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Keep Calm and Chaos on - Foal Star

Fluttershy who has been a draconequus for year has alot of pent up repressed rage and chaos magic. After one very stressful day she starts to unleash it all.

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Chapter six: Zooquestria

Discord was quite unsure of what he should do, having been turned into a normal young billy goat. The transformed draconequus wandered back and forth in his pen with a scared and confused look printed on his face as he never felt so unsure of what to do. The draconequus realized that there wasn't much he could do. The draconequus paced back and forth in his pen, trying to decide on how to proceed with stopping Fluttershy. However, it didn't take long for the draconequus to turn his attention to Luna, the "cow" munching on her cheese and swaying her giant udders seeming to be undeterred by what transpired. Celestia, the giant "pig," also just continued munching on the cake in her trough with much more enthusiasm oinking and snorting as she continued to gorge. Seeing the princesses seeming to be more interested in stuffing their faces then escaping. Discord got quite flustered and stomped about in anger and shouted, "Hey Luna! Celestia! Stop stuffing your faces and help me escape you two do realize Fluttershy is going to take over Equestria if we don't do something!"

"I can't believe the lord of chaos was tricked by Fluttershy?" Celestia snickered behind a hoof.

Luna clopped her hooves on the ground and mooed out. "Weren't you supposed to teach her to control her powers? Wow, you did such a good job!"

The princesses both laughed out loud, but the princesses jesting at the situation made Discord angrier as he shouted," seriously! This isn't the time to be mocking me! Now come on smash through the pens and help me stop her!"

Celestia sniffed at her cake and moaned, seeming to be unable to contain her craving for cake and asked, "Can we stop her after we eat?"

Luna also seemed to be enticed by the giant sphere of cheddar cheese in front of her, "yeah, I'm famished, and this cheese smells so good!"

"Are you kidding me!? Fluttershy obviously enchanted you two to care more about food then saving Equestria?!" Discord roared out, getting quite annoyed that the princesses weren't taking the situation seriously.

Celestia pondered, tapping a hoof to her chin and asked, "so...how, do we break the enchantment?"

Luna eyed the draconequus and asked, "yeah, obviously you know more about chaos magic then us? So what are we supposed to do?"

Discord rubbed his head as he was unsure of what to do and grumbled, "It looks like your going to have to finish that food before we get out of here?" The billy goat snickered and responded, "Why don't you just chow down on your food."

The two princesses both smirked at each other, and then they turned their attention to their troughs and began to gorge on the food at a faster pace munching away at a blinding speed. Discord was amazed watching the two princesses chomp away at the food in their troughs as if it was nothing. Cake crumbs and small bits of cheese flew all over, and Discord had to jump around trying to dodge the pieces of food. It wasn't long until the two princesses finished all the food in their troughs, and they both gave one long, loud burp that reverberated throughout the "royal barn," and the two collapsed onto the ground causing a small tremble through their pens. Discord groaned as he rubbed a hoof down his face feeling so frustrated seeing he was going to have to take charge as she grumbled out loud. "Just wonderful!? How did I become the responsible one!?"

"Hey, get up! We need to get out of here! You two call yourselves princesses. Just look at yourselves! If you want to become alicorns again, then you need to get up!" Discord snapped out loud.

The two former alicorns both groaned as they slowly got up from their food coma and ground the dirt beneath their hooves before smashing through their pens, sending bits of wood flying everywhere. Discord cheered them on getting quite excited as he shouted, "buck yeah! I knew you two could do it! Now help me out here!"

Both Celestia and Luna both turned their attention to Discord's pen and smirked at each other. Discord's face went white with fear as he knew what was going to happen next. The princesses rammed through his pen, making him scooch backward, trying to avoid the two giant fat farm animals from crushing him! He stood there in the back of his pen, breathing out heavily, seeing the two giant farm animals inches from his now small body. His fear soon turned to embarrassment, feeling some small brown pellets coming out from his backend. The princesses laughed at Discord's accident, making him shout, "oh yeah! I saw you two shitting all over your pens, so don't even!"

Celestia bent down and nuzzled Discord "oh, we were just playing with you now. How about we leave this place and save Equestria?"

Luna nodded and responded," right, we should get going, but how are we going to stop Fluttershy it seems she's completely lost her mind?"

