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Seriously, folks, just because you're in a giant metal tube and have nothing else to do doesn't mean you have to go for a crush. Don't believe me, ask Spoiled Rich and Stellar Flare - Equestria knows their chat in the clouds will soon be the stuff of blush-around-the-dinner-table legend.

Winning Entry for the Travel Contest on Quill and Sofas Speedwriting. Thanks to Atom Smash, Ashely Noble, and Equus for pre-reading/reviewing!

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Misleading tags. No romance until it was dropped at the end. I thought it was a wholesome fic about them being friends, instead, it's spontaneous lesbian romance out of nowhere. And she's in love after a misunderstanding for getting butterflies? I would thumbs down this if I could.

Enjoyable random slice of life. Needs a silly polyamorous sequel!

It had felt like forever and a half since Posey Shy had seen the polished floors and pony-stuffed halls of this airship station, but all that filled her mind was joy. She could already feel the kinks in her neck fading away, the stress of her home life like dust broomed away by the wind.

Posey Shy would make SOOOO much sense!

That's not at all how I read it. I think there's two key points that you're missing
A) In this setting, Stellar Flare and Spoiled Rich are long time acquaintances, rivals, and frenemies that know each other very well and have for years and years. They have a deep mutual respect for one another and an established relationship from before the story starts.
B) It's only Spoiled Rich who isn't understanding. Stellar is aggressively flirting with her from start to end and it's very, very on purpose, clearly premeditated long in advance. The story literally starts with Stellar telling Posey Shy "See that mare? Imma peg her" in not so many words.

The romance does not come out of the blue at the very end, it's the whole story. This story is a scene where Stellar Flare is hitting on her oblivious and dense friend/rival. Their whole conversation is various sexual innuendoes, it's not a misunderstanding, Stellar Flare is doing it very on purpose and the joke is that it all goes right over Spoiled Rich's head, she doesn't get it. At the end Posey Shy spells it out to Spoiled Rich and she finally catches on to what Stellar was doing, and her reaction is flustered but positive - she's flattered, embarrassed, and interested. She has a long-held high opinion of Stellar Flare and accepts her advances.

Read it again keeping in mind that Stellar Flare approached her specifically to hit on her. It's clearly romance from start to finish.

It's not tagged as such, that's the issue. It's rated E, which is incorrect. Romance and Sex tag, plus M rated are needed. I'm not into sane sex innuendo or shipping. This was clearly mislabeled.

It's also unrealistic she just suddenly gets lesbo for a longtine acquaintance or rival, residual especially when she states in the story she wants Filthy Rich to come out and join her. This was a misleading story from the start.

Okay so - the whole thing is based off a Fraiser skit where he's completely oblivious to how he's presenting himself to a gay coworker, one that he has no romantic interest in whatsoever. That's where the comedy is in - the romantic feelings are completely one-sided, and it takes Posey Shy to spill it to the stuck-up Spoiled.

Repeating again. Spoiled. Is not. In love. With Stellar.

And that it's misleading is the point, I'm trying to be coy about how blind Spoiled is to Stellar's flirtations.

Yeah, you've pretty much gleamed their headspace there. Still though, the 'romance', such as it were, is very much one sided, and the comedy is that it takes the meekest Element of Harmony's mother to make that blunt to Spoiled.

Judging from that story pic, Spoiled has quite a bit of junk in the trunk. :trollestia:

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