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Intrigued by the changeling hive-mind, Silverstream asks Ocellus to tell her more about it.

Ocellus shows her instead.

This story is my interpretation of the depicted cover image.

Artwork by JeweLLier
Derpibooru 2654480

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Ocellus you naughty girl

Just what I was thinking

Well, that's one reason to have your own room. :rainbowlaugh:

I have question— these three lines:

She was cut short.
'Let it happen'
But she was interrupted.

Is there a particular reason they're the only ones italicized and separate like that? Unless it's meant to be something really T-rated (IYKWIM), I feel like something is going over my head. :rainbowhuh:

Hey, thanks for your feedback!

I'm still fairly new to writing, and it felt right to me to describe it like that for some reason.
You know, like a little Morgan Freeman-moment for the interruptions from Silverstream.

The 'Let it happen' was a way for me to show how important that specific line was, in regards to how this picture can be interpreted... It's like a little milestone to me.

Probably broke some writing rules in the process, though.

Might change it later or I add it to my "style" or something to avoid rules, dunno :)

Thanks for pointing it out. I think it's great when people point out the little things!

the cover art makes me wish there was a story where ocellus turns evil and becomes hte next chrysalis

Write one! :D

i dont write nor do i know how

That's fine. I've been here for like a decade without even having an account.
Don't worry about it.

That's also what this story is about, giving back once you're ready. No need to hurry.

Kinky bug XDDDDD

takes the ocellus becoming the next chrysalis idea and steals it

So when's the follow up

this was intersting

I don’t feel like this is a clopfic. It definitely feels like if there was more it would be but there isn’t, it’s just kinda suggestive. I was also expecting mind control when I think of hive-mind but there was none.

Sorry if you expected something else.
Looks can be deceiving sometimes :)

Maybe another time...

Looking forward to reading it.

Maybe a failed reformation attempt.

Ocellus being tasked with her reformation only to be corrupted by the former queen in the process and realising that the old way had its merits...or something.

I haven't planned for one, yet.

If someone wants to write a sequel on these two or in another direction, with the other students for example, feel free to do so.

You have my blessing and you can take this story as the prequel if you want to. Might be fun to see a collage with different writers being born out of it.

I'll probably try to build further stories around other artwork I've seen around. Will see.

I was mainly joking but I appreciate the consideration

Check the rating again.


It feels there’s a section missing when silver stream mentions what’s going on in the hive hind.

That would be the M-part


You're right, there was potential to write it out in more detail.
It's hard not to overstep the boundaries of suggestive and end up in explicit.

Thanks for your feedback.

The way the hive-mind works is really clever in this

I kinda look at it like some p2p network with seeders and leechers.
You "download" faster with more seeders :)

on Ocullus' cheeks

let Ocullus in


I like the premise but I don't like how it was handled, I understand that it's hard to describe what a hive mind would be like but it feels like you hardly made an attempt because it's almost entirely left to implication not just the NSFW bits but everything about the hive mind.

shit, I've read the story x times but didn't see that.

fixed. Thank you for pointing it out. That's what happens when you don't have anyone to proofread.

And yes, the hive-mind wasn't really explained at all here, so that's on me.

Btw, you're the first to point out grammar mistakes in my stories, thank you for that

And that is how orgies were introduced to Equestria.

Silverstream also developed a crippling addiction, but that's a story to be told another time.

I would love to read that.

Well, that took a turn.... Still an interesting concept.

Can't wait to here about silverstreams future addiction,
Continue you intrigue me.

Ocellus couldn't help but make a scrunchy face in response to that interpretation. "You seemed to be the most open-minded here, so I thought you'd be a good fit. But I absolutely understand if you don-."

Well, being literally open-minded is very important for this.

They had the full attention of the hive-mind for the rest of that night, and the friendship bond between changelings and hippogriffs grew ten times, some say.
Silverstream also developed a crippling addiction, but that's a story to be told another time.

:twilightoops:: "And now I have absolutely no Idea whether I should approve or condemn this..."

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Glad you liked it.
Tried to find some middle ground for the community, if you know what I mean.

Beyond amazing omg

Glad you liked it.

a curious last line there

Finally, a story for this image graces my eyes. Wanted to write my own thing for this, never got to it, but I always thought it was a good candidate for a companion story. Gotta say this is a nice intro, and maybe we'll see more of this idea in the future?

Glad you like it!

I'm not planning for one at the moment, but maybe one day...
Feel free to continue this story if you're interested, though.

I feel writing a mediocre sequel can have a negative impact on prequels, which is why I'm a bit hesitant...
The artwork did most of the work for me here and it does not belong to me, so keep that in mind.


Oooo! This is good, will there be more? Is there already more??

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