Discord stomped a hoof on the ground and snapped, "I'll knock some sense into Fluttershy! You two are going to help me!"

The two former alicorns looked down at the billy goat and simply asked, "how?"

Discord paused and was quite unsure of how to answer, but he knew he had to somehow get her to realize what she was doing was wrong. He gave a long exasperated sigh before responding. "I'm not sure, but you need to give me another chance. I know I can reason with her…"

Both Celestia and Luna huddled together and whispered to each other while shoving their big fat flanks at Discord. The billy goat was amazed mostly at Luna's giant udders swaying from side to side, and he could feel his mouth trembling to feel quite thirsty for milk for some unknown reason. But before he could say or do anything, they both turned around as the two smiled and nodded in agreement. "Alright, we trust you."

The baby billy goat shook his head, getting out of that weird trance and shouted, "good, now come on, let's get going!"

Celestia turned to Discord and asked, "you think that we can get with my captain of the guard to help?"

"Honestly, he's probably a dog or something we should just get going." Discord snapped back.

Celestia rolled her eyes. "Come on, it won't hurt to at least see if he's ok? If we're going to take on a draconequus without the elements of harmony were going to need all the help we can get."

Discord stomped a claw on the ground and snapped. "Fine! whatever, let's just get going!"

They then all followed through the royal barn, which had white painted wooden walls, with farm equipment lining the walls. It was quite interesting to see that the whole castle was now just filled with pens and troughs, and there was a mix of both barn and wild animals inside each enclosure talking or eating as if nothing happened. Swans waddled about flowery looking maid uniforms, goats wearing snazzy tuxedos, all manners of dogs ranging from golden retrievers, poodles, Pitbulls running around in their pens barking and snapping at each other as if they were trying to debate something. It wasn't long until they reached "the barracks," which was just a sign overhead that read "puppy playpen" that was over a caroule filled with german shepherd puppies running around barking and roughhousing.

Discord burst into laughter rolling on the ground as one with "Champ" on his collar came up and saluted. 'Hello, Princess Pigsty champ here reporting for duty!"

Celestia blushed at her new name and saluted. "Thanks, cutie, I would like to ask what's going on here?"

"Oh, we're just playing! We're having tons of fun!" Champ barked as the rest of the puppies came over barking and pawing them. Luna was a bit concerned, looking over the puppies and asked, "Where are all the night guards?"

"Over here!" Luna's eyes went wide with surprise upon hearing what seemed like a kitten's mew. Turned at the shout and saw a bunch of black-furred kittens all mewing for attention as they slowly crawled over each other. The giant cow dawwed, giving a loud moo as she nuzzled them and even let some of the kittens suckle milk from her udders.

Discord stomped about again, getting quite agitated. "Ugh seriously! Stop petting cute animals, and let's get going!"

This made the puppies and kittens cry and start barking and mewing more as both princesses turned to Discord with angry glares wanting to stay with the cute animals as they started shouting, "boo! You suck! Why do you have to be such a party pooper!?"

"Seriously, you can play with kittens and puppies after we save Equestria!" Discord snapped back.

Celestia and Luna both got up begrudgingly got up and waved bye to their cute pets and slowly followed Discord out of the barracks and into the streets of Canterlot.

They were quite amazed seeing that Canterlot looked so much more like a zoo than a city. The houses and shops that lined the streets as pens, barns, burrows, and the streets were filled with all kinds of animals walking or waddling around. It was quite funny to the three watching the once-wealthy fancy nobles now waddling about as elephants or bears some as various breeds of dogs in suits walking about grazing eating talking. They all paused every once in a while to admire the animals trying to act like nobles still. They even spotted Fancy Pants, who was now a penguin wearing a fancy tuxedo and a big black bowtie waddling alongside his wife Fleur, who was now a swan pecking at her husband's feathers and seeming to be making a fuss of making the three snickered. They continued to the train station, which was run by a bunch of chipmunks. They were scurrying about going over the train, fixing things, and checking for issues on the train with little clipboards. One chipmunk in acute conductor's hat ran over to them, and he was ready to go when one came up and asked, "Hello, welcome to the Zooquestria express where are you heading too?"

