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As mankind takes it's first step on the moon, they discover that gods are real. Bringing social and culture changes that her daughter and friends had started centuries before.

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The world cheered as the Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, became the first human being to set foot on the moon.

Wait? That ain't right!?

Unless this is a alternate timeline?

Either watch or read about the tv show, For All Mankind


Nevermind, I seen the wiki. A alternate timeline where the space race continue, and Russia are far ahead than us ( U.S.A ).

Human imagination is really stunted in this universe...huh?

Yeah with singing being made into a sin all that was inspired by songs are gone

Oh! Your continuing this story from 'walk away'? Oh, very nice!

Again, I like this. I really do. Especially the whole thing with Taro.

But again...HOW did the rapidly diminished Christians go from being purged to being able to suppress teachings of the far more popular triforce religion? I hate to keep beating a dead horse, but this just confuses me.

Was the splintering of their religion really that bad that it allowed them the chance to take over?

When Rome split in half the Christians are with the rich East while the Triforce is on the poorer west. With the barbarians invasions and weak rulers the Triforce just didn’t had the manpower or resources the the rich East had when the eastern empire invaded,

I liked this chapter, I really did. especially that whole thing with Taro.

I'm still confused how the Christians went from being purged to being able to suppress knowledge though. I'm sorry for beating a dead horse over and over, but it's just confusing to me.

Was the splintering of the Triforce so bad that they were able to take advantage?

Okay, thanks for explaining it to me! I appreciate it! query withdrawn...

Also, great chapter and song!

gotcha. Thanks for explaining it to me.

Holy moly! That's... That's on whole nother level.

nice work

i wonder if sunset and her freinds have any human/mixed decendents. Could be interesting to see how celestia would react to them

cruel, but just how efficient!

Nixion could have impressed celestia if he begged that if he messes up the slave spell will only effect his genoration and to let the next genoration see the errors and their consiquinces but free from their shackels.
Also im not sure but is celestia both making a point and also trying to find some people who will stand up to others in the face of an overwealming force or even stick their necks out when it might not even involve them.
I wonder if sunset and her freinds had any decendents? Also i dont think it was adressed that if they were killed what became of their bodys?

buried underneath the ash and dust of the volcano like everyone else in the surrounding area.

You know what?
I really enjoy pure destruction and justice(if you can call it it).

First off: I think you should really change the rating to teen. Second: add dark and death tags. Third: Celestia is a horrible monster and I hope she dies as painfully as possible.


She is also a damned hypocrite! Especially that ridiculous slave spell idea!?

Why the f*** would she even come up with that!

That poor poor universe there.

They don't have "Great Balls of Fire", "Tutti Frutti", "Rock Around the Clock", "The Twist", "Johnny B. Goode", etc.. etc either. Man... The 50s must have been dull in that America.

I feel soooo sorry for them all.:(

Isn't Celestia being prejudiced when she lumps all white Americans into her hate pile now?

"Celestia response to anyone saying something like it’s for their children. She just cripples and blinds their children so that they can’t take part in whatever their parents don’t want people of color to take part in. So that their excuse is voided as their child can't do anything anymore."

And then the Doctor showed up, and told her to leave.

She laughed, and refused to.

She then died.

Celestia in this story is a goddess, as in an immortal being who has completely different morals and values. She knows that when planet Earth is long gone and the human race is only exist as a faint memory in her mind, she will continue to live when earth and everything on it is only remembered by her. So if she kills or cripples children, it’s be like you not caring if you step on insects because you weren’t paying attention.

I'm willing to bet that all the bronies who dislike this fanfic are white

Very nice story, will this be updated in the future?

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