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20-04 - MellowSoul

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Of Bananas and Apples

On the way to Rainbow's house, the girls discussed their professions. Twilight learned Rainbow originally wanted to be an acrobat, but lost interest after high school.

"You're still in pretty good shape."

"I mostly work out for health reasons these days. Looks like you're no couch potato either."

"I took an interest in martial arts when I was twelve. I trained in a dojo for a while, but it felt too impersonal. I started practicing on my own during my sophomore year."

"Which was it: Fei Lei Fong movies or Mortal Kombat?"


"Damn. You're just ahead of the game, ain't ya?"

"What can I say? I'm a tried and true nerd."

"Fair enough."

"Since we're on the subject, Spike's designing a two-issue comic book series. It's about three humans trying to survive the holidays."

"Knowing you guys, there's more to it than meets the eye."

"You guessed it. They have spiritual powers resulting from the next phase of evolution."

"Now that sounds cool."

"I want to make it into a turn-based RPG."


"I'd start with the comics and create an original story from there. Of course, I'd consult with Spike to uphold the source material."

"Please tell me it'd be rated M with horror shit in it."

"That's the idea. In the first issue, they fight a serial killer at a party."

"Ya know, if you show us how development works, we could probably help with stuff like level design, monsters, and music."

"You already know what we want for the soundtrack."

"It's like Doom and God of War. The monsters are scary as fuck, but you bleed power chords."

"Pretty much."

"It's pretty rare to see an RPG with gore flying everywhere. Even Shadow Hearts kept it limited to cutscenes."

"That's easily rectified with the right know-how. I've already done it in RPG Maker on the PlayStation."

"For real? How?"

"All you have to do is make a second sprite sheet and change the graphic during an event."

"That's sick. You'll have to show me sometime."

Twilight nodded. The party continued forward.

Near the edge of town, Spike noticed a banana peel on the ground. It was still fresh. He figured someone must have thrown it from their car on their way through. In the cogs of his mind, an idea began to form: an idea so ridiculous, it just might work.

"Hey, Rainbow," he questioned, "wanna race?"

"Kid, I was racing before you were a glimmer in your old man's eye."

"I might have a trick or two up my sleeve."

"Okay, but I warned ya."

Spike moved next to Twilight. He whispered in her ear.

"I have a plan..."

"I'm not gonna help you cheat..."

"Don't worry. I'm just messin' with her..."

The dragon told his sister the plan. Twilight's gaze of disapproval transformed into a mischievous grin. They both suppressed smothered giggles.

Spike and Rainbow got into position. Twilight began the countdown.


Rainbow zipped off, disappearing before the others could comprehend what happened. Spike pretended to start running, but as he soon revealed, it was all a fa├žade. He stepped on the banana peel. Twilight ignited her horn. Her brother slid forward, striking a pose akin to a ballet dancer. Those remaining burst into a fit of collective laughter. Twilight led them forward, galloping ahead to prevent her spell from wearing off.

Rainbow had already reached her house before she realized Spike was nowhere to be seen or heard. She shrugged.

"I told him."

She flew back to meet up with him, no inkling as to what she was in for.

Mere minutes elapsed before Rainbow reconvened with the rest of the group.

"Where's Spike?" she asked Twilight curiously.

The Alicorn said nothing. She simply pointed up, a smug expression etched on her face. Spike was levitating upside down near the top of the streetlight. He held the nose of the peel like a skateboard.

"Check it out," the dragon exclaimed, "Hang time!"

"You're an asshole, ya know that?"

"You know you love it."

"Can't deny ya got spirit."

Spike jumped off the peel, planting himself on the sidewalk. Twilight lifted her incantation, allowing the fruit covering to fall to the ground.

"Come on," Rainbow said, "I know something good we can watch."

"Watch her make us sit through some teeny-bopper shit to get back at me." the dragon joked.

"Ew. No, thank you," the Pegasus responded. She mimicked the face one would make while gagging.

Rainbow led the party back to her home. It was a quaint little place two miles outside the city. Nary a soul resided in any direction. The front porch was covered with plant life. Three stone steps protruded from the foundation.

"Well, this is it." Rainbow confirmed.

"Homey." Twilight noted.

"I've only been here a couple years. It's secluded, so I don't have to worry too much about noise."

