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This story is a sequel to What Doesn't Kill You

Anon, fed up with being a handyman for the town, searches for his calling in life. And despite Twilight's assurances that he has no magic, Anon discovers avenues he's yet to explore.

If only he wasn't such an asshole.

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"Anon..." She approached the man in an attempt to placate hip, but Anon was quick on his feet, pacing

Probably should be β€œhim” also in the next paragraph the whole word β€œHE” is capitalized.

The Sunbutt saga continues!

Adorabetes πŸ’–

The best form of diabetes!

Great story.

Some minor spelling suggestions(now fixed):
"EVen if" -> "Even if"
"shmuck" -> "schmuck"

The baby! The baby! The baby! :pinkiehappy: What's wrong? Why are you all looking at me like that? What could possibly go wrong with a half-alicorn, half-human child? The end of the world?

Truly, the highest of honors: a Breaking Bad reaction image.

Bravo, Vince!

Scp update

I'm actually really enjoying this little series that you've started. Great work. Heck knows it gave me a chuckle as I was having a smoke myself.

Don't smoke, Anon.

I'm really glad you keep writing these, since my soul is literally powered by HiE x Celestia fluff romances.


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