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Liquid Truth

Life's pretty great


Equestria is a magical land where hopes and dreams come true. Come in and you'll feel the magic of friendship inside you not only growing, but thriving...

Just make sure you don't forget to breathe.

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She’d probably be famous among her friends and gave a lot of tours for field trips, or maybe she’d fall into a vat of liquid rainbow and turn into an evil villain.

That only happened once. This week.

A truly surreal concept. I interpreted the Season 1 line as trees being magically dependent on earth ponies, not chemically. Still a fascinating extension of how so much of Equestria seems to be on manual override. And I do appreciate just how many Loxes (Loxen?) work at the oxygen factory. Thank you for this.

That's an interesting concept. They seem incapable of understanding how air is naturally cycled... oh boy won't that be a shock...

Reese #3 · July 15th · · ·

Interesting and weird. So pretty according to expectations in the generalities, if surprising in the particulars. :D
Thanks for writing. :)

Could it be that Equestria is a giant Alderson Disk?

I really dig this. Like, really. The multiple Lox’s, the logical extension of ponies taking care of nature, all of it! And, unlike a lot of other stories with a similar concept, you never left me glaring at a plot hole or a logical conundrum glossed over.

Thank you for writing this!

It actually does make a degree of sense, considering how much of the rest of the Equestria has to be done "manually," so why not purifying their air as well? Though that does present a sort of an ominous condition underlying it, seeing that should something ever happen to these oxygen factories, the populace would literally suffocate once the oxygen supplies ran out.

I also like the implied reason why--that the "trees" are not so much trees as we'd know them, but rather magical constructions that mimic them...except for the recycling of oxygen aspect. It makes it sound to me that what happened to Equestria to get it to this point was that it was forced to become full reliant on magic manually substituting all of their world's natural processes, to the point that their very survival depended on them doing so...maybe some event that imbued Equestria with magic in the first place, assuming there was ever a time where that wasn't the case?

Honestly, there is some fun to be had going "all in" on the idea of Equestria manually manipulating everything about their world, to the point that I've toyed with a few ideas myself, such as the "mountains" and other geological processes having to be manually built/done by, say, the earth ponies, and so on.

Wouldn't an accident that disables automatic breathing also disable other autonomic functions, such as heartbeat and digestion? I'm pretty sure that's happened before, and I'm even more certain that such a condition doesn't typically work out well.

I'm getting a Cells At Work vibe from this story.

So the biggest question(s) that kept me til the end; how do ponies get oxygen? What are Equestrian trees doing? Is it just Everfree or is Equestria the only... unholy? Unnatural? Place in the world?

Despite all the buildup Lox is an afterthought. Almost unimportant.

This is an interesting concept for a storyline. Although it doesn't help I just read Rainbow Factory like a day ago and I couldn't get it out of my mind. But good story nonetheless! :)

this is really cool, a neat concept. it feels like it could use a sequel, but thats just me. some people dont want sequels for things in general because of sequel rot.

some of the headcanon for some of the more headscratching slice of life stories like this is that Discord did a hell of a number on the world's natural processes

Put it in the same universe as Admiral Biscuit’s The Soup Must Flow and call it a day.

Oxygen didn’t grow on trees, after all.

Don't forget to breathe.

I mean, the freaky part is this has always been a worry for their world, regards to the sun. There may be places where weather works alone, but what of the sun?

Does this story contain a little orange figure with a mustache?

...The soup must flow?

Is this, by chance, a secret crossover of some sort? A lot of things seemed vaguely familiar. Maybe I just play too many factory video games.

Once upon a time, long before the unification of the tribes, when the clouds move and trees grown on their own, a pony asked himself, "How bad can I possibly be?"

Heavily inspired by Oxygen Not Included and the confusion of pipes and conveyor belts that anyone who has played any sort of logistic games would understand quite intimately. So, not directly, but it's there.

Meep, what are you doing outside of the airlock without an atmo suit? How did you even get up there?

Great, red alert time to build a ladder before you suffocate...

RDT #23 · July 17th · · ·

Awww! Liquid Oxygen is adorable. And I got second-hand stress from her condition. Please, never forget to breathe.

Yes. This. So much this.

Very interesting, very neat, very unique, and definitely reminded me to breathe more than once. I enjoyed this, for sure.

I personally find it odd that the first instinct for a non lemon citrus fruit would be orange. Lime is the one that jumps to my mind.

Good times!
I don't think I've ever seen something like this. Always bonus points for something new.

My goodness, this blew my mind of how you made something incredibly interesting, adorable, and uplifting all in one beautifully wrapped story! Between the characters and literally everything else, all of this is amazing! Hope ya didn't mind, but I just HAD to make a reading on this!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/E0AxgHy67CI

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

The air is a lie...
The air is a lie...
The air is a lie...
The air is a lie... :pinkiecrazy:

It premiers at 20:00 (08:00 PM) UTC, right? Mind if I put it in the description?

This gives me the thought that the Equestria was actually a colonized planetoid that had been terraformed, and the ponies are the engineers maintaining the artificial life support systems...

I love the story, and I hope you don't mind, but I also just did a narration of it for YouTube ^^"

Cool! Care to share a link? I'll put it in the description too if you want!

Indeed it does! Oh, I don't mind at all silly! After all, you made this absolutely awesome fanfic! :D

So, you wanna tell me that in equestria oxygen is not included?

Perhaps this is another result of discord messing with he world? I won't be surprised if in the lore when discord was the ruler of the world that something like this could happen.

There is an old saying that if you don't know how it works, don't take it apart since you will not know if it will work the same way ever again.

I get the oxygen thing, but not so clear on why ponies who work there forget how to breathe.

"Don't Forget To Breathe..."

Lovely story! A little peak into an equestria that might be, and ponies running things behind the scenes.

Sorry, took me a few days to finish the editing process. It will premier on the 8th of August.


Author Interviewer

Damn, this fucked with my head. c.c

My Little Terraformer taken to the logical endpoint!

Also, I'm reminded of the atmosphere factory on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom.

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