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This story is a sequel to The Battle of Paradise City 2 - Destruction at Nightfall

After the events unfolded in the Battle of Paradise City, the heroes now must plan their next move in order to defeat Oscura Galaxia.

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This story would have been published earlier if wasn't for that hard disc failure.

Hey, Dean. I like the idea of the custom cars in this story. Is it okay for Akula to make an appearance in your story? I have a custom car of my own!

Meanwhile, in Danger’s room, Danger did a run-down on the car that was sent to him on his phone, before he took a shower. The car appeared to be a DSR 4500X 'Intimidator' Super GP and Danger whistled at how gorgeous the car looked, He also thought it look something he would create. The car was located at the Akula Autodrome 28 miles west of the HQ, just off I144A. After Danger finished putting his clothes back on, Lightning Dust and Spitfire entered.

There's no 'e' at the end of Autodrom, just like in the name of the Sochi track.

Other than that, very great chapter! Can't wait for more!

The car was an OSC1 Nemesis and it was powered by 15-litre twin-supercharged V12 delivering 5742 hp and nearly 10,000 torque. The car is also faster than Danger’s Excelsior X, 318 miles per hour to be precise.

Wait, the Nemisis?! Uh oh.


Next chapter... the Intimidator will be unleashed!

Oh boy!

Not a bad attempt at the Akula Autodrom, Dean. Well done.

Hmm, I like the sound of my own custom assault vehicle. I'll DM you when I have an idea on what the car will be...

I'm surprised no one disliked this story yet.
I think they like me dunking on Oscura's sanity.

Sorry about the delay, I was too busy enjoying the Christmas holidays to post this chapter. Damn.

I just can't wait for the moment that I mow down some Alliance fools with my 1Q30 DHAAV.

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