"Oh, we're trying to find Fluttershy?" Celestia oinked out.

"Oh, you mean Queen Fluttershy? Yes, we can get you to her castle in Zooville in no time." The chipmunk chirped out.

The three farm animals all looked at each other and were unsure of what the chipmunk meant by "Queen Fluttershy" However, they knew that they had no choice but to face her and end this insanity before it gets even more out of control. Discord just gave a deep sigh and grumbled, "yes, we need to go to Queen Fluttershy's castle. Please take us there."

The chipmunk gave a salute and chirped out. "Alrighty then! Just follow me, I'll show you to your seats!"

The three shrugged, and they were led to the back of what used to be the friendship express, which was now full of cargo train cars. The chipmunk opened one of the trailers and chirped, "alright! Take your seats there all rather comfy for farm animals!"

The three peered inside to see the train had pens filled with all kinds of farm animals inside each enclosure. They sighed and continued to a pen together. Celestia and Luna both collapsed, heaving, and breathing heavily from all that walking. Discord shook his head as he still couldn't get over the fact that the once-powerful and regal princesses of Equestria were not fat and lazy farm animals. He then turned his attention to Luna, and his eyes went wide, seeing the princess of the night's now giant bulging fleshy udders. He could see quite clearly that Luna's bulging milk sacks were quite round being full of milk. Discord could feel his body quivering, wanting to suckle on them. The princess snickered, seeing Discord drooling and gave her udders a little shake enticing the hungry billy goat and cooed," you thirsty, Dissy?"

He blushed, unable to hold back his urge to drink from those big udders and whimpered," w..well...I am a baby goat, after all." The billy goat began to slowly walk up to the cow and took hold of one of the bulging teats and began to suckle from one of Luna's udders. She squeaked out, feeling the rush of hot creamy milk filling his mouth while Luna winced and mooed, "be more gentle!"

Celestia snickered and oinked at her sister. "Oh, this is too adorable!" Discord simply rolled his eyes and continued to suckle the milk gently, and his eyes began to droop, getting quite tired as he fell into a deep sleep.

The train eventually reached "Zooville" Discord woke up to Luna, nudging him as she cooed, "Time to get up little one."

Luna and Celestia groaned, slowly getting up and waddling out of the train car. Discord slowly stumbled onto the train platform and blushing a little as he wiped his mouth and slowly walked over to meet up with the princesses. They made they were to Fluttershy's cottage only to see that it was now a giant castle. The entire piece of architecture was a giant tree with the winding thick branches that were shaped into towers and various rooms. The courtyard was filled with flowers and bushes shaped like bunnies and different other animals. There was a moat filled with carrot juice surrounding the castle with giant bunnies hopping around in armor wielding carrot-shaped spears guarding the castle.

The three slowly crossed the courtyard admiring the garden and but they were also quite concerned with unsure looks. They were going to attack or even let them into the castle one orange furred bunny wearing a big cowboy hat hopped over and shouted," Halt! You two stop right there and state your business!"

Discord rolled his eyes, seeing it was just Applejack and replied, "Hey, it's me Discord and were trying to get Fluttershy to snap out of her crazy take over. Can you let us in?"

Applejack scoffed as she crossed her paws and snapped," as if I would believe you? Your just a silly billy goat, and you have no business with the Queen of Zooqeustria."

"Queen!" the three exclaimed all at once.

The big orange coated bunny started to thump on the ground with a back paw and snapped, "that's right, the queen now yall better get hoppin' along. She's quite busy today."

Celestia and Discord were about to snap back at Applejack, but Luna placed a hoof over them and gave them a wink. The princess of the night then turned around and groaned, "oh, but you have to lead us into the castle! I...I.." She started to perform a dance shaking her giant udders and having them sway around as she squeaked out. " I need to be milked!"

Applejack eyed the cow's swollen udders, which was ballooned outwards and were dripping with little droplets of milk onto the ground. The farm mare's instincts to care for farm animals kicked in as she gasped out loud. "Oh, dear? Ya fuller than a pig at an all ya can eat buffet!"

Celestia squealed at the mention of a buffet. "All you can eat buffet where!"

"Alright, then I shall escort yall into the castle follow me and don't go wondering off."

