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"If you're going faster than the speed of sound, keep going faster." - DangerDean, 2022


This story is a sequel to The Battle of Danger City Part One - A New Dawn

When time runs out, things can change dramatically for the Legion of Speedfreaks and the Alliance of Extreme Darkness.

Added tags: comedy (because of what Danger says sometimes)

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Sorry it took so long, it's because I had three consecutive writers blocks all in one go.

A version of the OSC5 Imperator which was powered by a mix of dark energy, dark matter and a 7117 horsepower 17.8 ICE powerplant and will go beyond 375 miles per hour.

I’ve got a Lamborghini Huracán in CSR 2 that maxes out at 398 mph… I wonder how it would fair against the Imperator Tenebris Helixia in a 1/2 mile drag race.

How come the prequel to this got more likes than this? How come?

Midnight’s new car would develop 3,275hp and estimated the top speed to be 360 mph.

I’ve got a Nissan GT-R that sounds like a sleeper in comparison: “only” 874 horsepower, but it tops out at 395 mph and accelerates like a bat out of Hell.

I commend your imagination for being able to create so many custom vehicles!

OSC5 Imperator Tenebris Helixia; ~6,000 horsepower & 418 mph.

Just when I think these cars can’t be 1-upped…

Alternate Universe Me: “418 mph? That’s cute.”

“Yes, that’s right. Also I may need a hypercar as you rightly pointed out that the cars that Oscura is creating are getting faster.” Akula said. “After you’ve talked to Viral about the your problem with Oscura, I think need help with the name of the hypercar.”

“Don’t worry, AK. I have an imaginative mind when it comes this sort of thing.” Danger replied.

And it shows!

But he had MegaSport+ at his disposal so his top speed is 422 miles an hour, but Akula’s Project 98 could top 419 mph and Viral would top at the same speed.


Fastest car I own: 438 mph. Though, I don’t think it would have a chance of winning the race those three are about to do, because it’s set up for drag racing.

But Akula, Viral and Danger are amazing skilled at driving a 6G potential corners. Or 51G at Copse.

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