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Lamb Chop has come a long way to find her place, and even now, she feels like she doesn't quite fit. Her Griffonstone accent baffles Equestrian ponies from the first word, to say nothing of her name, or her nonchalance toward carnivores and their dietary requirements. She's been a herd of one since the call of her mark sent her here, and she's not sure when, if ever, that will change.

But that's okay, because until she has land and a flock of her own, there's no end to farmponies who need a sheep guardian. And for Lamb Chop, finally being in a country with charges able to speak back when she talks to them is a dream come true.

Unfortunately, sapience also comes with drawbacks. Being placed into a role of matchmaker for a smitten ewe had not been in the job description, but even if her role here in Ponyville is temporary, Lamb Chop will do anything to help her charges.

Alicorns have mercy on her.

A standalone entry in the Eventide Verse.
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Oh noes. Lamb, you sweet summer child...

This is looking to be very amusing indeed!

TCC56 #2 · Jan 4th, 2023 · · · I ·

"Somebaady," Lamb provided

Okay, yeah, sold. That's great.

Well, there’s no way that’ll end badly...

In which Lamb Chop does what she should have done in the first place :rainbowlaugh:
But I’m loving the little world-building and call-back from the first chapter. Hope there’s more in this world.

Sad to see the complete tag, but a fun ride!

new55 #6 · Feb 7th, 2023 · · · 2 ·

That was a really good story.

What would a sheep story be without a Shaun?

Outstanding work. Glad I finally got to it. This feels very Estee-esque in well-meaning insanity and traumatic experience coming together into incredible moments amid almost ordinary life. Thank you for it.

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