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Sometimes you lose yourself in your own narcissism. That's when you find out you might be the bad guy.


Pinkie Pie loves cakes. She loves baking cakes for all the colts and fillies of Ponyville. But there is one mare in Ponyville who is completely against good taste and actual cakes.

That mare is Diamond Tiara's mom, Spoiled Rich. And yesterday was Tiara's birthday.

So what if Pinkie made an edible cake. She was not a pony who would be deterred from her beliefs.

This was a bakery.

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Aside from a few issues with grammar (which I don't really care about because it didn't distract me from the story), this sweet little fic was funny. It's refreshing to see Pinkie Pie, of all ponies, lose her cool and set that mare straight! Good job! :rainbowlaugh:


Thanks for that. I mean Pinkie Pie can lose her cool but it seems like people don't write her like that a lot which always felt weird to me. Will fix some of the editing goofs. I wrote this in about an hour because I was really on point.

Also, there are no such thing as people in Equestria. :twilightsmile:

Still, I liked the fic. :pinkiehappy:

Nice. Pinkie Pie felt on point as did Spoiled Rich (somehow, I still don't like that pony).

Been ...a while since I read some of your work and I certainly enjoyed this :twilightsmile:


Thanks, nice to see your comment. I don;t like Spoiled Rich either though it did make Diamond Tiara make a little more sense as a character. :heart:

Wait did someone say defcon pink RUN FOR THE HILLS *runs like heck*

Yeah, that cake didn't even sound good.

This was a fun read! The customer isn't always right, given that most live in their own echo chamber, and Pinkie had the stones to stand up for herself.

Pinkie destroyed her. Also, was not expecting Spoiled Rich to be a diet hipster AND a anti-vaxxer


I knew people who act like Spoiled Rich acted here. It's not common but it is a position that exists and it doesn't create fun conversations.

I feel you. Like, I don't care if you're vegan or whatever, just don't push it on me. Anti-vaxxers though.. ughhh

What are vaxxers?


Vaxxers are people that vaccinate their kids. Anti-vaxxers are people who tend to follow the ideas they have seen in media and the like that there's this conspiracy that vaccines cause autism or any number of things. Which I just could never support due to scientific research itself having a strong idea that vaccines protect people from disease and the antivaxxer movement is hurting herd immunity for everyone.

Its kind of a big medical mess that's kind of been gaining traction in the West. It's not a fun time.

Being worried about allergies is hardly in the same category as being an anti-vaxxer. My nephew gets a quite bad reaction from eating chocolate.

w Why did this chapter made me think about drake's song lifestyle?

But that changes when the kid isn't actually alergic, and still, she doesn't care what the doctors say.

Actually, people means "persons" and every being capable of self-awareness, rationalism and feeling is considered a person. So a pony is a person and a lot of ponies are people.

Some random trivia to make everyone happy.

This is the first time I've actually read a good political fic. Nice job!


Is parents making up imaginary allergies for their children something which often happens? Sorry if I seem a bit of a pest on this, but I have two nephews with severe food allergies, and two brothers with asthma problems, and the symptoms are pretty obvious: it's a slightly touchy subject for me. (BTW, it seems a bit out of character to me for Spoiled Rich to think of her child as sickly: I'd think she'd automatically assume any child of hers would be a quality child. :pinkiehappy: )

That conspiracy theory that vaccines cause Autism is bullshit

Just incase anyone is curious:
Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder, something that your born with, though no one knows what really causes it, but the condition is linked to genetics and can run in families. It's nothing to be ashamed off, whether your a parent with an autistic child or an autistic person yourself, it's part of who you are. Many famous people were autistic; Albert Einstein, Tim Burton, Temple Grandin. And look how far they've come!

How do I know all this?

I have Autism

Now that's a good way to put it and yeah I always thought the anti vaxxer idea of vaccines are bad cause they cause autism BS, if you go into the absolutely fun- note being very sarcastic here- documentaries that I felt like watching just so I could see how someone could ever believe that. I came out actually horrified in a way because some of the interviews I saw were like "my son was normal before the vaccine and now I can't deal with it cause my other kids are geniuses and totally awesome." Sure I'm paraphrasing things but I've always seen this kind of logic of fearing that outcome is more regressive than anything else. It's fearmongering and seems to me like well it'd cause harm because of lowering the herd immunity of all of us while also being really hurtful to people that have autism. I mean it's like antivaxxer parents are more scared of autism and how it'd be problematic for them or believing hype media instead of studies that show that the symptoms of autism tend to appear around the time kids start to get their shots.

