• Published 1st Mar 2020
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Cadance's Little Helper - dirty little secret

To help the Cutie Mark Crusaders experience sex for the first time, Cadance generously offers her husband's help ... and casts an age regression spell to make him just the right size for little fillies.

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Now this is what I like to see. Shiney is quite the lucky colt.

Thanks! ^.^ What’s your favorite part?

The age changing for this kind of thing is a general favorite of mine. I’ve been meaning for ages to write more in that genre. And I adored how much fun Cadance was having watching her husband have his fun with the trifecta :yay:

Oh, and might I add, the more romantic feel with Shiney’s turn with Apple Bloom was adorable.

Georg #4 · March 2nd · · ·

Somehow I think Cadence's cutie mark story starts, "There was this junior hoofball team..."

cadence is the best wife

Twilight I suspect...though I guess she was a changeling.

Not sure why this one is catching so much hate, is well written and a lovely-sweet fantasy story.

Somehow it make me think about the story The marvelous misadventures of Shining Armor and the CMC

Heh ... not too far off.
I actually have a ‘how Cadance got her cutie mark’ story: Cadance: The Early Years ^.^

Was there ever any doubt? :trixieshiftright:

I really don’t know either, and I wish I understood. I thought this one would be a smash hit for sure ... but it’s kind of flopping.
Oh well. Publishing does be like that sometimes. Stuff you expect to be popular ends up bombing, and stuff you thought would fizzle ends up blowing up.
Edit: nevermind. It just (finally) hit the feature box, and will probably start blowing up now. Publishing do be like that sometimes, too.

lol, well, using one of the same vectors in the cover image might have something to do with that.

Then I shall wait for the spinoff.

This! So much this! Very much this! Cadance and Shiny and age-regression spells are all very much my thing!

^.^ I’m glad I can deliver some, then!

Thanks! What’s your favorite part?

The enthusiasm of the CMC's. Love the CMC's!

Twikle #16 · March 3rd · · 14 ·

Pedophilia should be banned from this site

Is that why people are downvoting this story? Odd that it doesn’t happen on my other foalcon stories...
And anyway, if you want foalcon banned from the site, I’m not the one you should be telling about it. Not within my power to do that.

I think there's a lot of aggressive hate for foalcon nowadays? Though maybe it has always been this way. Hard to say but it makes people think twice about publishing it if they want it a healthy like ratio. It's not like it matters though since the people who like it will still read and comment.

It kinda makes me wish we had a system where we can blackout tags we don't ever want to see. Might lead to less 'downvote on principle for hitting feature within my perview' type reactions.

Is this meant as a sequel for Cadance: The Early Years?

I'm ok with that. But not before we ban every fic that contains violence in them. I'm tired of killing my neighbors after having read those. Surely I'm not the only one. This is how it works, right?

Heh, yeah. But not only would we need that tag-blocking feature, we’d need a tag for foalcon... And probably a whole bunch of other fetish tags while you’re at it.

Nope! Definitely not! Not at all!
It was going to be, but sequels aren’t allowed in Scout Feather’s contest. So instead I made it a stand-alone fic, including some continuity problems that make it explicitly not a sequel of C:TEY.

Yeah. And when it comes down to it, we really should just ban every Mature-rated fic on the site, right?
If only there was a button that any random user could use to do that...

“Oh this part is simple,” Cadance said. “All you need to do is turn around and lift your tail. Shiney will do the rest!”

This strategy probably works for most male ponies, no matter if colt or stallion.

He'd ... he'd never actually taken anypony's virginity before, at least not that he knew of. Rather than pushing insistently forward as he longed to do, he forced himself to take it slow and ease his cock into Scootaloo's fresh young pussy with all the care and respect the filly deserved.

Cadance is secretly very proud of him for that.

Taking a few staggering steps backward, shining tried to breathe and clear his head. “I'm ... I'm not normally so ... small.” In the moment, that seemed like an important point of pride to make clear.

Maybe Cadance could give them an demonstration of how his full load looks like, once he is turned back.

