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On one of Autumn Blaze's visits, Applejack decides to cook her friend a sunny side up.

On one of her visits to Sweet Apple Acres, Autumn Blaze experiences tragedy.

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Would it be poetic to ask for the sun for breakfast, signifying a character's impatience to wait even for the sun to rise?

I like this. I don't think I've seen a take on Autumn where the lines between reality and fiction have blurred to where she feels less like she's living her life and more like she's writing it. It does make sense given all of the inanimate friends she made for herself. Tragic in its own way, but a logical tragedy.

And this was... certainly unexpected. Autumn provides a different sort of zaniness than Pinkie, and you embraced it here. Nice work. Thank you for it.

The kiss comes out of nowhere.

This has made me decide that I want fried eggs for breakfast. And yes, they will definitely be runny. :raritywink:

Best Kirin. Clever use of literary terms. Cheeky shipping.

You can haz updoot. :pinkiehappy:

The superiority of tea over coffee

Excuse. Me? *Inserts angry kitten emote here*

you are a great fellow.

My god this was a treat to read. Ever one for the dramatic ah Autumn Blaze

Is this how normal people see us theater kids?

Also, the title is a work of genius

Wait is this inspired by the TEDTalk Mike Rowe gave in 2008 where he talked about his experience with lamb castration?

It should not be said that that day in Ponyville was a sunny one, for the sun hadn't come out yet.

I love this little jab at a common opening in FIMFic stories.

And all of this story, in particular! It demonstrates, utilizing the comedic format (not only is it funny, but the protagonist grows from the experience), for the simple situation and internal conflict (since, unlike a lot of comedies, great tragedies tend to require external conflict and clearly defined plots in order to achieve "anagnorisis" and "peripeteia"), but still discussing the emotional points that many good tragedies try to achieve, that the author (that's you!) clearly understands writing!

It's definitely how I see my theatre pals.


This was insightfully enjoyable. I can honestly say, you wove a tight, comedic narrative better than most I've seen. Amazing!

Alas, poor Yolk

I must be missing something...

... like, the whole point of this story.

anagnorisis: the transition from ignorance to awareness; discovery

This story brought that on for me, in regards to those literary terms.

I like that you made what would be a little thing (like cooking an egg), into something significant.

Autumn Blaze's "I've been making eggs wrong my whole life", was me the first time I had a medium rare steak, after a lifetime of well done steaks.


This is freaking hilarious. Autumn Blaze is perfect :)

This actually made me laugh- this dialogue makes me go;
Because they feel like the characters! Although, where I'm from, eggs are called “Over easy” “Over medium” and “Scrambled” because you may as well have them made into bits past that!

And as Applejack stood there, licking the remaining yolk in her cheek and watching as Autumn Blaze trotted away, silhouetted by the rising sun, she sat to her haunches and asked herself, "Am I into mares?"

Who isn't?

Applejack nodded, took a Teflon pan from the hanger, and put it on the stove.


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