzled. “Revenge?”

“Ever since you got some advice from your friend Daisy, you have been dominating and doing most of the planning every Saturday since. Now, it’s my turn.”

“Would you say it was good advice?” Daisy asked, sending shivers up both Colgate’s and Rose’s spines. Daisy and Lily were now on either side of Rose, both waiting for Colgate to give her answer.

“Ah… hey guys… what are you two… doing here?” Rose managed to ask in between mumbling and losing her ability to speak.

“We came to meet your new friend, Rose,” Lily said, poking Rose seductively in the side.

“Yeah, so how was my advice?” Daisy asked, closing in on Rose for an answer.

Rose started to blush and sweat. She began to mumble and answer when Colgate did for her. “It was wonderful advice. Thanks, Daisy. We had loads of fun. Right, Rose?” Colgate now joined Lily and Daisy in closing in on Rose, waiting for her to answer.

Rose was blown away. ‘Since when does she have that much confidence? And since when is she so open about us having fun in bed?’

To everypony else Rose was lost to the world; unresponsive to any question, comment, and even a touch on the shoulder.

“She okay?” Colgate asked.

“This is not normally like her. She is not normally so easily… broken,” Lily said, waving a hoof in front of Rose’s face.

“I know what might snap her out of it,” Colgate seductively offered. She pulled out a breath mint and tossed it in her mouth.

Seeing the mint snapped Rose out of her little daydream. “Colgate, what are you doing?”

Colgate began to chew, letting magic seep into her mouth as she built up the fresh breath spell. She gave Rose a seductive look and a wink of her eye. Rose slowly backed away. “Colgate… what are you doing, and in front of my friends?”

“Rose, got yourself a fine mare there, don’t you?” Daisy asked, prodding her friend seductively in the side of the hips.

Rose continued to slowly trot back, Colgate matching her step-for-step. “Come on, Colgate. Not here. Not now,” she whispered.

Rose slowly kept backing up until she had no more space to move, bumping into the counter. Colgate took every step in sexy stride, swishing her tail and giving her eyes several seductive winks towards Rose.

Daisy and Lily could hardly believe what was going on in front of their eyes. “This isn’t the Rose I remember leaving here two weeks ago. What did you do to her?” Lily asked.

“Would you believe, nothing,” Daisy said, too focused on the show in front of her.

Rose had little choice left, she took a big gulp and resigned herself to her delightful and embarrassing fate.

Daisy and Lily watched on as Colgate grabbed Rose roughly around the neck with a forehoof and dragged the embarrassed mare towards herself. Rose was lifted slightly off the ground as she went flying towards Colgate. Their lips slammed together as Colgate seduced her partner in a passionate and long kiss.

Rose lost all control of her body, her limbs flopping to the floor. Her eyes were entranced as Colgate kissed her like never before. She wrapped both forehooves around Rose tightly. She let her tongue explore the inside of Rose’s mouth along with the alluring, fresh breath. This drove Rose crazy, her body starting to shake from pure entrancement.

After only thirty seconds of what Daisy and Lily could describe as pure love, Colgate and Rose shot up, the effects of the cool fresh breath filling both their bodies.

Rose fell to the floor, completely spent, much like she had done a hard day’s work. She was breathing heavy and looking around, trying to get her senses back. Colgate simply stood there and looked into her sparkling green eyes.

“Wow!” Daisy said, all attention in the room now on her.

Lily was lost for words, unable to even tell if this was reality or a dream. She slapped herself across the face to make sure this was not some kind of weird dream she was having.

Rose looked to her friends, their stunned expressions saying everything. She looked back to her partner, smiling and simply inviting her for some more. “Damn it, Colgate!” she yelled, before quickly jumping up and connecting her muzzle with Colgate’s again for another kiss.

For another awe-inspiring minute, Rose’s friends watched on as she kissed Colgate with all the passion and love they had ever seen, filling the room with such drive Lily and Daisy looked at each other in a seductive way for a second before coming to their senses.

“At least that answers the question of what made her so happy while I was gone,” Lily said, watching on as they broke from each other’s embrace.

Colgate let Rose drop to the ground, releasing her from her loving embrace. She cheekily turned around and swished her tail in Rose’s face. “Meet me at Shotty’s tonight at seven, okay?”

Rose did her best to nod. It was good enough for Colgate who took that as her cue to leave the shop, teasing rose a little with her tail on the way out.

Lily and Daisy waited for Colgate to fully leave the store before rushing to their friend’s side. “Rose! Rose, you okay, girl?” Lily asked. She picked up Rose in her forehooves and shook her a little; in an attempt to snap Rose back to reality.

“Sure am,” Rose replied, sitting right on cloud nine.

Daisy marched up to look Rose in the eyes. “Okay girl, start explaining, we want answers.”

“Yes, we want an explanation,” Lily said, joining Daisy in ramping up pressure on their friend.

Rose struggled for a moment, unable to form any words at all. Worry covered her face, and her nervous, fiddling forehooves didn’t help either.

“Well?” her friends both asked.

“I’m not sure how to explain this feeling. I never felt like this before… for anypony. It’s like I can’t get by without her. I want her… no, I need her… Oh! I don’t know anymore.” Rose started to cry, confused beyond belief.

Lily and Daisy gave each other comforting smiles, followed by an affirmative nod. Lily sat down next to Rose and picked her up to look at them both. Daisy put a forehoof around her neck to comfort her. “Rose, you’re in love,” Lily said.

Rose was shocked, was she falling for another mare? Her head was running a million scenarios with different outcomes. She was unable to comprehend the situation. “I am?”