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Sunset Shimmer is a firemare. Her job is to douse fires that arise from arguments and start fires to cook marshmallows (or burn houses).

Cover art by ZettaiDullahan.
A Fahrenheit 451 parody, but can be read independently.

Now with an audio reading by Quinch!

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...What did I just read? :D

Bradbury would be...

Confused, probably.

Also, isn't fire rendering all that information inaccessible a Tool of Ignorance?

In all seriousness, enjoyably bizarre inversion of the source material, though I can't really call it a comedy. Still, thank you for it.

That was... something. Definitely getting Bradbury vibes from the narration too, good job.

“We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.”

Oh, what a strange dystopia we find ourselves in.

A mirror universe of its ignorant predecessor, with thought, unending thought, constantly churning, constantly aware. Aware of oneself, knowing what can bring you happiness, when you can get it. Aware of your situation, knowing how to bring happiness to you, when it's there. Aware of your neighbors, sharing happiness with sharing thoughts and philosophies and also marshmallows.

And yet.

"Never stop asking."

That's a funny thing about words - about sentences, about mental images and ingrained, implied meanings. To never stop asking, it must surely be a good philosophy, a good ideal. Asking leads to answers, as it must, and leads to knowledge, as it is bound to, which beats away at ignorance, which is a bad thing that only bad things can come out of.

"Never stop asking." I love this sentence, it's like a perfectly cut diamond of Orwellian elegance. Never stop asking, but make sure you arrive at the correct answer. Never stop asking small questions, meaningless questions, unanswerable questions, rhetorical questions. And so three words that could be a rallying cry of progress and an understanding society became the dogma of a world in which everyone's mental gears keep spinning furiously into infinity, disconnected from each other in a stillborn mockery of ever-aware intellectualism.

Or ignorance. A bad thing, as I'm sure we've said, with unhappiness it has caused being beyond counting. Who could condemn those warriors who would fight it tooth and claw, for the cause of awareness? And while being unaware might be forgiven, to be intentionally so, to ignore and thus be ignorant, to harbor ignorance, the cause of so many miseries and worse yet, have the gall to convince themselves, let alone speak to others that it could bring happiness when every thinking being knows, with certainty that thought alone could bring, surely, how could anyone tolerate that? How could anyone stand to see someone harming themselves like that unrepaired?

There's other aspects of this story I'd like to touch upon, the little hints and subtleties that shift everything into a different light. For now, though, I'll have to say that this made its way into my all-time favourites list. Good job.

And {a long time coming}, there's a reading of the story! Enjoy!

Bradbury would Be proud

Author Interviewer

well, that was a ride :D

“Frankly, Ma’am, I don’t give a damn.”

Good reference.

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