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As the sun rises over a warm and sunny summer morning, you wake up, fully prepared to face the day ahead of you. The rest of the story is up to you! What kind of adventures will your decisions take you on?

This story is bound to another dimension.

The events that unfold are under your control.

Ke__ __e _y___ _o__g.

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Not gonna lie, I kinda saw that coming, but did it anyways

I'm usually a lot better at these, yikes.

Wait, the door just...huh.

Cannibalism, yay!

I like this one

OMG! WHAT THE HECK! :rainbowlaugh:

How far right did I fucking go

Well that's a little akward

At least there wasn't a zombie that time



"Wake up"? In the start, you jolt awake from a...



I see, you clever bastard.

This is new...

...You're welcome


I knew the good ending was with Vinyl, I just wanted to dig up all the Pinkie endings first

I wasn't done yet, door!! I still need to go to that obviously haunted Village in the desert!!

Nice, great story, I don't think I've seen a time-loop CYOA!

MC: "Meh, this is fine."

Took a while to get here, not sure if I got all the endings though

This is getting good

Wrong choice, Twilight

ksfox #29 · Jun 1st, 2020 · · · 66 ·

I made it!

Ah shit, here we go again

You can sing quite a different tune, huh Vinyl?

Dude it was five bits

Okay, I know what to do now.

I guess it's up to you to make the right choice, now.



Honestly though? One of the funnest two hours of my life I've spent in a while. Kudos. This was a wild ride, and after getting all the endings before finally finding this one may have been fustrating, it was a good kind of fustrating. This story kept me on my toes, kept me interested, etc. One of the best CYOA I've read in a good while.

This might be the most well-constructed CYoA story on Fimfiction. It was lengthy and large, and with plenty of branching paths (as opposed to the one-choice bad endings that a lot of CYoA stories have). Multiple times, author, you convinced me I was on the right track only to then fail. You did a great job balancing hope and disappointment. I feel as if I went through my very own, personal character-arc just trying to complete this story. Felt like a journey full of disappointment, renewed hope, twists and turns, and all. If there's one TV Tropes page to describe this entire story, it has to be "Earn Your Happy Ending" (or "Golden Ending"), which describes the main character (or player) going through a lot of additional hardships to achieve a happy ending.

This is the first CYoA story to make me realize that a person's entire experience can be shaped by their first few choices, by their first few endings. Because the first ending I got gave me something to focus on immediately, and set a tone and goal that I don't think would've been immediately apparent if I got any other ending first. For that reason, I have chosen to share my entire experience below in a Google Doc, full of my thoughts and the evolution of my expectations through the whole experience. Perhaps it will be more useful to you than me simply continuing to gush about how good of a story you created.

Enjoy! Spoilers abound, other readers.

I never expected someone to write a university essay on one of my stories, but I'm glad it was emotionally investing for you :rainbowlaugh: I'm gonna post a blog soon about why I wrote the story, so if you want stay tuned for that.

I figured you'd had a personal reason to write this, a message or theme to convey. Though aside from a few obvious guesses (like depression, control, nearing the end of life & making the most of the time you have, the social obligation to hide pain, or chasing your youth), I was admittedly at a loss as to what it was. I'll be looking forward to your blog, and I hope you are in good spirits - whatever may haunt you.

What do you mean, "bad ending"?

Are we diavolo from jojo's bizzare adventure because after he is defeated he is sent to a realm where he will die over and over again. Just like this guy

I was thinking about tricking Pinkie Pie that I was going to join her. This is just uncalled for. I wouldn’t have dissect the poor pony and let her go, or maybe free her and join her instead and tell Twilight or Celestia.

I can imagine this being a visual novel or a game.

Very well done!

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