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"If you're going faster than the speed of sound, keep going faster." - DangerDean, 2022


Multiple cities, thousands of drivers and cars, billions of fans from around the universe congregate into the biggest motor event... the Horizon Festival.

This is heavily inspired by the 5 Forza Horizon Games. (Forza Horzion 3 mostly)

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The Rainbow Factory in Spheris has it's latest experiment to deal with. But unbeknownst to one of it's scientists, Rainbow Dash, it was someone she knew. Danger must have a escape plan in the works.

There is a bit of comedy in because of what comes out of Danger's mouth.

This is heavily inspired by Rainbow Factory

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It had been a while since a large group of friends... and enemies had entered the streets of Paradise City but... a temporal glitch can put the chaos into a whole new level.

Extra tags: comedy (for what Danger says sometimes)

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A collection of motorsport races throughout the DangerVerse with cars ranging from LMP cars to GT cars, Indy cars to Formula 1, cars in different classes battling on the fierce tracks.

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This story is a sequel to The Battle of Danger City Part One - A New Dawn

When time runs out, things can change dramatically for the Legion of Speedfreaks and the Alliance of Extreme Darkness.

Added tags: comedy (because of what Danger says sometimes)

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This story is a sequel to The Battle of Paradise City 2 - Destruction at Nightfall

After the events unfolded in the Battle of Paradise City, the heroes now must plan their next move in order to defeat Oscura Galaxia.

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This story is a sequel to The Battle of Paradise City - A Burnout Paradise Story

As night falls in Paradise City, an evil will show it's true form.

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When a pegasi stallion sees a LMP style car in Paradise City... a tale that will change Paradise City forever will begin!

This story was heavily inspired by Akula966's Burnout Equestrian Paradise story, I recommend you read all of the current chapters, especially chapter 9!

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