“Cum inside her,” Cadance's voice whispered into his ear. [...] “Only one more to go. [...] Go on, make her pregnant, too. Complete the trifecta.”

Well, he can hardly disobey an direct order from his princess, can he?

Good work!
As always.

Don't be too demotivated by the downvotes; most of them probably didn't even read the story (aside from the tags in the description).

I love getting in-depth comments like this! ^.^

To answer your third question, Cadance would have to be there as she was the one who most likely set that up so it makes no sense what so ever that she would not be involved in the orgy.

Good to see I'm not overdoing it.
Usually I try to limit myself to make at most three such quote-comment-combinations per chapter to keep myself from putting the whole story down here.

Not necessary.
Maybe she sets that up and enjoyed observing everything from elsewhere.
(Wouldn't be the first time she did something like that; dirty little secret already wrote another story where she would Keep Him Busy that way.)

I read that story, but I took it as a test to see how faithful he was to her even if she ordered some of the people to take care of his needs.

“Only one more to go,” Cadance whispered while looking into his very soul. “Go on, make her pregnant, too. Complete the trifecta.”

That's, uh, that's pretty hot.:rainbowderp:

“No, of course not. That's a fun game to play in the heat of the moment, but I would never do that to innocent little fillies like this. I put a contraceptive spell on them before we even found you.”

Oh, well. The idea of Cadance tricking her husband into knocking up mares, or fillies rather, is a very appealing one.
I really like this version of Cadance, it would be pretty great to see some more of her and Shining's adventures some time.:heart:

Well, I’m not planning on any direct sequels to this story ... but I tend to write Cadance pretty often. And when I do, she’s almost always this kind of Cadance! ^.^

Here: have a whole slew of lovely Cadance stories. At least three of them involve Cadance encouraging her husband to knock up other mares! :twilightsmile:

Oh... is that why I'm planning to blow up planet Earth with my newly-built Death Star? Gotta lay off those Star Wars movies. I already force-choked my family to death. :-D

You call your's The Force? Mine's called Thor's Hammer. :twilightsmile:

Ahh, yeah. I can see how some of these topics can be upsetting. I personally can't stand anything to do with vore and several other fetishes running rampant on this site. Then I learned to use the ancient art of "not reading fics I don't like because I can't really do anything about them and I'm just gonna get angry for no reason if I don't move on" and it helped a lot.

Hol' up.

"Ended up as changelings."

You are implying he banged all of them, before the changelings revealed themselves. That dude went right for the I word. It doesn't matter which of the four were real.

I mean, isn’t ShiningLight official MLP canon by now?

Awesome story. Thanks for your submission to my contest, DLS. Below is my final review based on the criteria I posted. You came in second place! In regards to accepting your prize, I ask that you first read my blog post. I will contact you.

Style 10/10
Characterization 7/10
The CMC were mostly there for the fucking. I felt that they had little personality outside of that. There wasn't a real personality difference between the three of them, even as they each had their turn. I don't think they would have acted the same.
Creativity 10/10
Love the idea.
Writing 10/10
Sex Scene 15/20
It drags out. I mean, there are nearly 9 orgasms in this story if I recall correctly, and it does start to get tedious and a little generic.
Exposition 20/20
Great introduction!
Climax 20/20
The climaxes were plentiful, but as a whole were well-written.
Total Score 92/100
Overall a solid idea with a decent delivery but the sheer amount of goings-on really hold it back. I suspect that taking so much time writing orgasm after orgasm took away from properly establishing the characters, their personalities and feelings. I felt that each of the CMC could have been better delivered with their unique personalities adding some much-needed flair and separation between each orgasm.
The dynamic between Cadance and Shining, however, is really good. Her control over the situation is very enthralling, while Shining just manages to stay involved enough not to make his consent in the matter dubious.

contraceptive spell

aww... no impregnation... but really hot, there's not really art or stories about birth controls and such

Well, yeah. ^.^ Cadance is too responsible to end up causing a wave of pregnant foals in every school she visits!

well.. i mean SHE is a princess of sex love, so... i guess she is responsible uwu

The warnings are making me laugh already.

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