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The Ancestor

In time, you will know the tragic extent of my failings*. (“Failings” include but not limited to, murder, sacrificing people, necromancy, and awakening a giant eldritch god.)


Lyra decides to investigate the Everfree for any presense of humans. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

A finished fic, updates every day.

Something a tad different from what I usually write, hope you enjoy.

Featured 18/05/2022.

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I like this story so far!

Thanks! The first chapter is a tad short, and serves more like a setup. Expect bigger ones going forward!

You've got my interest in this story and looking forward to more.

A hell of a start, i'll be watching this one


This lullaby makes me laugh in any situations...This one was not an exception

" Yo'bany v rot! " The human emitted a high pitched scream, jumping to his feet and backpedalling from the small pony until he had his back to the wall. Lyra looked at the man in concern, noticing fear in his eyes.


This one got me!

This is quite the captivating tale...

I'll Be Watching...

-Ya Boi Satan

Lyra wallowed in the soft confines of her bed, not eager to face the bigger world just yet. Her snout was the only thing sticking out of the wool covers, an appetizing aroma tickling her nose. Taking a couple of sniifs and jogging her memory, Lyra was delighted to identify it as the smell of scrambled eggs. She'd never say no to free food, of course, but it was still a bot strange, she could've sworn it was her time to coock breakfast, not Bonnie's.

bit not bot, and cook not coock.

"Like one of those mirrors princess' use to eachother when they're far away?" Lyra asked in amazement.

space between each and other.

"This?" He raises his right hand a little, holding the divice. "It's a phone." Getting a questioning look from Lyra, he continues. "A device that allows to talk to people from afar, among other things." He says nonchalantly.


Yet dispite all that, Lyra found herself unable to stop reading. That is, until a loud slam broke her concentration, the book plmmeting to the mattress. Lyra huffed in annoyance, before leaving a bookmark on the page she was reading and going to meet the returned human.

despite, plummeting

The best use of swearing I've ever seen yet!

I do hope that Lyra and her human friend Oleg can hold out until the blizzard is done or until somepony can find.

Ah yes, hoodie! The best clothes to ever exist!

Let's go! We got wooden version of Blade Wolf :D

Hoodies are OP for when you're cold, but want to look presentable. Fun Fact: when my class went to Taganay during our first year in Uni, we had to walk 24 kilometers, 16 of them on a steep uphill trajectory, in one day, with the remaining 8 km downhill during the worst downpour I've seen in my life. I could see six, maybe seven meters in front of me, and I got thoroughly soaked, all the while carrying a tent and heavy camping bag on my back.

When I reached our camping ground, the only belongings of mine that weren't wet were electronics (since they were stored in, like, 10 plastic bags), documents.... and my hoodie. The rest had to dry for a good day. So I had to walk around the campsite in a hoodie and my underwear.

Fun times.

I thought of him as more of a DD from MGS 5, with a tad more intelligence than a normal dog, but Bladewolf's a cool dude too.

It'd be a tad cruel for me to just let them die. I wouldn't do something like that!:moustache:

probably... maybe.

It's a very soothing lullaby, as long as you don't pay much mind to the lyrics.

I remeber listening to the Huntress' version during a study session, and it was a very peaceful experience.

Thanks, glad it caught your attention!:twilightsmile:

He decided that this is the TIME TO LEAVE THEM ALL BEHIIIND! (Timberwolfes I mean)

This is starting to get interesting, good story.:yay:

This updated literally just as I finished the previous chapter.

I went to track it and suddenly there was a new chapter, amazing timing.

As for the story itself, it's great. Not too long and bittersweet. The ending went maybe a bit fast, but it was a great ending nonetheless.

Thank you, I was a tad busy today so the chapter went up later than expected.

What a great timing indeed!

Glad you liked the story! For something that started as a side-project meant to clear my head, it turned out surprisingly well!

DD is my new favorite character :)

There is a few typos in this chapter

To be honest, your last chapter left Oleg's fate open-ended. He believed he was dying, but the story never said he actually died. The epilogue makes it clear that he just passed out. Personally, I appreciate the clarification.

Speaking for myself, I prefer a happy ending, even if (perhaps especially if) we have to struggle to earn it. There's enough tragedy in the world that there's no need to invent more.

Favorite added.

Guess the ending was a bit more sweet than bitter.:raritywink:
In hindsight, the chapter's title should have been a dead giveaway.

I'll keep an eye on you, in case you do decide to make that sequel.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for happy endings. :twilightsheepish:

As for a sequel...

'Foals of Liberty' is my priority right now, but if an idea pops into my head, I'll post it.

No pain, no gain, am I right?

Glad you liked the story!

A melodic humming reverberated off the walls of the hospital ward as Lyra sat on a soft chair beside the bed, her hoof on the patient's right hand. She hummed a familiar tune, waiting patiently for him to wake up. " He sill wake up. " She kept telling herself. " There's no way he won't. " She looked at the timberwolf curled up beside her seat. " He has to. "

He will wake up*

Le epic story, really! One of the best I've ever read!

"Sorry for being late and shit to the final chapter of this story, but it ends on a good note..."
Coming Back,
-Ya Boi Satan

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