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I like this

Mix-up #2 · Sep 1st, 2022 · · 2 ·

Awesome I love subby Shining Armor and Princes Futa Cadence, great read keep it up

If I'm being honest, I have mixed feelings about this one but I'll admit that it is well written.

The best part was the hot adult communication.

That's fair. I knew it wasn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. Appreciate the honesty, regardless!

I will be publishing a few stories of my own soon, I would appreciate your feedback as well, if your willing

Plot twist: Shining is pregnant

This deserves more likes.

The matronly tone echoed through the throne room, snapping Shining Armor back to reality.

Oh, there goes gravity.

This was surprisingly deep and meaningful, not to mention hot and well written.

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