• Published 27th May 2021
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A Lesson in Romantics - The Red Parade

Cheerilee loves Meadowbrook. Meadowbrook loves Cheerilee. Hopefully nothing gets lost in between a thousand years of translation.

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Epilouge: Champagne's For Celebrating (I'll Have a Martini)

Meadowbrook sighed, leaning back on the picnic blanket and staring up at the brilliant blue sky.

“More salad, honey?”


Cheerilee passed over another plate loaded with carrot salad with a wry smile. “Well, someone is looking comfortable.”

Meadowbrook waved her hoof. “A mage needs her rest!”

“Rest from what? You haven’t done anything all day!” cried Cheerilee.

Meadowbrook gasped, putting a hoof over her heart. “I never! You’d dare insult a Pillar of Equestria like that?!”

Cheerilee considered this. “Yes,” she affirmed. “And I’d do it again!”

They both laughed, relishing as the other’s voice mixed with the lazy wind and chirping birds.

“Here, before I forget,” Cheerilee said, removing two bottles from the picnic basket. “Filthy Rich sent me theses as an apology for how his wife acted!”

“Champagne?” questioned Meadowbrook. “I thought champagne's for celebrating?”

“We can celebrate!” Cheerilee said eagerly, passing Meadow a glass.

Meadowbrook accepted it, glancing at Cheerilee. “Well, what are we celebrating?”

“Let’s celebrate… us! You and me!” Cheerilee decided.

Meadowbrook giggled. “You’re so sappy!”

Cheerilee stuck out her tongue, and popped the cork off…

...only for it to sail and bounce off of Meadowbrook’s head.

Cheerilee gasped, her heart freezing in place as Meadow gazed at her with shock. Oh no. Please don’t tell me I…

Then, Meadowbrook blinked a few times and laughed.

Seconds later, Cheerilee laughed too.

“Here’s to you and me then,” Meadowbrook declared, filling up her glass.

“To you and me,” Cheerilee answered. “And to many more advances in the field of romantics!"

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This story is fantastic, Red. As always, your character writing is great, and the dynamic between Meadowbrook and Cheerilee is so sweet and tender (hilarious, too). So many funny moments here, and I feel like you did a great job of making that ending feel earned. Great work.

this was fucking sublime. as always, your characters and the writing they exist in is so rich and lush. its palpable, a real Thing that you can feel the shape of as you read. this was funny and soft and sharp and very whole. it made me feel very very gay

wonderful work

SCORE! Cheerilee and Mage Meadowbrook Fic!

Never thought one would see these two together. X3

This was very cute, I enjoyed these two dorks trying to get together. Great job!

This was a really cute story, and I loved how you portrayed Cheerilee's side of the story. However, I think Meadowbrook didn't really fit what we saw of her in the show, and especially the comics. Sticking to the show, she has a sort of Southern belle feel to her voice, and her dialogue here doesn't seem like it'd come from her. She seems to have adapted to the modern day well enough, especially since she has present day family, so that makes her confusion with present day customs feel odd.

The timeskip at the start of chapter two felt odd too.

Still, this was a fun story overall.

Oh, that was a lovely romp! Crack pair, but what else is new?

What a comedy of errors this was. For some reason I don't think I'd read anything of yours until now, or if I have, I can't recall. Either way, I'll be dipping into your catalogue some more.

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