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"This world will pass away, and my emotions with it! Why should I strive for acceptance and peace of mind!?" -Shai Hulud


After moving the last box to their new home, Twilight and Spike go out to eat. A chance encounter leads to an interesting evening.

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This both makes no sense to me, yet is oddly enjoyable. Somehow, Twilight and the Mane 6 being metalheads is kinda cool to read.

It's all in good fun. Twilight was trying to use reverse psychology on Rarity thinking she'd get offended and stop staring at Spike. That backfired as you can see. Lol.

I've never found a story where the Mane 6 are so level-headed, yet so different. Most stories, if they acted in different personalities, usually had them in different actions. Like, I found a fic where they acted the same here, with indifference and a sort of bad-person vibe, yet in that fic they also dealt drugs sooo...

Basically the story's set in the equivalent of 2004 in our world. Back then, teens and people in their 20's were incorporating gothic elements into the metallic hardcore scene. This is a completely new take that retains some things from the canon like Twilight's intelligence, Rainbow's bombastic personality, and Spike's relationship with Rarity.

First chapter in and I already love it!

"You mean to tell me you wouldn't pimp out your granny for a farm?"


Yep. I figured that'd come up. Lol.

Glad you're enjoying it. I'm about to take a hiatus to come up with more ideas. Hopefully I'll think up some entertaining stuff.

Okay I too am taking a hiatus a. very long hiatus

Looking forward to your return, friend.

I too love the famous drug now called 'life'

I have to say, I'm really curious about all the setting and the way the story is going. Furthermore, this is one of the first stories I read with this premise and I really liked it. :pinkiehappy:

"Shining and I were never particularly close. Most of the time, we were indifferent to each other's existences. When I realized how limited the world was, I made plans to end my life."

By the way, this quote, for some reason, made me remember this song.

Yeah. I thought about that too. Lol.

eighteen visions vanity sounds amazing Imma probably start listening to a more of their songs.

I'm in hysterics. The song one hell of a prize fighter starts with. Why did you kill her. She was talkin shit.

Yep. That was common for hardcore bands back then.

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