They shrugged and followed Applejack and slowly inside the castle. Inside there was a long hall with the carpet made of lush grass and the walls made of winding roots. They were a bit amazed, continuing to follow Applejack, who was bouncing along. It wasn't long until they enter a small guest room with a little tea table. The bunny pushed a bucket under her udders, and she started to use her paws to squeeze the teats and squirting hot steaming milk into the bucket. Luna stood there, blushed with her face turning a bright red. She could feel her sister and Discord burning their gazes into her back as she felt her udders being squeezed and the sound of milk hitting the metal of the pail below. Celestia snickered under her breath, seeing the pail was filled entirely with her sister's milk and cooed, "so how was that? It sounded like you were having a good time."

Luna gave a long sigh of relief. "Oh, yes! That felt wonderful. It was like I was holding in my pee for hours what a relief."

Then without warning, a maid pegasus mare popped into the room and performed a cute curtsey as she whispered, "my name is Angel, and I was sent to attend to your needs."

Before anyone else could say I'd do anything, Angel took out a bucket filled with a slush that looked like blended up a cake for Celestia, and she oinked and squealed as she chowed down on her food. Angel the place a giant ice cream shake down and popped a long curly straw into her mouth. While Luna suckled on her ice cream float, Angel then took the pail of milk that Applejack squeezed out and poured it all out into a giant baby bottle and popped it into Discord's mouth. The draconequus squeaked in surprise as he suckled down the milk-making adorable suckling noises. "Now go on and drink up. Fluttershy told me you needed to drink all of Luna's milk before she can see her."

He rolled his eyes and started suckling down the milk moaning as the warm milk went through his lips. This went on for some time until Angel removed the bottle with an audible pop and curtseyed once again. "Thank you for your patience, I'll inform Fluttershy you finished your meal."

"Alright, whatever, just hurry up. I rather not be a billy goat anymore." Angel bowed and walked off just as Rarity, who was still a goose wearing a fancy purple bonnet l waddled in and giggled, "ugh, you three can't be in the presence of the queen wearing nothing? How rude come, let me dress you up."

Luna slowly got up and feeling a lot better after being milked while Discord followed behind groaning, feeling quite bloated from drinking all that milk and followed after the cow. They then all turned to Celestia goring on the cake, and as she finished and gave a loud burp, she waddled over to Discord and plopped a motley colored jester's hat on his head with bells. She then flew up and placed two shining Tiaras on both Celestia's and Luna's heads. They all blinked unsure of this as Rarity waved a wing, "now follow me darlings Queen Fluttershy is waiting."

The two shrugged, and they were all led to the royal throne room where they saw Twilight, the purple feathered owl using one of her quills to write down records on a long scroll while Rainbow Dash, who was still a songbird leading a group of songbirds in concert. Then Fluttershy came forward in her full draqquinous form and sat down in her throne. She stared at the three with a smirk. "well, well, well. You three have arrived, and I was wondering if you were ever going to finish your meals before I took over?"

Discord rolled his eyes seeming to want to get this entire ordeal over with and stomped forward as he snapped, "Seriously, Fluttershy? why are you doing this?"

Fluttershy slammed a claw down and snapped. "Oh come on Discord I told you before. I'm just having fun? You think you coming to talk to me is going to work because it's not?"

Discord snapped back. "Oh yeah! Your happy with what you did to your friends? Or what you did to the princesses? I'm sickened by what your doing! this isn't fun its just cruel!"

Fluttershy's eyes widen with anger as a red glint came over her irises. "You think that I will be talked out of stopping this! But I won't!" She snapped a claw, and the billy goat turned back into Discord in his full draccquinous form as Fluttershy shouted, "Let's have a battle of chaos to see who's the true lord of chaos!"

Discord rolled his eyes as he simply snapped a claw, and everything disappeared, and they were now in Fluttershy's cottage. The female draconequus's eyes went wide as Discord growled, "I knew that your chaos magic would eventually make you think you can break out. So I had a contingency plan where if you did try to escape you would be caught into another dimension which was also just another simulatIon."

Celestia and Luna looked their bodies over seeing they were still farm animals and shouted in anger. "Hey, we're still here!"

Discord snickered and waved a claw. "Sorry, but I wanted to prank you two as well, sorry about that."

