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alright. you have my attention. i like where this is going so far.

There is a large space and the end of the story

There is. It was copied from a Google Doc. Didnt notice. Thanks!!

You've gotten my attention and I look forward to see what happens next.

Great work! Like the others, this story has really grabbed my attention. Clicked the tracking button!

Magic resistance not new but could be interesting

I'm worried for Caden and feel bad for him

Ah. You'll see soon! :) Chapter 2 within the next day or so.

This is definitely one of the most unique HiE stories I've read. Starting with a very scary, dangerous situation, then first meeting the ponies while under hospital care. Love the way this is going!

Glad you're enjoying it. I always thought if a human was just dumped in Equestria, it might not be as great as a lot of stories portray. The place is kind of dangerous lol.

I still like to think of it as safer than Earth, mostly due to the fact that Equestria has magic. Sure, a monster could pop up and wreak havoc on Ponyville, but then the unicorns could fix it all back up quick.

Also, these things do not seem to exist in Equestria: Mass shootings, pandemics, scams, discrimination. Imagine living in a place without all that!

Just stay out of the Everfree Forest would be my best advice. But as we see here in this story, not always feasible. Caden had no idea where he was going...

Scams - Flim and Flam :P
Discrimination - How they treated Zecora. They do have it. They just tackle things more honestly. ;)

Oh right. I totally forgot about Flim and Flam, lol.

The Zecora thing seems to be a very isolated event. I don't remember any instances of discrimination other than that.

But yeah, they still did it there, and good thing they learned their lesson!

This is awesome! I hope to read more.

This story definitely has my attention. Consider it liked and followed.

Hoping to update this week. August has been an insane month for me. Birthday and a whole bunch of other shit. I promise it is not abandoned. :)

Always nice to see a promising story updated! Good slice of life feeling there! :ajsmug:

Good...now continue please ;)

She looked over to Sunset

I think the Sunset is meant to be Sunburst.

The Applejack interactions seemed kinda forced

Interesting. It was actually among my favorite dialogue in the chapter. I had a much harder time with the interactions between Caden and Sunset.

If it helps, she's legitimately just embarrassed. There are no hidden romantic undertones or anything going on. My analysis of AJ has always been that she speaks before thinking a lot and Caden picked up on that pretty quickly.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! Should be an update coming this week! :)

Pretty good so far. You exceeded my (admittedly low) initial expectations for this story so far. Looking forward to when you get into the meat of the story itself.

Thanks! Next part is underway. I don't have a ton of time to write, so I appreciate the patience!

It's coming. Promise! Updates to this won't be as fast as some authors. I appreciate your patience!

Thats a valid point. We won't be seeing Sky Tide again. The main characters are definitely Caden and Aurora/Double. I just needed a vehicle to show this anomaly forming. There might be a few more of these random one offs as we go but this isn't Game of Thrones by any means. :)

Thanks for the feedback!

True! After all, if it has a tail it's a monkey; if it doesn't it's an ape!

“If it was speaking and wearing clothes, I’m guessing it must be something sentient.”


Sorry, bit of a pet peeve when those get mixed up. :twilightsmile:

He’d been told that many species on Equus had digits but all of them ended in claws or talons. None of them had seen a finger before.

A grumpy looking minotaur snorts in the background at that. “What am I, then? Chopped hayburger?”

Tirek just rolls his eyes and makes an impolite gesture from his cage in Tartarus, one that only Caden understands.

The sentient/sapient thing happens in this chapter, too. :trollestia:

Cute so far. Looking forward to more! :raritywink:

The sentience/sapience thing was something I forgot about. Good catch!

As far as the minotaur/centaur thing, I made a deliberate choice there. Tirek's "fingers" usually look like they are pointed, which I always took to mean they are more like claws or some sort of talon-esque digit. With Iron Will there isnt a ton of footage. Sometimes they look like our fingers, sometimes like Tirek's. So I decided to go with the idea that whatever sort of digits they have, they're closer to the dragons than ours. Just a choice on my part to make a human being there a little more exotic for the locals. Great observation though!

Its not dead. The holidays are a hellacious time for me. Next chapter will be out before the end of the month. Schedule should pick up thereafter.

“Have you made any progress on your personal project?”

Insert "Are you winning, son?" meme here


Double shot up in his bed, heart pounding as he was ripped out of sleep.

He winced as his wings shot forward to plug his ears against the piercing screech that had woken him up.”What the hell?”

He rolled out of his bed and made his way down the hall and to the kitchen. As he approached the basement door, the noise got noticeably louder.


Gotta love *cough-hate-cough* the good old dial-up connections

Hmm...I like this setup. The human had a realistic reaction to landing in a new land. That's suprisingly rare to find in fics, and you pull it off splendidly.

Great work so far!

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