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Hello everypony. Im a griffon who likes to write I guess...I really hopeI'll be welcome here! I write dark/NSFW stuff but also general stories as well! I hope you enjoy them!


This is a short little Silvellus story (Ocellus x Silverstream). I really love these two together and this was kinda just a random idea I had... It involves a headcanon I have about Changelings I suppose. Should be pretty easy to understand though.
Ocellus suddenly begins to hiss randomly at lunch, confusing her greatly. Since it's Spring break, she decides to ask King Thorax is he knows about what's going on.

The background changeling's name I used, "Lemony" is credited to DA user sketchmcreations. I think we should start giving background creatures names too...along with other new background ponies.

The ending of this is probably rushed and crappy, but it's sort of supposed to be left up in the air I guess. I've had writers block lately too, but I think this turned out ok. I really ship these two, haha.

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I liked it:pinkiesmile:. It did feel a little rushed at the end, but overall it was a nice read. I do have a criticism that's kind of a pet peeve of mine though. You really shouldn't say that your ending is probably rushed and crappy in the summary 'cause that tends to turn people off. If you want to mention something like that then it's best to put it in the author's note at the end. That way they've already read it:raritywink:.

Edit: I really ship them too:pinkiehappy:.

It sounds more like a start, rather than a full story.


This does not seem like a complete story.
We need to see her talk to Sliverstream afterwards.
It just doesn't feel complete without that.
We need another chapter or story to get that feeling.

Is there a sequal in the works?

The ending doesn’t feel “rushed and crappy” so much as just incomplete. I’d doesn’t really feel like an open ended conclusion either, more like the end of a setup or introduction to a longer story. It’s really good for what it is, but it’s still fundamentally incomplete.

Felt a little...unfinished. Which is OK if you make a sequel or add chapters!

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