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One day, Twilight's cutie mark disappears. It's probably fine, really.

My entry in the first Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Competition. Written in an hour and unedited.

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do i want
is there a

I actually really liked this one. Pinkie showing up at the end kinda threw me, but aside from that it's utter gold. More of this please.

I'd put this in my 'Read Later' shelf and just came back to it.
Yeah, you really should add onto this. I can see it becoming so much more.

A nicely written speedfic

I need an explanation.

Hm I understand that it is a speed fic, but the ending is definitely to hasty. It’s too rushed.

And that's how Twilight got put in charge of moon-raising. Luna dodn't even want her own cutie mark after Pinkie's worst.

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