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Small steps. Commissions are closed for the moment. Just working through my queue.

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A bold choice of picture to be sure.

> Haven't even opened chapter 1
> Look at cover image
> Insta-liked

Please tell me you made that picture.

And since nobody else is talking about it, the story was good too.

I want there to be more before I start reading it

Congratz, you got featured. 11/28/2020

This was a awesomely wild and interesting beginning I can't wait to see where this goes (no rush).

so is this story done or not?

You should really replace all the "brotha"s with regular brothers. Go back and watch some episodes of the show if you want proof, but brotha is ebonics, not southern.

Well, it's not exclusive to ebonics, but it is true that it doesn't seem like that's how Applejack says it in the show. So I've changed it. But, to be honest, trying to represent a dialect through text is a bit of a pain in general. There is still some specific pronunciation in the word that I just don't know how to capture.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma. If you want to portray a real accent and not something exaggerated for t.v., then you just need 3 things. All words with ing should be in' and replace the word I with Ah and replace your with yer. Don't go replacing every word with an I in it with an ah, just the word when referring to one's self.

This will convey the accent enough to get the reader to fill in the blanks without making it hard to read.

ah the daily dose of pony porn. Who needs P-Hub when you got MLP and your own gosh darn imagination.
Liked and followed.

Dang, I remember really liking Chapter 1 when it first came out, and Chapter 2 was even better!

Loving that dirty dialogue, and it looks like Fluttershy might be next! :yay:

I miss the pony porn that was on p-hub tho. Not gunna lie. :fluttercry:

“Ah’m gonna breed ya, sis. Yer gonna be my sweet, faithful broodmare, bearing as many foals as ah can put into your womb,” just to make sure she really knew the stakes, Big Mac repeated the truth she already knew by heart.

“Ah will be, big brother! Ah will be!” She twitched underneath him, her whole body electrified by pleasure. Her feet jumped off the ground a little bit with his each thrust, as if releasing the power of his pelvic strikes.

“Ah’m gonna take care of all your children, if need be! Sugar Belle, Fluttershy, we’re all gonna give ya many... ~Aaaah~ …many foals! Our wombs are only there for ya to fill them up with your cum, Mac!”

“Fuck, ya really want it, sis, don’t ya?” Big Mac delivered a series of quick short thrusts. “Ya want nothin’ more than to be my slut with all the others?”

“Course ah do! Ah love ya, brother. And ah ~love~ your big... throbbing... cock!” Applejack screamed out in perverted ecstasy. She had no worries, as she knew where her future lay – beside her brother, or more accurately, underneath him. Taking pleasure in the undying devotion she held for him and for all that was of him.

“That’s mah sister!”

That was when this story went from an 8 because of the watersports to an 11 out of 10 would cum again for me! Oh I hope hope HOPE Applebloom gets half the attention AJ did here!

Oh, we are going to visit Fluttershy, but there'll also be a chapter with another character first. :twilightsheepish:

Glad you liked it so much, Todd! Love your games. :trollestia:

Especially Fallout 76, right? RIGHT?

Of course! 10/10. GOTY. Hidden gem.

A lot better than I thought it was. It has kind of a calm and cozy feel to it.

I live for this dirty dialogues~

At the risk of sounding too keen, any news on whether you'll be gracing us with a new chapter soon? :rainbowwild:

Can't really predict these things. I've got quite a few other stories to work on, so this one is still waiting its turn.

No problemo. Just me being impatient.

I look forward to new chapter's eventual release, and will browse your others in the meantime.


More of this story is badly, desperately needed!!

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