Fluttershy eyes glared angrily wanting to get her revenge as she held out a claw and roared, "I am going to make sure you stay here forever while I take over the real Equestria just you watch!"

"No, you won't this is your chaos magic talking. I'm going to get the Fluttershy I know and love back whatever it takes. I know she's in there and she's still just as loving and caring as she's always been." He raised his arms up and simply replied, "I won't do anything to stop you. If you want to turn me into a bunny, a goat or even a piece of dog poo go ahead, do your worst. I won't stop you."

Fluttershy eyes filled with tears as she held out her claw which trembled. Something came over the queen of chaos as waves of her old self flew over her. Memories of her and Discord hanging out, taking care of animals, doing silly pranks and how much he's cared for her since her transformation into a draconequus. She then suddenly burst into tears and she cried out, "I'm so sorry!"

Discord flew over and hugged Fluttershy into his embrace. "Hey, you did, good you faced your worst self and overcame it. That's what this whole experience was about."

"So none of that actually happened, it was all a simulation?" Fluttershy whimpered looking up at Discord with pleading eyes.

"Bu..bu..but I'm not ready to go back look what I did I'm... a monster." Fluttershy choked out.

Discord looked into Fluttershy's eyes and looked for the red tint but it was gone they were the big turquoise colored eyes. He smiled and responded, "nope your good, all that pent up chaos magic is gone."

Fluttershy turned to Discord with a sheepish smile remembering all the crazy things she did to him and sighed, "Yeah? You think I got control even after what I did to you?"

"Was it any worse then what I did to you and your friends when I first broke from my prison?" You did an excellent job in gaining control. and I'm so proud of you." Fluttershy had another feeling swim through her as she suddenly threw her face into his in a sudden kiss. Discord paused with his face turning a beat red as they held the embrace for some time. Fluttershy blushing released her kiss turning away feeling bashful and unsure of what she was feeling.

Discord gulped with sweat pouring down his face from having such a romantic moment and asked, "w..what was that all about?"

"I'm not sure...I never really felt like this before." Fluttershy squeaked out with a nervous tremble in her voice.

Discord pondered things over unsure of how to proceed and he finally asked," well, we don't need to go back to Equestria just yet. How about we take a real vacation now just the two of us? Let's go somewhere fun."

"What about us!" Luna and Celestia shouted back as they were both getting flustered being stuck as farm animals.

Fluttershy smirked seeing the princesses in their chubby farm animal forms and snickered, "I think you two could use one too, why don't you come with us?"

"Yes, I think it would be nice, but they still need to rule a kingdom and raise the sun and moon." Discord responded and with a snap of his claw, and tendrils of magic slowly wrapped themselves around Luna. Celestia moaned and cried as their bodies became equestrian again, shifting and thinning as they were slowly turned back to normal. Except, however, Celestia still had a pig snout and a small curly tail poking out her back end with her rump being more prominent and round bulging with extra fat, making her face turned a bright red. While Luna was now covered still in black and white spots and she was blushing trying to press her legs together trying to hide the giant udders poking out from her underbelly! The two alicorns started to shout and curse at Discord as he waved a claw, "oh calm down your relatively back to normal." He then came over, taking out a glass and pulling on one of Luna's teats and poured himself a glass of chocolate milk before teleporting them away.

He then turned to Fluttershy, sipping on his glass of chocolate milk with a smirk on his face," you know...your friends are still animals wana go turn them relatively back to normal too?"

Fluttershy laughed, and she squealed out. "Oh yeah?! I would love to see Rainbow with some cute bird wings, and Applejack with a bunny tail."

Discord couldn't help himself wrapping himself around her long body and rubbing a claw through her flowing pink mane and asked, "how did you become so chaotic?"

As Fluttershy released herself from Discord's embrace, she caressed his face with a claw and whispered, "I learn from the best."

Author's Note:

I just want to apologize for the wait if your reading this. My life has been super busy and I wanted to wait until I had more time on my hands to make this chapter as good as I can possibly write it. Also this story isn't over I was thinking of doing some Bonus Chapters to show Fluttershy and Discord going on some fun dates.

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I kinda want to see film and flam, and even blueblood relatively back to normal as well.

This chapter got interesting and weird quick :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::twilightoops:

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