"Sure it's not the other way around?"

"That, too."

Rainbow unlocked the door. The others followed her inside. Spike closed the door behind them. He felt something brush against his tail. Rarity whispered in his ear.

"You know, darling, with the lack of sight, who knows what sort of scandalous things one could get up to here?"

The unicorn playfully nipped his cheek.

"PEDO ALERT!" Rainbow shouted.

"Oh, pipe down." Rarity retorted.

Pinkie snorted.

"You're such a tease, Rare-Rare!"

"I have no idea what you're implying." the unicorn replied sarcastically.

"You're full of it." Rainbow refuted.

Rarity stuck her tongue out at the Pegasus. Rainbow did the same in kind.

"What are we gonna watch?" Twilight inquired, ignoring the display before her.

"You guys heard of a flick called Frailty? It's a psychological thriller about a hyper-religious family supposedly tasked by God to kill demons."

"I've never seen it."

"It's got a famous southern actor in it. I think you'll like it."

Rainbow approached the refrigerator. She extracted a bottle of red wine from its confines.

"Want a sip, little man?" Rainbow questioned jokingly, holding out the bottle to Spike.

"Eghck," the dragon denied in revulsion, covering his snout with his coat, "Smells like fermented dog piss!"

"Ha! I knew you'd say that!"

"Liver benefits?" Twilight cut in.

"Good guess." Rainbow commended.

"Want me to help make lunch?"

"What'd you have in mind?"

"What's in the freezer?"

"I've got cube steak. There's a few cans of green beans in the cupboard. We can make some mashed potatoes to go with it."

"It's been a few days since I've had a good home-cooked meal. That sounds fantastic right about now."


Halfway through the film, Rainbow's phone rang.

"I'll get it." the Pegasus offered. She paused the movie and answered it, "Hello?"

"Howdy, Rainbow."

"Hey, Mac. What's up?"

"I'm lookin' for Aj. Is she there?"

"Yeah. She's in the other room. I'll get her."

Rainbow called out to her friend.

"Yo, Aj, it's Mac!"

The farm pony got up and strolled toward the kitchen. She retrieved the receiver from Rainbow.

"Hey, Mac. What's up?"

"Hey, sis. Apple Bloom ain't feelin' well right now; got a fever and been throwin' up since ya left."

"Y'all been keepin' her fed and hydrated?"

"Yeah, but Granny and I gotta run some errands here in a bit. You mind comin' home?"

"I'll be back after this movie."

"All right."

"Put Apple Bloom on the phone."

A few seconds passed before the voice of a young filly resonated from the other end.


"Hey, Sugarcube. How're you doin'?"

"I feel like crap."

"I hear it. Don't you worry about a thing. I'll be home soon to take care of ya."


"What's family for, right?"


"I have somebody I want you to meet. Mind sayin' hi real quick?"


Applejack put the phone down for a moment. She returned to the living room.

"Hey, Twi, would you mind sayin' hi to my sis? I've told her a lot about ya."

"Of course." Twilight obliged.

The pair went back to the kitchen. Twilight picked up the phone.

"Hello? Apple Bloom?"

"Yeah. Who's this?"

"This is Twilight."

"No way! You pullin' my leg here!?"

"From the sound of it, Applejack didn't tell you I moved here a little over a week ago."

"Is it really you?"

"In the flesh...Well, not quite, but you get the idea."

"Ya really changed her life, ya know?"


"Applejack's. She started bein' nicer to me after Rainbow told her about ya."

"You guys didn't get along?"

"We did most of the time, but we didn't spend much time together 'til then."

"People can learn a lot if they're willing to listen. Spike and I were all each other had for a long time."

"Is he there, too?"

"Yeah. You wanna talk to him?"

"Not right now. I ain't feelin' too good."

"Applejack told me."


"Hey, don't worry. Just concentrate on feeling better. We'll have plenty of time to talk in person later."

"Can I ask ya a favor?"

"Of course."

"Will you sing me to sleep?"


Twilight cleared her throat. In a voice gentle enough to calm Celestia's raging star, she began her lullaby. Applejack and Rainbow watched on in amazement.

"Another day goes by, but I'll keep climbing until I see the sun. I'll still savor these days, and I will never forget. I'll still savor these days when it rains..."