Note not a person with autism, at least as far as I know since my mom never got me tested outside of an IQ test, and so I've never been tested but as an author who has cerebral palsy so the whole dealing with something that keeps you on the outside of 'normalcy' as defined by society does get to me. And for that reason, I also do not enjoy faith healing since my mom tried that once with me. I probably should be checked out for autism myself since I have been wondering about it myself and comorbidity of things can be an issue, and adults with undiagnosed autism are a thing. Sorry for the long tangent, but it was a nice comment to see someone who also thinks the whole thing is BS and also has real life experience with that. So thank you.

And all I wanted this story to start out with was a story about Pinkie and Spoiled Rich arguing over cakes.


See "Munchausen syndrome by Proxy" better understood by the medical community as factitious disorder imposed by another. It's super rare. But I took the idea from the introduction of Spoiled Rich where she pretty much tries to shape Diamond Tiara's worldview and she's manipulative and really terrible as a character especially one who has the role of caring for her daughter. I did overemphasize the level of badness on the part of Spoiled Rich. But the idea that the care that Spoiled gives her in canon by yelling at her from losing the school election and being really horrible to the ponies around her would seem to be that she controls her daughter's life if she was surprised at Diamond Tiara standing up to her.

Overall that idea that Spoiled Rich is super controlling enough to find reasons to say that her perfectly normal kid is sick- or berating her enough to start affecting her mental anguish would be an exaggeration. MSbP makes Spoiled Rich get positive social attention by taking care of a 'sick' kid. Just so happens that she's controlling her daughter's life enough that it might be possible.

If people you know have serious allergies, then they have serious allergies. This is a super rare thing. Parents are normally not this level of attention seeking that they'd rather be abusing their child for attention. At least I believe in humanity more than that.

I'm not sure, but well, human stupidity is infinite, and pony stupidity looks just the same (also in the story says that everyone loved the cake, so I guess that DT doesn't have allergies).
And I guess that type of parent seem their sons like some sort of very rare 1° edition comic. It's beautiful, but it isn't meant to do what other comic books do, because is too special and valuable to risk it.

anti-vaxxers cause polio. which is great because Franklin D. Roosevelt had polio and he was the best president ever. If you follow this line of thinking than its obvious that polio causes presidency. So better not vaccinate or you'll ruin your child's only chance at greatness.


Ha, that's actually great. Now that's antivaxxer logic I could get behind.

For some reason the phrase "handing out autism" made me laugh way too hard.

As someone who has had to deal with those kinds of narrow minded people who put more stock in a single BS article in the National Enquirer or a guy who pretends to be a doctor than in literally HUNDREDS of properly run scientific studies. If they literally just looked at the facts, then they'd know their arguments are bullshit.



I agree with you 100%

I have Aspergers and In full agree with your discussion on autism.


Everytime someone says that I feel like I did not mess the story up and look like an idiot in the comments so thanks cause I really worried about that for days before and after this story released.

Mess with me, no biggie. Mess with my cakes... NOW it's personal.

VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM!!! Seriously, WHY do people still believe that BS?! It sickens me to think that some people would prefer to have a dead child over an autistic one. I have Aspergers, so I've done a lot of research on the subject. And interesting fact: you know about the concept of Changelings (not the MLP kind, the fairy kind)?
Its suspected these 'changeling children'- who acted weird- where actually autistic! I AM A FREAKING ELF!!! AWESOME!!!

I've heard of MSbP! An episode of Deadly Women (a crime show about women who kill) featured a woman with that! Her name was Marybeth Tinning and she actually murdered eight of her nine children! She got away with it for so long because the doctors chalked it up to sudden infant death syndrome. One even wrote a paper on Tinning, citing her as proof that SIDS ran in families- even after some nurses came forward telling him they suspected Tinning was killing her kids (I'm actually disturbed by that more: killing your children is pure evil, but knowing someone is killing their children and ignoring it to write a paper to prove your theory right is just...). She finally got caught when she smothered her ninth child to death... Its scary how it was just ignored back then.

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