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Hi. I suck at describing things. I also like to write about racing. A LOT of racing.


Cadance meets a very sleepy changeling. Knowing the changeling is in no state to really do anything, she decides to show it some love.

Some rather... cuddleful love~

Written in a few hours while running on two hours of sleep myself so if there are errors, there's your answer.

Thank you to Notowa for making the cover! I honestly didn't think I'd use any cover but yay.

For some reason featured on 5/3/2022... and also 5/4/2022

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Cute. Will there be more?

Slightly creepy.

Comment posted by ScarletSet deleted May 3rd

CONGRATULATIONS on using your horse words

noice job fren

If I end up as tired as I was last night, maybe.


If I had to take a couple of guesses:

  1. A lot of people are enjoying their projections of themselves onto Thorax (who I presume is the changeling in this story).
  2. Cuddles are popular among the general community (in my experience).

Warm happy buggos make me happy, thank you.

Comment posted by RandomCommentor deleted May 3rd

I'm giving love to the changeling by giving it to this story.

Awwww! Both myself and the changeling say thanks!

Cute, but also a bit creepy

Thorax to Shining Armor - OMW2CYB

Yeah, no lies, this is a bit creepy. Mostly cute, but Cadance just seems a bit too... Erm. Possessive? Flirty? Both? The way she speaks seems less "Mommy will watch over you, little one" and more "Buggo needs an adult". Cadance's character voice seemed sultry and kinda "thirsty". The whole thing just doesn't feel as innocent and wholesome as it seems to have been intended to be.

Put on my favorites, but I highly recommend looking over this yourself when you're well-rested and have some time.

Takes a huge breath

Yeahhh... It does seem that way, doesn't it? Now we know how I write characters when I'm tired. Great!

Even if I allowed myself to edit this story, I wouldn't. I kinda like it this way. For some reason.

Adorable , with a touch of "Chris Hansen pony is watching you!"

The ending line especially has a more possessive shade. The parts where she asks the changeling’s age and talks about “being submissive to one you know will love you” also sound pretty fishy.

I won’t lie, Cadance going yandere over a changeling is a rather interesting concept, just not in a “simple wholesome fluff one-shot” context.

Also, if this is set in canon Equestria, why does Cadance have a car?


I won’t lie, Cadance going yandere over a changeling is a rather interesting concept, just not in a “simple wholesome fluff one-shot” context.

For some reason I imagine yandere for a pony has a different context.





"Cadence... not this again. You can't just randomly grab things you come across for snuggling. Remember that what the fuck is that you brought back you found while schlepping back from dropping of that pink Elder God at the gates of smelly loud not ponies burg?"


"I have to pee..."

"... Dang it."

I’ll answer the bit about the car; Because I forgot to add the alternate universe tag. Even when I’m not tired, I have a habit of doing that.

That’s pretty understandable.

Cadance's tone of dialogue definitely doesn't match the tone you seemed to set out to create, as others have said, but it still manages to be mostly cute. Always happy to see more bug hug fics, anyway. :raritywink:

Yeeeep. Apparently that's just how I write when extraordinarily tired.

congratulations, Fennec. You really blew it out of the park with this one. Bravo!

FOR SOME REASON I did! Third place on my most liked stories! AND I WROTE IT ON TWO AND A HALF HOURS OF SLEEP TOPS!

sleep depravation is a powerful drug

"There will be soft blankets. And warm ones. And... me~"
"You? Well, obviously you'd be there. It's... your palace."
Cadance chuckled as Jetta let out another yawn. "What I mean is that... I could act as a blanket. For you."


Cadance couldn't help but grin as she watched every passing guard stare at her, wondering why she would ever let a changeling sleepily walk beside her.

Guards: "Yeah, how could she do that? I mean, doesn't she see how sleepy this poor guy is? Give him a rest and let him ride on your back."

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

This was also your inspiration for this story?

Thank you! And yes, me being stupid tired inspired me to write it.

And it is somehow my second best story.

Maybe I should start writing more when I'm stupid tired...

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