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Liquid Truth

Life's still pretty great


Twilight drank. Rainbow helped.

Contains TwiDash and descriptions of excessive alcohol use. Please drink responsibly and in moderation, if at all.

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I feel like this is missing a tag, but I suppose that's what Narcotics is for. I also feel like, you know, some of Twilight's other friends might have interceded before she got that far along. Especially the one literally named after liquor. Plus, I can't help but think of the world-threatening horrors that might have intruded on the drama without Twilight available to stop them. And what feels like a remarkable dearth of second chances in a setting that's infamous for them.

I know, I know, not the point of the story, but it does end up feeling somewhat artificial. A good tale of descent and recovery, but the baggage around it left me dissatisfied.

I agree, not quite as polished as I'd like myself. I just get a little impatient after making the Chrysalis bit and felt that it threw the entire thing off, fearing that adding more would just make it feel like meaningless chapters to excuse something that I really want to happen but shouldn't. I guess I should've put more time into this.

Thanks for the feedback!

There was a bottle. There was a head. The science is sound.

I don't typically laugh out loud but this made me laugh like a hyena.

Vodka and ponies. Two of some of my favorite things. I think I'm going to enjoy this story.

I'll admit, the thing with Spike leaving hurt, and yeah, you'd think more of her friends would get involved, but I still liked the story. It was cute and I really liked what you did with Rainbow.

Feels like this should have a sad tag on it

And she declared that she would do awesome stuff. She chose to do awesome stuff. She chose to do awesome stuff not because it was easy but because it was cool!

this part is so funny, it doesn't make any sense! XD

And she looked up from her book to the bright moon outside her window and smiled. The night’s breeze was pleasant and comforting. The stars were smiling upon her, and so is the row of teeth.

That sounds like the summary for a horror story :rainbowlaugh:

Alternate Title: The Story of a High-Functioning Alcoholic (until they're not)

Lord, the feels here. Well written, but a few bits did feel unnatural and jittery.

The Rule of Cool?

Then again the rule is “doing something not because it’s right (it isn’t) but because it’s cool”

Well... that happened. :rainbowderp:

Well, this is suddenly depressing. :fluttershysad:

Rainbow, you introduced drinking to her. Help her like a good, responsible friend and the Element of Loyalty should, ASAP.

The others have said it as well, but yeah, I feel like the behavior of her friends and Celestia in ‘The World is Full of Surprises’ was very uncharacteristic of them. They’re closer than that and they’d want to help Twilight instead of abandon her like some cheap ponies who aren’t there in a friend’s time of need. As for Celestia, she isn’t so cold and impersonal as to just leave a letter without doing anything to try to help a beloved student straying from her path into self-destructive habits, she’s more maternal than that.

Other than that though, it was perfectly fine.

I liked it. Too little twidash these days

If i did not have such good of a sense of taste and smell, i am very sure i would, by now, be a barely functioning alcoholic mess.
I tried to many different drinks and i always taste and smell that chemical burning bitter sensation which makes me hate it.
Often i wish i liked to drink to get myself a reset button once in a while . . or once a week . . probably at some point once a day.

I just want to say...

I orignially read this six months ago, but ever since then, I'll come back every so often and re-read the last two chapters.

I used to be a major alcoholic, and recently I decided to get sober. Within this last week, actually. I'm still definitely feeling the psychological affects of the withdrawal.

But every day since I started I come back and re-read this chapter. At least once a day. And just as soon as she sees what's on the cake, I tear up every time.

I dunno what exactly it's making me feel, but it's something. Thank you for writing this. Honestly, thank you.

It's very wise. The whole intro and first half of the story Twilight is doubting herself and wondering why she does anything when it was so hard and in the end felt pointless. The fact is everything is pointless if you look at the grand scheme of things. You can't, though. You can't measure your life's pursuits/goals/whatever against the infinite. Life is about making the best of the here and now...so thanks to Rainbow's attitude (not knowing what the point of anything is so just doing awesome stuff because) she decides to do the same thing. Do awesome stuff just because.

It's the kind of self-realization that takes many people a lifetime to come to...and some people never get there.

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Hey Twilight! Don’t panic. You just saved your flank from the cave!

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