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pony-writer/pornographer looking for work. old stories undeleted. i'm sorry. Patreon here

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Samantha gets invited to a party hosted by Zecora, where she meets T'ixixi and Din'de, a zebra mare and stallion who've taken 'big' to the next level. Aided by Zecora's 'size-up' salve, sexy shenanigans quickly ensue.

That's the short description, and "...WITH SEXY RESULTS!" better have been omitted due to lack of space. Yes, even with the last line that is actually there. Once you've done over a hundred stories with the same convention, you're obliged to self-parody it before you can drop it entirely.

This... is the last story of yours I ever expected to get a sequel.

Not complaining in the slightest, mind you. The original was amazing, and one of the first truly good Fem!Human in Equestria stories. Great job as always, friendo!

you never know what our commissioners might have a hankering for. sequels to old stories is a wheelhouse we're not used to yet, but is potentially rife for infinite expansion.



[desire for sequel to 40 oz Bounce intensifies]

When I saw this, my heart sped up:raritystarry:

Darf, this is well below your usual quality. The view keeps switching between second and first person, and your normal wordflow is...off. This chapter doesn't flow well, its really choppy. The best i can compare it to is trying to cold start a two stroke. It tries to get going then it grinds to a halt...

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