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This story is a sequel to Laws of Celestial Motion

There are many stories about Benjamin Franklin and his kite. There are also many papers claiming that the experiment is impossible to survive. One paper, however, is left blank on his desk, waiting to disprove his peers.

There are many stories about Starlight Glimmer and her kites. There are also many witnesses claiming that she gets distressed whenever a thunderstorm came. One witness, however, claims to have seen her eager and smiling, despite the crackles of thunder, bringing with her a kite.

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Comments ( 5 )

A Benjamin Franklin crossover?!


Ben Franklin, Starlight Glimmer, and science. Sounds like a fun day to me!

Unexpectedly, her incredulous face turned into one of disbelieve; as if I’d asked her to overthrow the diarchy.

Nah. She doesn't do that anymore.

Alas, of the many things my colorful friends are capable of, disposing dangerous voltages from clouds seems to not be one of them.

:rainbowhuh: "I mean, they could discharge clouds at the factory, but why would anypony want to? That's half the fun!"

In any case, brilliant addition to your "Great Minds in Equestria" series. Thank you for it. (And I do love how everyone loves picking on Kepler.)

Was that a Mythbusters cameo I saw?

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