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In time, you will know the tragic extent of my failings*. (“Failings” include but not limited to, murder, sacrificing people, necromancy, and awakening a giant eldritch god.)



This story is a sequel to The Mare Who Sold The World

Princess Twilight Sparkle, the soon-to-be ruler of Equestria makes her way to the Capital to attened her coronation. Full of questions and doubts, sometimes the best way to clear them away is to have a nice trip down memory lane.

Even if it isn't necessarily your lane.

27/04/2022, 28/04/2022 Featured!? Bruh, this just made my morning, so happy!

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quite unexpected, but loved it!

The mystery is overwhelming.
The danger is lurking in the sun.
Who can be trusted and who not?
What will be your next step?
Be prepared! You will face a god who planned it from the beginning.

I can't wait for the next part!

Hmm, I admit for me the previous story worked better in terms of atmosphere.

Don't get me wrong, you're very much not bad at comedy, for instance the MG inspired names of the previous students were pretty funny in a non-intrusive way. However, the more blatant jokes just really don't mesh well with the main narrative. Pinkie's precognition/4th wall breaking is an ugly can of worms in any story because it phrases a lot of implicit questions ("Is the story a story in the story's universe?", "Does a character being aware of being a character change anything?", etc.) that aren't really the point. Also, while this is far more of a personal pet-peeve, but "bucking" also just takes away from the story's seriousness. If you wanna swear for emphasis, either bump it to T and swear, or use a show expletive.

Yet, all this negativity aside, I'm still very interested in your actual narrative. I'm curious what will your Metal Gear analogue be and the international politicking is a ripe source of future plots as well. Aside from what I've written above the two characters' interactions were sweet and well-written too. And obviously there is the burning question of how Twilight's plan will or will not come to fruition.

Looking forward to the next part.

While not what I expected it did not disappoint, I can only hope the MGS V support cast have a place in any future installments, be it a ponified version if themselves or a canon cast member being used as a representative there of. Either way keep up the good work dear author.

Loved the Fallout Equestria references. Definetly tossing you a follow so I don't miss out on more of these!

I was debating wether or not to put Pinkie being Pinkie into this story, but since the scene comes before any serious plot revelations, decided to do it.

I'll probably change 'bucking' for the reasons you've mentioned.

I've already planned what will happen at the coronation, but it will have such a severe impact on Equestria as a whole, I can't just drop it as a stand-alone story, so a full-fledged story will be next on the menu.

Thank you for your kind words, your comments never fail to warm my heart!:twilightsmile:

Real!Twi can't finish her plan if she's all alone, she'll need friends!

A lot of friends.

I don't plan on ponyfying any MGS characters, I'll stick to canon ones that fit their role if I can help it.

Thanks for your kind words!

You gotta be kidding me ... Guess what song was playing when I came across this?
Oh no~ Not me~ We never lost control~


Guess what song was playing when I came across this?

Who knows?Not me!

Didn't help that right after that started playing "Break my stride" by Matthew Wilder ... Yeah way to break the mood. Still, great story dude.

So...Was that character at the end Celestia in disguise, or is Twilight the boss, and that was big boss?

Comment posted by Luna02 deleted April 28th

That's twilight. Twilight is Bigboss aka Naked Snake, and Redheart is Venom Snake aka Medic.


Comment posted by Reclusive deleted April 29th
Comment posted by The Ancestor deleted May 3rd

"Twinkle Sprinkle, what were you thinkle?":twilightsheepish:

What is this MGS? I don't have the slightest idea, and I feel I'm missing out on important stuff.

Read 'The Mare Who Sold The World' for a tad bit more context.

I did read it. You're referencing something called "MGS," some sort of video game or another story that I don't know anything about. I'd appreciate learning what this is based on. Send a PM if you don't want to publish it here.

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