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As Flurry watches over her Aunt's last hours, she has to reflect on a world without her last connection to her past. As she comes to terms with what's ahead of her, Twilight prepares in her own way for her end through memories and dreams of friends long gone. As the two move towards the inevitable end, something from the past may end up helping both of them move on.

Quick Authors Note: This is my attempt at something bittersweet. It's new territory for me and I completely understand if the passing of our favorite magical horses is not something you want to read about! If you do, I really do hope you enjoy and leave any criticisms and critiques you feel necessary! I'm always looking to improve!!

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Meh. illogical

This was so good, I’m in tears, you did an amazing job! Got me crying in the club :fluttershysad:

L, if you think you can go do better then go do so

Ignore them. I don't think they even know the meaning of the word 'nice'.

Thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed!!!

in 1 who said that I can?)
in 2 why do I need this?
bottom line : you 're offended:unsuresweetie:

I cried a bit reading this :raritycry:

I beg your pardon? Where am I possibly supposed to put all of these feels?

Thank you so much for the comment! I'm so glad the story resonated with you. :)

Feels are hard to put places sometimes! I'm so glad this made you feel some!


It was actually a very good story. Oddly enough, I appreciate Twilight never had any sort of "Oh my God, I'm dead!" breakdown moment, but instead it just sort of...clicked after a bit. This was her afterlife, and she could be happy.

I found that strangely refreshing.

God...it's so beautiful. Yet so sad. Well done, very well done...

That was kind of what I was going for! A gradual realization.

Thank you so much!

The feels man, the feels!

Beautifully done, I have nothing else to say.

Oh god, a sorry hasn’t actually left me crying before.

Okay, I’m good. I can think… I think. This is how I hope to go. It’s how my mom went. At the end, let there be little to regret. Let it click, and everything will be OK.

Yeah, it’s not the their fault that they can’t recognize good writing when they see it

Well sometimes we are too... 'critical'... to stories involving our character's death, but my man I don't mind. This story is well composed and yea, it made me shed a single tear.

Even my classmates noticed

The inevitability of death and the ability to move on from the tragedy of it thereof is a slippery slope on which to build your foundation.

The story is nicely told. Knowing that Tartarus exists, I imagine some version of Elysium exists for Ponykind, even though it is not explicitly mentioned.

I'd say you have done a good job at achieving how characters--in the magical and peace-loving world that is Equestria--would react to something as poignant as death.

Kudos. You did a good job with this one.

Really glad you enjoyed!

Glad you're feeling better and that you enjoyed the story! Thanks so much!

Thank you! Hopefully they thought you were ok! ;)

This was easily the hardest story I've written. I'm glad you liked the execution!

Thank you, I think you managed to draw on a personal experience of mine.


I thought I had linked it. Unsure who the artist is otherwise I'd certainly give credit!

We all have to go, It's the scheduling that's a bitch...
Well done
Well played

Well said. Glad you liked!!

Some do mock me that I'm such a wimp tho, but don'worry some of my friends understand.

Now I'm curious about Spike's story. What were the things he had to do.
That was rather nice. There are a lot of questions about this world and it's rules, though this story doesn't need the answers. That's a sign of a good story.

You had absolutely no right making me sob like that. Simply gorgeous.

Discord got left out... poor guy. You'd think he'd either still be alive or was present in that afterlife towards the end.

But on a serious note, great story!

I'm so glad you enjoyed!

I did forget him! Whoops! He's there.....in spirit......

This could potentially offer a small sequel - both Discord and Flurry comforting each other as the two are now the last of an old era. Dizzy will definitely need it now that he's returned, only to realize Flutters is gone.

His perception of time can be quite awful.

I normally shy away from sad stories, but this was very well done, specially the ending. Good work!

Could be an interesting story! As I understand they're doing some thing like that in the G5 comics.

I am so glad you enjoyed! I also usually shy away from Sad/Death. This was just something I had to get out of my head. The ending IS my fav part and I love someone else liked it too!

That was beautiful story.

Very joyful ending I like it very well done.

So glad you enjoyed!

Hey just a personal question but could you check out my story.

When you get the chance of course or have the time too please.

If I get a chance I'll for sure take a look!

Thanks tell me what you think in the comment section and I can link it to you if you want

That was beautiful. Thank you.

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