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Not many would chase after a Martian storm. But after a heated argument, all Fluttershy wants to do is lose herself in her photography. Unfortunately, it seems her motorcycle has other plans.

Entry for Bicyclette's Science Fiction Contest

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Some of the ironic humor is pretty good, like how Mars is now portrayed on Earth for marketing purposes.

This science fiction earns the comedy tag...but it's too short. Should be longer. :twilightsmile:

Thank you!
Yes, it would be interesting to explore more. But, I wrote this in an afternoon, I was just pushing myself to see if I could publish two stories in a day.

My other story, Diamonds in the Dirt, is much longer.

Ida revved the engine as if humming as she thought to herself. “I believe you told me to silence the messages. These were phone calls.”

That's what you get for not being specific, Fluttershy! :fluttershysad:

As pointed out by another, this is brief (and I enjoy the brevity). It also competently covers/examines the subject/idea/emotion, which is its main job! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for posting!

It was worth it until the geodomes realized that people on Earth were only interested in the Mars they had heard of as children. And so, the geodomes were still marketed as “the red frontier” and every image put on posters or magazines showed a lot less of its new lakes, rivers, and grasslands.

there's a fun irony in that, and i'm sure Martians on Earth have to constantly clear up misconceptions about what life is like there

“In that case, you feel like a machine,” Ida said, “forced to drive around wherever someone wants to go.”

aww, the AI understands the FlutterDash shipping dynamic!

“So, you know, I guess I should start by saying I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that ecology is a dumb master’s degree, I just meant that going all the way back to Earth for it sounds like a dumb idea to me. Oh shoot, that’s not a good apology, is it?”

now that is very Rainbow Dash

a very sweet and short fic, though certainly one that is hard to classify. a slice-of-life character moment in a slice-of-sci-fi setting? in any case, it certainly achieves what it means to do well. thanks for writing!

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