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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, sad dark tragedies, and more drama than you could fit in the world's largest theatre.

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Well ,shit, this was short, but also just, poor Flurry and Spike

Well then.

That was certainly an experience.

One wonders what happened to make this happen. If Cadance and Shiny are still okay... What happened to Twilight to affect her so badly?

I was already likening the rocking chair girl to Star Sparkle (Fallout: Equestria), and the reveal at the end half-confirmed my thoughts.

That was certainly an interesting read.

...wait, Flurry's been sitting in the corner of the room for years?

Age, presumably, indicated by Twilight's silver hair. There's no indication that Cadance or Shiny are still alive. Spike's a dragon (and a much older one), and Flurry an adult and natural-born alicorn (and younger than Twilight anyway), so presumably they're not as old/affected. Either this version of Twilight isn't immortal/ageless, or whatever protects the elder Princesses from senility isn't functioning for Twilight, or she got brain-damaged by something a long time ago and never recovered even though her body keeps on going.

It'd be interesting to know whether Twilight in this story looks ancient or youthful, silver hair aside. The indication of physical weakness would seem to imply the former, but perhaps she's just wasted away from barely moving for years.

Flurry goes in every day for maybe a few hours, and has been for years, and so when Twilight is lucid, she notices, and thinks she’s always there otherwise, to clarify.

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