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Good to see this on Fimfiction! Though, what's with the bold Italics at the last paragraph?

7090399 ..... No idea, was not there when I published it.

7090482 Ah, found the source of the problem and fixed it x.x that was weeeeeeeeeeeird.

Love this so far. More pls :yay:

Throne, the feels... You really know how to pull the old heartstrings!
And it's ironic that I'm listening to this:

Comment posted by Titan Commander Sebaste deleted Apr 10th, 2016

Dang, that's one way to take a spin!

7093052 ok, Company, what did we finish talking about over on FanFiction? About you commenting o. EVERY chapter and giving hints as to what may have happened?

7093318 *facedesks self in beration*
Sorry... *stupid, stupid, stupid!*

7091296 Haha it'll be continued.... Once I have finished my well devised plan to blow everyone's minds :trixieshiftleft:

7121668 No worries, he gonna get more dakka soon

I actually want Blueblood to see the errors of his ways and become a real man. Because when he isnt a dick, hes totally fine.


#obsessions :rainbowwild: awesomez Chapter :pinkiehappy:

wait this is a warhammer croos and theres unded warhammer guys cool

7371540 Never been gone :P just so many requests, so little time

For a split second, from how she saw him, Nurse Redheart could swear that Dr. Urgent Care was crying and… Smiling?

Either he was happy to help... :pinkiecrazy: ir he'll be the reason that everypony dies :pinkiecrazy:

Loved the chapter :heart: :pinkiehappy:

Well at least Doc Urgent went down with Smiling nowing he went down at hes post and stil nowing hes name

I hope blueblood has the stone's to do the deed for young boy dat was biting

my god.. I honestly would love to paint a freeblade to look just like the Umbra Equitis.. I shall make it the first imperial knight I make! if that is ok with you?

7425470 Go ahead, I've already done it haha xD I'm also building the other four members of the Black Knights of House Corvain.

7425832 no way! I wish I could see them, but I need to know what icons to use..I will message you when the time comes ok?

7425934 Oh, he's blank with only using those Eagle markers for the areas around the skeletal body. Otherwise, you're just making the Carapace Armor Chaos Black with Ironbreaker trimmings. Runelord Brass on the inner framings and those fuel stacks on the back. For helmet, you'll be using the iconic Paladin Helmet(you know, the only you ALWAYS see the Imperial Knight Paladin using?) His right arm weapon is a Reaper Chainsword while the left is the Avengers Gatling Cannon. Simple xD I don't mind people honoring my characters in such a way, makes me feel real good about what I do. Btw, all my Chaos Characters? Are squad leaders in my Chaos Army, Zarrix being my Main HQ (Iron Warriors Warband) and Xeron is my Second HQ. I have a Salamanders Army too, along with a group picked out to be my King's Court Formation's support Squad.

Hmmmm.... The choice of having to kill a child infront of their siblings or let them turn and have the situation get worse...... Just have to until the next chapter to see...

Awesome story man. Can't wait t see what happens next.

Hoo hahaaaaaa! That ending! And... if the plague is transferred... Emperor preserve us....

“<Next time, on Umbra and Friends! Will Nurse Redheart and Lord Marius form a deeper connection? Or will their friendship prove to be something even more?>” Both looked at the dataslate in Nurse Redheart’s arm, the two turning red from such an embarrassing statement.


"<I’m getting better at these ‘Social Interaction Jokes’.>”

Yes, you're getting better XD way to cheer ponies up on a horrible day XD:rainbowlaugh:



Oh that last seen was hilarious:rainbowlaugh:

A flustered Trixie quickly trying to think of something to do, while putting her clothes back on.

Comedy gold




seems we have some sexy times happening:rainbowlaugh:

Hey! Trixie and Umbra! You need some lotion/cream for that burn?:trollestia:

Holding each other tightly, neither wanting to let go. “I-I thought I w-would never s-see you ag-again!”
“M-Me too, honey…” Spitfire held Scootaloo tighter, trying to wipe her tears away in the filly’s mane. “Me too.”

Are you seriously trying to make me Cry? :applecry: THAT SCENE MADE ME WANNA CRY!!! :raritycry:

Wait what was trixie doing
Was she masterbating or something and umbra watched?

7721641 Heh, I'm gonna let you all think on that :3 after all, for all we know? She stripped all the way down, and started to clean the cockpit, while Umbra watched :P There is a number of answers.

7721660 fuck! i really want to know what she did

Probably playing with his master control stick. you filthy mare you :trixieshiftleft::trollestia:

I started to read this chapter to get a feel for the story and I somehow start to think that Red Heart is in love with some kind of robot.

what exaclty is he, is he just sittin in a wheelchair or is he something weird?

7855401 Marius is a human who is forced to be in a wheelchair, because of forth degree burns to his legs. He's human. He's able to link with Umbra Equitis due to cybernetic implants.

Is there a game or movie I can watch or read to understand it a bit better? I barely can image what exactly is happening here. Mostly because I read a bit fast over it, because I don't know what he is talking about in the first part in half of the text.

Like I said a part of it is probably my own fault, but I can't really wait till the story really starts right now.

7879450 A good way to understand? Look up the lore on Warhammer 40,000's Imperial Knights. That'll help you understand the Knight and Marius' mind set.

I think I figured it out, I asked "google" and got something about Warhammer I think. This chapter was easiert to read and it made some stuff clear for me.
I start to like this story.

Don't get me wrong, but I really don't know how much I like the very last thing Celestia did. It mostly has to do that I'm always trying to figure out what the character might have thought in that situation, if one of them maybe is thinking he is better than the other one and stuff like that. This was just an example, but I'm not sure if they see themself as equal or if our main Char is somehow placed under Celestia at the moment.

Well after seeing in more and more storys Twilight having guards isn't looking bad anymore, at least here it doesn't looks like Celestia had forced her ideas on her.

“You want to impress the woman, yes?” Spike gave a nod, making him smirk a bit more. “The this is your chance.

nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo:raritydespair: I have all those images of Spike looking pretty idiotic and nearly no story that managed to make him look normal could cure me from me not liking that shipping. One of my main reasony still ist that at least in the show he looks far to much like a baby and I like him more with one of the crussaiders.

Well not sure how to say that without making any Spike fans angry, I don't hate him but the way he is shown I just don't like him very much.

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