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When I look into the future, I see failure.


Octavia Melody is looking for a better life. Octavia Melody is, if she's being honest with herself, looking for any kind of life at all. Any glimmer of hope in a world that is quickly losing such a light. Octavia Melody has recently moved to Ponyville and the fates have gifted her a beacon of sunshine in the form of... Strawberry Sunrise.

Fate is a funny thing.

Written for the Crackshipping Contest where it tied for second place. Edited by Kim.

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Pretty interesting pairing, and an interesting way to have them connect. I will admit that I'm a bit unclear from that last part if they knew each other beforehand or not.

Wonderful work. Both poignant and very sweet!

The stifling quiet was a sharp contrast to the bustling noise of the city she hailed from, a single drawn out note wavering in an empty auditorium compared to the rich sonorous cries of a big band playing for a crowd of thousands.

ooh, i liked this bit likening the quiet to a single drawn-out note. thematic!

This drew something out of the occupant, a string of faint curses unintelligible through the sturdy door. Some stumbling, more cursing, and finally the door swung open.

aww, imagining this in that high-pitched voice of hers is just so very amusing

“This is where you go to get food if you’re too lazy to cook.”

augh, the smug acidity is perfect

Out here, as the smell of fried potatoes and hot breakfast pastries mingled with the country air.

Octavia felt closer to ponykind than she had in years.

i would too in an atmosphere such as that. lovely!

The worst of it were questions about her voice or her jawline or the way she walked. Questions intended to get a rise out of her.


"Mm," Strawberries lips formed a thin line as she fixed Octavia with a suspicious glare. Octavia released a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding when Strawberry turned away. "I don't believe that for a second but you seem to, so, good enough for me.

augh, she is so disagreeable i love it

Strawberry wheeled on Octavia, eyes now gone wild with an implacable madness. “Exactly! It doesn’t make any sense! Why would you sell quills and sofas in the same store?”

so true! always fun to see characters bond over how silly this universe they live in is sometimes

Any place that could remain as off the map as Ponyville while hosting the Elements of Harmony was sure to be the right place to bring the balance of excitement and quiet that Octavia needed to find herself again.

aww, that is a nice way to think of it!

She went to parties and joined in all the silly little songs but she was never present in a way that felt like it mattered.

oof! and ya, gotta explain the discrepancy between the more sarcastic and complex personalities the background ponies get in the later seasons and their happy participation in the songs and parties of the earlier ones

“I write,” she answered

This piqued Octavia’s interest as she leaned forwards, setting her glass off to the side.

that would be my reaction, too!

Before Octavia could respond, Strawberry leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “I miss you too.”

and aww! the poem was beautiful, as was their mutual recognition here, bringing together all the hints laid down earlier in the story. and augh, love how it was not directly spoken, but obvious exactly in the way

Oh. That sounded familiar. Painfully so.

communicates. wonderful stuff, wonderful ship. thank you for it!

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