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I'm just a guy who likes stories of all assortments! (Open to chat, but working hard everyday so late replies! Fun for the family.)


Herald was not much for friends back home, and is even more so in Equestria. It seems no one wants to talk with the weird thing from else where, but that doesn't stop one mare who has taken a liking to him after he helped her out of a bad spot. He does his best to patch her up, and later they try to take a minute to relax with some snacks. Herald hopes that this pony likes Wensleydale styled cheese and crackers, and perhaps a side of tea.

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You going to make me cry now ;__;

Thank you!

In all categories, yes.

You now get a cookie.

Aww, I thought this was beyond cute and we'll written!

Straight to the favorites it goes! 💖

Well thank you so much! Glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

Of course!

You're a great writer, I had fun reading.

Thanks, I'm glad y'all are enjoying it!

Awesome! Could this possibly be a series?

Hmm, maybe? I put some thought into it, but I think I like the idea of that so far! :twilightsmile:

Oh wow this is great please make more if you can

When she ain't crackers about the cheese.

Thank you! I'll have to take up the time to formilate a sequel, but it most likely will come!:twilightsmile:

Knowing me, it'll be three or four delays later:rainbowlaugh:

Evening Gromit
Wensleydale, Crackers and Cheese and My immediate thought was of Wallace and Gromit

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