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This story is a sequel to Absense of Chaos

Empress Twilight Sparkle abdicates.

19/02/2022 Featured! I'm so happy!

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Though the word rings familiar to my ESL ears, in English we write it as "Parliament."

The usage of whale oil is an interesting touch, I'm reminded a bit of 'Dishonored,' though of course there it's a stand-in for electricity not an amplifier of magic. I like most of what I'm seeing so far, the only thing that I found a bit unpalatable was the idea that the government would just shrug and carry on. Considering Twilight herself wants a smooth transition of power, I'd find it far more natural if she announced that she's stepping back from politics. But this is really just a nitpick in the grand scale of things.

I'm not entirely sure what happens in the chapter's ending, but I suppose that's what suspense is all about. Did Twilight forcefully bring Discord back from the other side? The "binding an immortal" part implies this, however, even if this is the case, I'm not entirely sure what her end goal is. Does she hope that by binding Discord here, the magic won't disappear from this part of the world? Something obvious might be flying over my head. That's my guess anyway, but feel free to not answer in case the next chapter will answer this.

Looking forward to the next part :twilightsmile:

That was perhaps the fastest comment I've ever recieved! I was very happy to have recieved it, because I looked forward to it while writing this story.

Would you believe me if I told you that this fic, as well as its pretecessor were inspired by Dishonored?

Fun fact, in that series whale oil had to be distilled to be actually useful, ordinary whale was only good for burning stuff, that's all.

I do plan on elaborating what Twilight did to Discord in a future fic, but I'll say that you've got pretty close to what I intended it to be. I'll tell this much about our chaotic friend: "The patient is more alive than dead.":twilightsmile:

Huh? I think I only caught some of that. 😳

Both of these stories have been nothing but incomprehensible mumbo jumbo. I think this is a very Lavender Unicorn Syndrome way of explaining how G5 came to be.

Don't quote me on that though.

Believe it or not I didn't intend this to be a "prequel" to G5, just an AU I came up with to base some of my future stories on.

Kinda tried to write something without any dialog, and name-dropping, so I see how it can come off as mumbo-jumbo.

Thank you for your opinion!

I'm guessing Twilight sacrificed herself to create a new ruler for Equestria?

Let the Lord of Chaos Rule.

Close, but not 100% true.

this feels like the backstory to the Dishonored Universe.

It was heavily inspired by that game series, so yeah.

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